Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Generally, once people reach the age of 40 they get a decline in good eyesight. It becomes sooner with improper care of the eyes, like poor eating habits, reading in poor lightings, lack of sleep and many others. This explains why there are people wearing eyeglasses at a younger age than 40. Like me, I experienced poor eyesight at the age of 39. I was prescribed by the optometrist to wear eyeglasses but at first I was against it. I was more inclined to wearing contact lenses like the soflens toric as it is convenient to wear. But, when I was given free prescription eyeglasses by my sister I was glad to wear it. I have two eyeglasses right now which I seldom use. Later, I know I will get rid of them as they might not be suited anymore for my eyes. I will get contact lenses when that happens. I don't like obstruction in my face that is why I prefer to wear them. I can also avoid the risk of losing my eyeglasses which have happened to me for many instances already but lucky me because I was able to recover them back.

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NovaS said...

i'm here again sis....i guess i have to share this entry sa akong cousin she's loooking for a contact lens


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