Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Are you a man who is eyeing a crush but you seem to be tongue tied when she goes near you? Well, it happens most of the time to most men. They need to find guts to approach and tell the apple of their eyes about their feelings for the girl. However, there are men who are courageous enough to express what they feel after many tries. Good for those who can express what they feel but how about those who can not? Well, it is really a problem. In fact, there are even men who are so boring to their girlfriends. Behind their backs, the girlfriends are already talking against the dullness of the boyfriend. Sometimes if a man is boring, the woman decides to break up with the boy. If you do not want to lose your girlfriend why don't you make efforts to make your relationship work? There are many ways to maintain a vibrant relationship and one of which is you should know how to say Sweet things to say to your girlfriend. There are a lot more you should know about dealing with your girlfriend. Click on this link to know more.


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Being in love will compel a man to express himself however shy he may be. No need to study flowery words which he may not be able to explain later on. Love will always find a way. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Kumiko Mae said...

visited u back and left some $$$. :D let's do this often :D

eden said...

Hi, Melds!

just dropping by.. Have a good day always.

Thanks for the visit and comment. Great appreciated

jackie said...

love... love... the most difficult to express especially when the man is timid and shy... but there's a saying,,, love will conquers all the struggles if it was meant to be.