Friday, June 4, 2010


Since the start, I wanted to have pet animals. However, because my skin is super sensitive to allergens like cat and dog furs, pollens and other allergens I decided not to have a pet cats and dogs in the house. Yesterday, I was surprised to see puppies in the house. My sons were given two puppies and they were yet too small to be weaned but the owner gave them away to my sons. I was complaining to my sons to return the pet dogs but they are still against it, yet. I understand their love for dogs but I have to do something to get rid of them for now. There are cats, though, that come over the house almost all the time. They just stay outdoors because they love to lie on their backs before the pavement. My sons usually play and feed them after. I just hope that the neighbor owners will give these cats wholesome cat food. Going back to my sons' love for pets, I may just have to buy fishes tomorrow so their attention will be diverted to fishes. I will give the puppies to my brother.


NovaS said...

good thing that we can buy a wholesale cat food. i let my MIL about this since they own a cat

Deasy said...

hi great site... i like photos of twilight on ur profile. I enjoyed being here.. before i had cat but already passed away,,poor it caused accident! I wanna get it again someday n give wholesale food n good care for our cat! Keep Love animal n Thanks for sharing!

Tey said...

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