Thursday, July 29, 2010


If you noticed, I have a new lay out here. I utilized the new templates in my dashboard. My niece changed the layout first for me to an orange color. I liked it at first but on the next day I decided to tweak the layout on my own. I decided to change the layout with a cooler color however, after tweaking and deciding on the light blue color, I lost my blog roll. Why? My then layout was a three-column and I changed it to a two-column lay-out. I lost all my widgets on the third column including my blog roll. Now, I have to start from zero again. Oh my, it is the product of being hasty in doing things.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Daughter will turn 22 this coming October 6. It means that my tax exemption for her will end since the law only allows the age of until 21 for her to be included as my dependent qualified for tax exemption. This would mean a higher tax for me this year and for the coming years since only two of my children now will be covered as my qualified dependents with tax exemption.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


When my mother office got burned down by fire almost five years ago, it has to start anew with the procurement of many office furnitures. Only few of the furnitures have been salvaged by the security guard who was in the office at the time the fore broke out at night. Although, our office was just near the fire station, it was ironic that the fire could not be contained by the fire officers. The office building burned down into ashes. After the fire, they had to put up a temporary tent office for a few days until such time that a small building was constructed near the burned down building. It is amazing that after five years, the office is now constructed again and it is more beautiful than the one that got burned. New office furnitures like lateral file cabinets are present in all department offices. Most of all, the furnishings in the new building are now restored to the enjoyment and comfort of my co-employees in my mother office including the walk-in clients who admire the new building now.


I have been scouting for plaques today in the downtown area after my stint at my mother office. I am going to use it in the awarding ceremony of the Search I launched in the office regarding effective barangay justice system. The evaluation I had together with other evaluators will end on Monday. It has been awhile that I have been to the downtown area and I love the feeling of just promenading in there. Met many friends but after awhile I had to rest after standing for a long time. When I went home, I was bale to sleep early in so much tiredness. I am glad that tomorrow is a Saturday so I can over sleep. See you all guys, in my bloghopping tomorrow.

Monday, July 19, 2010


My office has implemented the rationalization of personnel program. This all about retrenchment of personnel with redundant positions. Affected personnel will be given a good retirement package. They can also opt to remain in service and they are either given a demotion in rank in salary or they can be given a promotion in rank. My close friend in the office says he will be demoted in salary so he will opt to retire as there is a good retirement package awaiting him. If he gets a substantial amount of money, he will buy a ranch just like the one I saw in the net that advertises on Texas Ranches For Sale. I like this good business venture he is planning to have. It will be a great opportunity to enjoy nature and enjoy the luxury and simplicity of country life. I have always wanted to live a country life that is why I like his idea of buying a ranch. This is not only a good investment in real property but he can also invest in livestock and agricultural production, which may not be a big time, for a start.


I went home today to initiate and lead my sons in cleaning the water tank that was able to suction almost muddy colored water running in the water pipes. This morning, we bath on it out of no choice. Last Saturday, the water in the main pipelines was turbid and my pump sucked it to the water tank. Now, I am glad that the water tank is cleansed again. In fairness, the water in the pipelines today was crystal clear. We pumped clear water to the water tank.


One of my staff in the office came to the office one day complaining of a pain in her left arm. She could not lift her arm as it was so painful and she had to postpone the sorting and filing of records in the office because of the severe pain. I overheard her saying she was prescribed by her physician a pain killer. I wonder if she was prescribed a suboxone. I have read that people can be addicted to opiates or pain killers. There is still hope however that this kind of addiction can be cured using a Suboxone Withdrawal product. It helps in combating the physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal from opiates or pain killers. Today, I have not heard my staff complain of the pain in her arm. Maybe it has already been treated or maybe it is bearable because she took pain killers. I will tell her about this suboxone product so that she will be aware of the effects of pain killers in the body. I now know why doctors do not give in to their women patients, who give birth by caesarian section, constant use of opiates if they can still bear the pain.


It has always been a busy week for me and the few days will be so busy, too. I am planning to do some community organizing and I have had a lot of meetings already with the legislators to convene the people at their level before my team goes to the community. I am glad that I have a big help in community organizing. I am pissed though with my new staff in the office because they do not have knowledge in the use of computers. I almost do everything. I have already suggested to the HRMO to give them a computer literacy training. Hoping it will help them and my office and the whole organization if they will be computer literate already.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Decorating the house with different accessories, buying furniture and acquiring personal things and replacing them most often is a good thing to do to break the monotonous look of the house. It can even be fun shopping for them. It is advisable to keep the replaced accessories, furniture and other personal things for future use in case one decides to change the motif of the house, again. However, the problem comes when there is limited space in the house and there is no storage room to place the replaced home accessories and furniture. Of course there are always recourse to get rid of them. They can be get rid of by selling them in a garage sale, donating them at a donation station, giving them away for free to friends or relatives and or keeping them for your future use by putting them in a storage facility. If you live in the Houston area, there are Storage Units Houston facility has to offer. If you live in other areas, you can check on this link to know the nearest storage facility that can help you preserve your valuable assets.


I want to have a haircut after the training. It has been for months now that I have been sporting a long hair. It has grown considerably long. I want it cut shorter and layered. Having a long hair needs maintenance in hair shampoos and conditioners. At least, if I have it shorter I can save on shampoos and conditioners. Oh, I am always thinking of saving. Why not? Being a single mother with sons schooling in private schools and a niece thru college is such a big expenditure to think about. Saving a few bucks means a lot in this times. I hope to save somehow despite of my financial liabilities now. Few of the things I can save on is my hair maintenance and maybe less shopping now on new clothes.


My elder son will be celebrating his birthday next month. His birthday falls on a day where there are classes. According to him he misses a birthday celebration where he can invite his friends and relatives. He likes the large collection of attractive luau invitations he saw in the net that will surely make impression on his friends. I figure that he just envy the birthday celebration held last Sunday by a niece where there were balloons and hats worn by the invited guests and friends. Since he is already 14 years old, I never imagined he would still wish for a birthday celebration like this. Next month when he celebrates his birthday, I was only planning to bring the family over and his close friends to a smorgasboard restaurant. I like it there because there are a selection of many courses of foods for a reasonable amount to be paid per person. I won't have any hassle in preparing the dishes and washing the plates afterwards. I am going to convince him to this birthday celebration idea I have for him. If not, then I will accede to him since after all it is his birthday.


The storm that hit Metro Manila yesterday devastated many lives and properties. The weather bureau was not able to predict where the actual eye of the storm was. It hit areas instead that were not predicted to be hit by it. I hope the weather gadget used by the weather bureau will be updated so that accurate and precise prediction can be disseminated to the public.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


With the change of new administration in my workplace, there was almost a mass lay off of employees. However, new employees were hired after the termination of the services of the older ones. It is the usual practice in local government units. Now, I have more staffs in the office. I figured that the number of employees hired now have surpassed the number of terminated ones. Now, the local government unit has to buy more office furnitures for the new employees. In the office, if the procurement officer will Buy Office Chair, one of my staffs will have to discard the chair he is using now that is in a sorry state. The procurement shall have to be made soon, otherwise employee's productivity will be affected. For me, employees shall have to be provided with good working environment conducive to working and shall be provided with good working facilities. There are more times spent in the office so the health and security of employees shall have to be looked into first.


In my so busy schedule at the office and in conducting trainings, I always find solace in the comfort of the bed. I blog a little only because I have to rest my body after a long day's work. The value of good health has been my lesson after experiencing different body malfunctions, lately. I knew most of it was part of over fatigue and not having a good sleep. Glad my body is into its normal health condition, again.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It has been awhile that I attended a costume party. The last time was two years ago when my kids had their halloween costume party in the neighborhood. Since then it has not been followed. I wish this year that the customary halloween party will be revived by the homeowner's association. It is enjoying and exciting when haloween party comes because the costumes alone worn by participants are already an entertainment. This year, if the halloween party will be held, I am eyeing on wearing any of the Elvira Costumes I saw in the net. It is a sexy attire that I am sure would be so exciting to wear. I only used to see this costumes being worn by actresses in movies. If I get to wear this costume, I would be so happy to wear it with the accompanying accessories like the dagger and the matching shoes. My long hair can be sported the way Elvira costumes are worn by movie actresses. Well, halloween is still a long way to go but it is good that I was able to get a glimpse of this costume in the net.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


After 5 long years of paying the monthly premiums, my life insurance is finally paid off. I can get the certificate of completion one month after. Peace of mind is what I get after I have paid off the full amount of life insurance. I am also paying for my mother's, which is three years now. It feels good to be secured knowing that my kids won't be so much financially burdened when any eventuality comes to me at anytime.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Power break out sucks! The whole day yesterday there was no electric power. Today, for four times we experienced power break outs again. It was so hot around the house. And, my plan to build site traffic was not materialized. Good, though, that at night in time of sleeping we do not have power break out. Somehow, the power company gives us comfort in our sleep. They have a strategic schedule of power break out and I like it. But, I like it more if there will be no more power break outs in the days to come.


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