Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It has been a long time already since I watched movies in a theater. Theaters in the downtown area have closed already and the ones that persists are in the malls. I expected that the theaters in the downtown area were nearing their extinction a few days after the theaters in the malls opened up. Why not? The old movie houses had no quality audio video installation. The equipment and the movie houses themselves were dilapidated. They collect low admission fees but they still closed shop because there were less and less people coming to patronize their movies. They were a far cry from the movie theaters in the malls where there were quality audio video systems. The good ambience of the mall exuding comfort and a truly relaxing aura for its patronizers were a big come on of the mall theaters despite the high admission fees. The last time I watched movies was with my sons. When we were going home, my son told me we could buy a good home theater equipment similar to that in the mall theaters. How I wish we could afford this luxury at this time. Maybe in time we can, when they have all finished in their schooling.

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JENIE=) said...

wishing here as well...;)


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