Thursday, August 19, 2010


The pet dog in our neighborhood is causing much disturbance. It always barks day and night because it was put in a cage. Maybe he is asking for his independence like before when he was scot-free. But, I don't like it when he was free because he comes inside our gate and cart away with him slippers and shoes of my sons. At first, my son was able to find the pairs of shoes in the grassy lot near our place but the second time around, he totally lost one piece of his shoes. Now, he is wearing his old school shoes to school. Going back to the pet dog, last night he has been barking wildly. I hardly slept with his noise. My sons complained, too. I hope something can be done later so that we could all sleep soundly.


JENIE=) said...

that's very nice of you to bear with that! You can actually raise a complain about that!

glad to be here friend, see me back
life round meNyou

Tey said...

wow you should talk to the owner of the dog. That must be so annoying
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