Wednesday, August 4, 2010


A new bakeshop opened near my place last Monday. I am quiet apprehensive if it will be saleable because of its geographic location. It is not near to many residential houses and there are not much people or commercial establishments beside the bakeshop. It has a parking area, though for motorists who would want to buy breads or other foodies. When I went there to buy loaves of bread there were not many customers around. They did not bake a variety of breads, too. I did not see any cake, yet. Maybe, because they are just starting that is why they don't have a variety of foods, yet. I also noticed that they did not have a grand opening like other bakeshops do. Maybe it was just a soft opening they have last Monday. If they would be selling cakes, already, I wish they will have Monogram Cake Toppers like has for its wedding cakes. I am reminded with the mention of cakes that my son will be celebrating his birthday this August 10. If the bakeshop here would be selling birthday cakes, already then I will try their birthday cake for my son's simple birthday celebration.

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NovaS said...

i'm enthusiast with the opening...mas dali nlng diay ka makapalit ug fresh nga tinapay ana sis


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