Wednesday, July 14, 2010


With the change of new administration in my workplace, there was almost a mass lay off of employees. However, new employees were hired after the termination of the services of the older ones. It is the usual practice in local government units. Now, I have more staffs in the office. I figured that the number of employees hired now have surpassed the number of terminated ones. Now, the local government unit has to buy more office furnitures for the new employees. In the office, if the procurement officer will Buy Office Chair, one of my staffs will have to discard the chair he is using now that is in a sorry state. The procurement shall have to be made soon, otherwise employee's productivity will be affected. For me, employees shall have to be provided with good working environment conducive to working and shall be provided with good working facilities. There are more times spent in the office so the health and security of employees shall have to be looked into first.

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