Monday, August 30, 2010


It is understandable that parents in my workplace are prohibiting their little children from playing in the school playground. Why not? Aside from the fact that there is a high risk of their children being bitten by mosquitoes causing the dengue fever, which a number of children have been reported positive of dengue fever, the school playground facilities are not safe to play at. The slide they have in the school near my office is made up of cement that has a rough finish on the portion of the slide itself. Once a child sits and slides on it, his pants will be damaged by the rough cement on the slide. It poses a high risk, too because once the child falls off from the slide the tendency is for his body to be bumped in the hard cement. If worst comes to worst, the child will get brain hemorrhage or the least is a fracture of his body parts. If the School Playground Equipment will be updated for ones that are safe for children like in the picture the one I post above, then I guess no parent will ever prohibit their children from playing on it.

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