Saturday, June 26, 2010


Planning for the course of development of my workplace is one thing that the newly elected officials will be undergoing next month and I will be conducting a training regarding this. If I were to suggest I wanted the town to be known as the hub for tourism attraction. The land area of the two is not so big that it can not compete with the agricultural production of the nearby towns. In order to raise the revenues of the town and in order that it it will rise from its present classification as 5th class municipality it shall have to raise its revenues. It is not enough to be taxing its residents. The town officials, considering the coastal location of the town, may develop hotels, theme parks and resorts in the area to attract tourists and investors. When theme parks and resorts are made, the place will be put up with many amenities for kids like the Playground Equipment, sports and outdoor play equipment, pool slides and many others. My vision for the town is to make it a favorite hang out of the family of not just the town folks herein but of the tourists that will flock from other places. This way, the income of the municipality will soar.

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Tina said...

i could do with some of that for my back garden!

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