Thursday, September 30, 2010


I do not know why there are missing icons in my blogger dashboard. This has been going on for days. I don't have the video, image and other icons. I do not know how to fix this. Besides, I do not use yet the icons here so it is not much of a hassle to me, yet. Anybody, who can teach me to restore back the icons here? Your help will be much appreciated.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Now, that I have a new computer printer in the office, I am planning to talk it out withe budget officer that before the end of the year I will have a new computer office chair. I learned that another department purchased computer units and computer office chairs so maybe I could hitch, too. The existing computer chair in the office is already dilapidated so I badly need a new one. I like one that has a reclining function and one that has a sturdy build. It need not be so expensive as long as it is durable and comfortable to sit on. When the new airconditioner shall have been installed in the office, the new computer office chair will match in the room. How I wish the workplace I am assigned with has a big budget in its operations, however since it is very dependent still with the national government for its revenues, I understand their predicament why they can not easily provide all offices with the office equipment needed. But, in due time I know it can provide for all offices.

Monday, September 20, 2010


It has been a year since I renovated the house and my next plan was to replace my old furnitures with new ones. I wanted to replace the dining set and the sala set with something different to enhance more the beauty of the house to match the new curtains and new paintings. However, since I have no money yet to buy what I need, I just contend myself first with looking in the net with the kind of Furniture I would buy whenever I have the money already. I have looked and selected for the kind of furniture that I like. It surely is a match to my new refurbished house interiors. There are a lot of furniture to select at in the site I accessed. If you are interested to know what site I am referring to, why don't you click on the link here? You will know what I am saying once you see this site. And, you will also know that the prices of the furniture are just reasonable enough. One will have good value for his money for the furnitures bought at this site. My taste in furnitures may be like yours, so why don't you try it?


Geez, I am receiving opportunities in my dashboard but whenever I click on it to reserve, it says I do not meet the opportunity requirements for the post. I do not know what seems to be the problem. I am happy though that I can take tasks now from this advertiser unlike before when my dashboard was really so empty of tasks. I got to post another task now so off I go to make it first.


Everyone dreams of owning a business of his own? Why not? Once somebody becomes a business owner, he is the master of his own time, he has the command of his employees in everything and he has the say in all the transactions regarding his business. He can build his own website, design a custom business card, build a marketing strategy that will be effective for his business. Decision-making is tough though, for a business owner, but he must be a risk taker in order to succeed.With regards to making a custom business card, there is a site that can be accessed in order to make an impressive custom business card. He only has to click on the link here and voila, he will be brought to a site where he can choose from an array of business cards and customize it according to his taste. So, peeps out there, if you are planning to manage your own business, you will now have a guide as to where to go whenever you would wish to have a business card. Who knows, the good luck to your business success may be hidden in the business card you are going to make?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


As you will notice, I have not been visiting you back in your sites. It is because the network company has not yet restored the network connection in my area. I can sleep early and wake up early now because my computer is being put to rest when there is no internet connection. Hope to see you guys, later.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The -ber month has just started. In the air there is already the feeling of Christmas because Christmas songs are played in the radios and in the televisions. Their are television shows that feature Christmas decorations, gifts and Christmas food. Speaking about food, this is the most important thing for me during Christmas. Christmas parties are held here and there and everywhere. People get invited to many Christmas parties and the result is they get to eat foods and drink beverages and alcoholic drinks that make the tummy bulge. The problem now comes in when indigestion is experienced and worst is if hypertension and other ailments are felt as a result of over eating and gaining weight. But now, losing weight is easy. There are exercises that make one lose weight or one can take diet pills. Of course, it is not good to take diet pills, like Lipozene without doctor's prescription. There is even an unfounded scam about the Lipozene drug that it is not effective but it is the doctor who knows best. So, if one wants to lose weight see a doctor before anything else.


My day started so early in the office signing the passbooks we made for the Bayanihan Centers of the Bayanihan Savings Replication Project for authenticity purposes. The project is a flagship program of my office in order to instill the value of saving among community members and as a way to alleviate poverty. I have been roaming around all component barangays with another community organizer in my workplace to organize Bayanihan Centers and we have so far organized 32 Bayanihan Centers. Officers were elected per Bayanihan Center and we will be holding a federation election on September 3. I plan for the federation officers to handle the savings cooperative that I will organize with the help of the Cooperative Development Authority. Hopefully, the savings from each Bayanihan Center will be kept safe in the savings cooperative to be manned by trustworthy and competent staff under the supervision of the Cooperative Development Office, which I will propose to be created in the municipal government I am assigned with . This will be my legacy in this town before I get transferred to another workplace.


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...