Monday, July 19, 2010


My office has implemented the rationalization of personnel program. This all about retrenchment of personnel with redundant positions. Affected personnel will be given a good retirement package. They can also opt to remain in service and they are either given a demotion in rank in salary or they can be given a promotion in rank. My close friend in the office says he will be demoted in salary so he will opt to retire as there is a good retirement package awaiting him. If he gets a substantial amount of money, he will buy a ranch just like the one I saw in the net that advertises on Texas Ranches For Sale. I like this good business venture he is planning to have. It will be a great opportunity to enjoy nature and enjoy the luxury and simplicity of country life. I have always wanted to live a country life that is why I like his idea of buying a ranch. This is not only a good investment in real property but he can also invest in livestock and agricultural production, which may not be a big time, for a start.

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