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Sunday, August 29, 2010


My daughter is the one occupying my room upstairs. She feels happy to be liberated from the double decker bed she shares with my niece. Her bed in the room are just the mattresses in her double decker bedroom. She wants to buy a new bedroom furniture for herself and she wants a queen sized bed. I told her that if she would buy a new bedroom furniture to include buying one for me, too. I want a bigger bed so that I can put my laptop in bed and I can work from my bed. She saw the one queen sized bed in the net and it matched her taste. For now, she has not fixed her mind, yet on when she would buy a new bed since she is still planning to take a qualifying exam for police officers. I hope she would be lucky to pass the exam. Becoming a police officer is not my plan for her but she is old enough to decide on her own. I have nothing against police officers but it just did not dawn on me that my daughter will be one. I will support her though, if that is what she wants.

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