Saturday, June 12, 2010


Since it is summer break, my sons are all the time glued to the desktop computer in the house. I hear them murmur in disapproval whenever I use the desktop. I let them play their favorite computer games in the net like the poptropica games and other favorite games to their heart's content because when school time resumes, they can no longer use the computer as I am going to put a password to it. The only time they could use the computer is during school breaks. I will not even allow them to use the computer during weekends, except of course, if they need the internet for their school works or projects. I resolved to be stringent with my rules on the use of computer because my sons tend to forget to do their school assignments and projects when they are already absorbed in the computer games. I have talked this out with them and they understood. With limited school allowance money and my constant tutoring on their school lessons I hope to develop in them the value of being focused on their studies and being hardworking in school.

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