Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Is this sheer luck or an angel is safeguarding me? This afternoon I was slated to attend in one community a community organization activity. Two o'clock was our appointment so we usually leave at 1:45 in order for me to be prompt always in my schedules. I have made this a habit to be prompt in my official meetings and organization in the communities in order to set a good example to barangay leaders. In some ordinary days I usually go to office late. Going back to my appointment, I informed my staff that I will not go with them to the community as I had many things to do yet in the office. Minutes after, a news about an amok in the community I was supposed to go to happened. A dead body was brought to the town hall health unit caused by a person who ran amok and who shot four people. One of the the victims was dead on the spot while the three others were seriously wounded. The victim shot himself to death after the incident. Had I not been busy in the office I could have witnessed the chaos in the place of incident. If it was sheer luck or an angel was still protecting me, I am glad that I was not a witness in the happening of the incidents.


Prettymom said...

good thing you are busy..diin ini na tabo?

Yen said...

God is good te. Your angel spare you from that traumatic event. Every second is a blessings to give thanks to Him. I learned that to make it a habit. You can try it too:-)


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