Thursday, July 15, 2010


My elder son will be celebrating his birthday next month. His birthday falls on a day where there are classes. According to him he misses a birthday celebration where he can invite his friends and relatives. He likes the large collection of attractive luau invitations he saw in the net that will surely make impression on his friends. I figure that he just envy the birthday celebration held last Sunday by a niece where there were balloons and hats worn by the invited guests and friends. Since he is already 14 years old, I never imagined he would still wish for a birthday celebration like this. Next month when he celebrates his birthday, I was only planning to bring the family over and his close friends to a smorgasboard restaurant. I like it there because there are a selection of many courses of foods for a reasonable amount to be paid per person. I won't have any hassle in preparing the dishes and washing the plates afterwards. I am going to convince him to this birthday celebration idea I have for him. If not, then I will accede to him since after all it is his birthday.

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