Monday, July 19, 2010


One of my staff in the office came to the office one day complaining of a pain in her left arm. She could not lift her arm as it was so painful and she had to postpone the sorting and filing of records in the office because of the severe pain. I overheard her saying she was prescribed by her physician a pain killer. I wonder if she was prescribed a suboxone. I have read that people can be addicted to opiates or pain killers. There is still hope however that this kind of addiction can be cured using a Suboxone Withdrawal product. It helps in combating the physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal from opiates or pain killers. Today, I have not heard my staff complain of the pain in her arm. Maybe it has already been treated or maybe it is bearable because she took pain killers. I will tell her about this suboxone product so that she will be aware of the effects of pain killers in the body. I now know why doctors do not give in to their women patients, who give birth by caesarian section, constant use of opiates if they can still bear the pain.

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