Wednesday, September 1, 2010


My day started so early in the office signing the passbooks we made for the Bayanihan Centers of the Bayanihan Savings Replication Project for authenticity purposes. The project is a flagship program of my office in order to instill the value of saving among community members and as a way to alleviate poverty. I have been roaming around all component barangays with another community organizer in my workplace to organize Bayanihan Centers and we have so far organized 32 Bayanihan Centers. Officers were elected per Bayanihan Center and we will be holding a federation election on September 3. I plan for the federation officers to handle the savings cooperative that I will organize with the help of the Cooperative Development Authority. Hopefully, the savings from each Bayanihan Center will be kept safe in the savings cooperative to be manned by trustworthy and competent staff under the supervision of the Cooperative Development Office, which I will propose to be created in the municipal government I am assigned with . This will be my legacy in this town before I get transferred to another workplace.

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