Monday, August 30, 2010


It is understandable that parents in my workplace are prohibiting their little children from playing in the school playground. Why not? Aside from the fact that there is a high risk of their children being bitten by mosquitoes causing the dengue fever, which a number of children have been reported positive of dengue fever, the school playground facilities are not safe to play at. The slide they have in the school near my office is made up of cement that has a rough finish on the portion of the slide itself. Once a child sits and slides on it, his pants will be damaged by the rough cement on the slide. It poses a high risk, too because once the child falls off from the slide the tendency is for his body to be bumped in the hard cement. If worst comes to worst, the child will get brain hemorrhage or the least is a fracture of his body parts. If the School Playground Equipment will be updated for ones that are safe for children like in the picture the one I post above, then I guess no parent will ever prohibit their children from playing on it.


Last night I had a chance to bloghop from my blogroll. I have observed that there were links in my blogroll that were inactive already. Surprisingly, many in the list abandoned blogging for whatever reasons. I deleted them from my list then. In my new wordpress site, I am sure that all the links therein are active because I really started from scratch. I hope to have a clean slate of links from this site, too. That way, my time is not wasted from visiting inactive blogger friends.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


A friend of mine thought that he married a saint who came all the way from the other part of the world to ask her hand for marriage from her parents. I recalled how she said that she is lucky her husband is so kind and nice to her and her family. When she went away with her husband, things changed drastically. After a few months, she called home to narrate how she had been physically beaten by her hubby for no apparent reason, at all. Her husband turned out to be an alcoholic and she had been made the subject of his ire when he got drunk. This is the fear now of many women. But, then I guess this may be only an isolated case. Anyway, if domestic violence is committed against women, there is a legal recourse for them. In Denver, for instance, there is a denver criminal defense lawyer who can provide expert and compassionate criminal defense. This criminal attorney will work with offended women all the way until the resolution of the case. Like the denver criminal lawyer, any criminal lawyer will work hard to protect the clients' rights and will ensure fairness and justice for wrongly accused as well. My friend is safe now because her husband was prosecuted accordingly. May this be a lesson to other women to be so careful in engaging marriage with somebody whom she does not know so well.


I have not posted a recipe here but this time, I am going to post a recipe for a friend blogger who asked about guava jam recipe. It is like this:

3 cup guavas, 3 cups water, 1 and one half cup sugar, 1 tablespoon vinegar and 1/4 teaspoon of salt

1. Peel off guava skin and chunk into small pieces.

2. In a pot, mix 2 cups of water, 1 and 1/2 cup sugar, 1 tbsp vinegar and salt.

3. Boil the mixture. Reduce heat and bring to boil for another 30 minutes.

4. Remove from stove and Set aside the mixture to cool for 15 minutes.

5. Sift the mixture into another pan to separate the seeds. Use a spoon to force the mixture through the sifter. Sift the mixture twice.

6. In a pot, boil the mixture and the remaining 1 cup of water. Reduce heat when boiling and simmer until thickened.

7. Transfer jam into jars when cool and refrigerate.

I hope I answer your query, imriz.


My daughter is the one occupying my room upstairs. She feels happy to be liberated from the double decker bed she shares with my niece. Her bed in the room are just the mattresses in her double decker bedroom. She wants to buy a new bedroom furniture for herself and she wants a queen sized bed. I told her that if she would buy a new bedroom furniture to include buying one for me, too. I want a bigger bed so that I can put my laptop in bed and I can work from my bed. She saw the one queen sized bed in the net and it matched her taste. For now, she has not fixed her mind, yet on when she would buy a new bed since she is still planning to take a qualifying exam for police officers. I hope she would be lucky to pass the exam. Becoming a police officer is not my plan for her but she is old enough to decide on her own. I have nothing against police officers but it just did not dawn on me that my daughter will be one. I will support her though, if that is what she wants.


Across our house I saw many ripe guavas that fell down the ground and their aroma could be smelled from our house. I asked my helper to ask the guavas and when we were allowed, we had a plate full of guavas. I plan to make a guava jam tomorrow out of them. My neighbor says we could harvest the guavas if we like since they can not eat all the ripe guavas by themselves. Tomorrow, we will and I will just give them guava jam in return.


Have you ever met a car accident before? Was it a traumatic experience to you? Were your legal rights accorded to you and were you properly compensated for the damage brought to you, your car and third parties, if any? I am asking these because I am reminded of a car accident years ago involving me and my family. I tell you, I was glad that we found ourselves still alive minus minor bruises in our bodies. Our car was wrecked in the driver’s seat. The wreck and the bruises were negligible because they can be covered up with money but the trauma brought by the accident was more than something. It was then when I realized that no matter how careful you are in driving if there are reckless drivers around, accidents will happen to you more often along the roads. So, it is really important that drivers should have good road discipline when they drive. Anyway, regarding that fateful car accident, I am glad that I had a competent lawyer that time. If a vehicular accident happens, to you, God forbid, and you live in the Colorado area, seek legal help from denver car accident lawyers to rid you of hassles and headaches. I am sure you can find competent and experienced denver personal injury lawyers who will defend or assert your legal rights. I advise you do this right away after the accident so that the denver auto accident lawyer could come to your rescue at a moment when you are traumatized by the accident and could not think and decide well on your own.


Last night I had to sleep late because I have been adding links to my new site. I noticed that the page ranks of my two sites are NA and this site has a PR 0. I hope to work my way towards increasing the page ranks of all my sites. If only I have the luxury of time to face my laptop I sure can. Anyway, like an ant I will just try to be diligent in bloghopping and see how it works for my aim in increasing PR.


Managing a business is a daunting task since time immemorial. There are many challenges that have to be hurdled, local, international and global. If a business owner cannot meet with the surmounting challenges, he will end up a loser. This explains why there are many business owners that went bankrupt and had to close shop. There are many businesses though, that thrive in the cut throat business competition and are successful and profitable in their business ventures. Most of them are observed to be ones that have adopted the fast pace of technology and are observed to have used the modern technologies and innovations to their business advancements. For instance, to cut on travel costs and time, they adopted the Audio conferencing gadget to talk to their internal and external clients. They also made use of the Video conference strategy to confer on matters pertaining to their business. This is an amazing modern technology gadget that also offers many advantages to a business owner. As To meet with the global challenges, too the use of Web conferencing has also been utilized in order to keep pace with the global business economy. All these strategies and gadgets can be utilized, too by many business owners in order to be competitive locally and globally. These are few of the secrets to success by many business owners. You can adopt these, too if you want to be a successful business owner, someday.


I watched a boxing bout of Mexican boxer Barrera and Philippine boxer Bautista. It was played live in a local tv network. The first three rounds was a good fight but on the fourth round, the bout had to be stopped because a technical knockout was ruled out. Bautista had a big cut in the head. In the end, it was ruled out that Bautista won the boxing bout by technical knockout. It was not a good play for me because it ended so soon.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


There are many diseases infecting many and many people around the world today as time goes by that were not detected before by science. They are diseases that are either man made or infected from animals and pests. Around the house, for example, one may not know it but there are many diseases causing bacterias that are present in the home for so long a time already. These have become triggers of allergies, asthma, brain fog, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic sinusitis and rhino sinusitis, headaches and migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, sick building syndrome and many, many more. If you are wondering what causes these many diseases, they are called molds. Since molds are microscopic and cannot be seen by the naked eye, a mold test is very important, at this juncture. To determine if your environment is making you sick already, test for mold. A mold detector can be obtained in the net today to prevent you from becoming ill due to molds. I will try to do this at home, too so that I can be assured of my health and that of my children. It is better to be safe and to take some precautions than to be sorry in the end.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The hostage taking involving a filipino cop and chinese nationals from hongkong is a big topic now in the international world. Hongkong officials are dismayed over the handling of the hostage crisis that ended up with eight fatalities from the tourists. Looking at the hostage taking last night, I can also say that there was a mishandling that happened, indeed. The tourism industry is badly affected now as Philippines is blacklisted from the roll of countries to be visited by the Hongkong tourists. I understand the position of Hongkong on this matter. It is even good that the diplomatic relations was not severed by their country officials.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Reading has always been a part of my life. I know a lot of people, too who has made reading a big part of their lives and have made several bookshelves out of the books they read. I could hardy sleep without reading. I also know people who can not make a pooh without a book to read on while on the john. Ridiculous, but it is amazing how reading can become powerful in one's body system. Anyway, I am fond of reading that I like to find a site that offers many articles to read on. And, recently I found a site already that has many informative articles in it about a variety of topics. It is called Article Alley. For a blogger like me, I can find articles that have free content for my website. I have browsed through some of the articles on it and I already shared some of my readings to my friends. Sometimes, they are amazed how I get to know about many things. If they only know that I read a lot and I find it worthy of my time to be reading. If you want to know about this site, you can click on the link here guys, to know more about what I am saying.


The pet dog in our neighborhood is causing much disturbance. It always barks day and night because it was put in a cage. Maybe he is asking for his independence like before when he was scot-free. But, I don't like it when he was free because he comes inside our gate and cart away with him slippers and shoes of my sons. At first, my son was able to find the pairs of shoes in the grassy lot near our place but the second time around, he totally lost one piece of his shoes. Now, he is wearing his old school shoes to school. Going back to the pet dog, last night he has been barking wildly. I hardly slept with his noise. My sons complained, too. I hope something can be done later so that we could all sleep soundly.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It has been a long time already since I watched movies in a theater. Theaters in the downtown area have closed already and the ones that persists are in the malls. I expected that the theaters in the downtown area were nearing their extinction a few days after the theaters in the malls opened up. Why not? The old movie houses had no quality audio video installation. The equipment and the movie houses themselves were dilapidated. They collect low admission fees but they still closed shop because there were less and less people coming to patronize their movies. They were a far cry from the movie theaters in the malls where there were quality audio video systems. The good ambience of the mall exuding comfort and a truly relaxing aura for its patronizers were a big come on of the mall theaters despite the high admission fees. The last time I watched movies was with my sons. When we were going home, my son told me we could buy a good home theater equipment similar to that in the mall theaters. How I wish we could afford this luxury at this time. Maybe in time we can, when they have all finished in their schooling.

Friday, August 13, 2010


My younger son had his 14th birthday on August 10. However, I was bedridden stricken with flu. During that day, before my son head for school he told me that he will come home in the afternoon with a classmate visitor. I begged off since I could not get up to prepare for his visitors as my body was sore and my fever was high grade. My son is very understandable and he acceded. Tomorrow, I am going to give him a treat and I will buy him a gift, something that he likes. He once told me that he likes a new wallet. If he will come with me tomorrow in buying groceries, I will surprise him with that gift.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I have a bundled rice straw and and abaca waste to culture mushroom in the kitchen. It is put in a tray. Amazingly, after a few days of sprinkling water in it, there are two sets of mushroom flushes sprouting in it. I just bought this bundle of rice straw and abaca waste in two plastic bundles. It seems that tomorrow or the next day, I can already harvest the flushing mushrooms. Mushroom culture requires less space. I just put it in the kitchen and sprinkled a little amount of water in it. Now, that there are already flushes sprouting, I will stop sprinkling water in it until such time that I get to harvest the mushroom including the stump. The whole stump is recommended to be removed when harvesting in order not to affect the other mushrooms when a leftover stump becomes rotten. I got a picture of it and I will see if I can upload it using my new touchscreen cellfone.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Yesterday as I was on my way home from office, I was jammed in traffic at a place where a fiesta was going to be held today. Traditionally, people living in the place with fiesta will have activities prior to the fiesta and yesterday one of the activities was the church procession of the patron saint. The organizers held the procession along the highway going to the church and it was held at a time of peak hours, between 4 and 5. Gosh, I was jammed in traffic for almost an hour in just the spot where the procession was help. I wish next time, the organizers will refrain from doing it because motorists and the riding public are adversely affected. I was seing the faces of most people jammed in the traffic that they really were annoyed and frowning. If this happens in their everyday lives, they might need to have a Plastic Surgery Hawaii clinic offers. Why not? Stress makes one ugly and develop lines in the face. I just sat in thew van I was into unmindful of the traffic because I already expected it.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Is this sheer luck or an angel is safeguarding me? This afternoon I was slated to attend in one community a community organization activity. Two o'clock was our appointment so we usually leave at 1:45 in order for me to be prompt always in my schedules. I have made this a habit to be prompt in my official meetings and organization in the communities in order to set a good example to barangay leaders. In some ordinary days I usually go to office late. Going back to my appointment, I informed my staff that I will not go with them to the community as I had many things to do yet in the office. Minutes after, a news about an amok in the community I was supposed to go to happened. A dead body was brought to the town hall health unit caused by a person who ran amok and who shot four people. One of the the victims was dead on the spot while the three others were seriously wounded. The victim shot himself to death after the incident. Had I not been busy in the office I could have witnessed the chaos in the place of incident. If it was sheer luck or an angel was still protecting me, I am glad that I was not a witness in the happening of the incidents.


A new bakeshop opened near my place last Monday. I am quiet apprehensive if it will be saleable because of its geographic location. It is not near to many residential houses and there are not much people or commercial establishments beside the bakeshop. It has a parking area, though for motorists who would want to buy breads or other foodies. When I went there to buy loaves of bread there were not many customers around. They did not bake a variety of breads, too. I did not see any cake, yet. Maybe, because they are just starting that is why they don't have a variety of foods, yet. I also noticed that they did not have a grand opening like other bakeshops do. Maybe it was just a soft opening they have last Monday. If they would be selling cakes, already, I wish they will have Monogram Cake Toppers like has for its wedding cakes. I am reminded with the mention of cakes that my son will be celebrating his birthday this August 10. If the bakeshop here would be selling birthday cakes, already then I will try their birthday cake for my son's simple birthday celebration.


The weather is very unpredictable now. Now it rains and later it is sunny. It is a bad weather for fishers because gusty winds occasionally come, too. It has been predicted that four storms will visit the country this month. I just hope that they will not have a landfall. The country and the people are not ready for additional calamities now. And who is ready? Calamities are not welcome, always.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Despite my hectic schedule, I still find to read the news locally and internationally. I also hear over the television updates on some celebrities specifically about their love life and marriage life. I feel sad, though, to hear separations or relationships of married couples. I have gone through a failed marriage and somehow I don't like other couples to experience the same. The children , if there are any, are the ones badly affected. But, I am also a believer that if two people are not happy anymore with eaxch other's companion after trying so hard to save a relationship, then it is time to bid goodbye. Settlement about properties, children and support shall be taken cared of before separation. A competent lawyer, just like an Austin Divorce Lawyer can help couples get through the ordeal of settlement. During my time, the hardest thing was the decision to separate. However, after settlement with the custody of children and properties, I had a peace of mind. My children understood in the end though about our situation and I am happy that they are well adjusted now.


Just as I thought that I lost my blogroll in this site when I tweaked on a new layout, I was wrong. I was able to restore them. I am happy that I do not have to list down again one by one my friends in this site. Slowly, my appetite to blogging is coming back. I hope I will be able to be relax with my tasks in the next coming days so I can always visit your friends.

Monday, August 2, 2010


I was talking to my friend who lives in Los Angeles and she told me that they just came home from their Jamaica vacations. I was excited to hear about their trip and at the same time deep inside me I was full of envy for them. Her father spent for the whole summer vacation using the tax refund he got. I figured the tax refund must have been substantial enough to cover the expenses for a family of five to go for a Jamaica summer vacations. They were accommodated in one of the hotels in Negril Jamaica. She showed me some of the pictures taken while they were in Jamaica. From the looks of it they surely enjoyed the picturesque beauty of the place and the fun they indulged while they were there. I wish one day I could also bring my family over to Jamaica vacations. My friend says it is much cheaper if I avail of the all inclusive Jamaica resorts vacation package. Well, this is something I should work for to happen.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


The gospel in the catholic church for the day speaks about vanity. I heard an anticipated mass yesterday after I bought my groceries. Its gospel speaks abut vanity. I am reminded to give away things that I do not need anymore like the clothes that I don't wear anymore as there are many people out there who needs it. Ialso have pairs of shoes to give away. I am blessed because I can buy my needs while others can not. I always give away stuffs I do not use anymore ever since. I usually do it once a year. That way, I do not crowd my cabinets.


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