Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Despite my hectic schedule, I still find to read the news locally and internationally. I also hear over the television updates on some celebrities specifically about their love life and marriage life. I feel sad, though, to hear separations or relationships of married couples. I have gone through a failed marriage and somehow I don't like other couples to experience the same. The children , if there are any, are the ones badly affected. But, I am also a believer that if two people are not happy anymore with eaxch other's companion after trying so hard to save a relationship, then it is time to bid goodbye. Settlement about properties, children and support shall be taken cared of before separation. A competent lawyer, just like an Austin Divorce Lawyer can help couples get through the ordeal of settlement. During my time, the hardest thing was the decision to separate. However, after settlement with the custody of children and properties, I had a peace of mind. My children understood in the end though about our situation and I am happy that they are well adjusted now.

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