Sunday, October 31, 2010


I am glad that water has been restored in my place. However, early in the morning we had to hire a person to fetch water for us. I just hope that the water interruption was due to the rumored booster pump located in the town after my city installed to boost the flow of water to household connections.  It is really a big inconvenience to have no water to be used in all household chores. A neighbor who just came on vacation from San Francisco witnessed the absence of water running on their pipelines. They inquired from us whether it always happens like this. I understand their inconvenience because even if I and my family go on a vacation and we are housed in a hotel, the first thing that I inquire aside from the good hygiene of the place is ample water supply. Good if the accommodation is in York Hotel because one does not have to worry about water interruption and for sure water will not be an issue in here. The York Hotel provides amenities for the comfort and convenience of its transients. My neighbor must be happy now that water is back, again and this time I noticed that water pressure is high. It must be true then that the booster pump is already working.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Gosh, there is no water running in our pipelines until now that is already past midnight. I do not know what seem to be the problem. If water does not gush out from the pipelines, there will be no water in our faucets for our consumption. If that happens, early morning tomorrow we will fetch water in the wells outside our subdivision.I hope the water company will fix whatever the problem is with its distribution pipes.

Friday, October 29, 2010


My living room has long been sporting this old furniture that we have. Lately, I saw a small tear on the edge of the sala set and so I told my daughter jokingly if she could buy for us a new living room furniture set. She is not sure yet if she can buy it this year because she is currently paying her insurance premiums and her motorcycle monthly amortizations. This longing to have new living room furniture will hopefully materialize next year. If my daughter cannot buy it, I will buy it myself. The kind of furniture that I like to buy is a wooden one. I will put mattresses on it and throw pillows. The old leather living room furniture set that I have now can still be refurbished so I will bring it to an upholstery furniture shop. When it is finally looking new, I already have in mind a good arrangement for it in the living room. For now, I shall have to contend with this old furniture set. For the coming Christmas holidays, the old living room furniture will continue to be the background for our family picture. I may buy new seat covers for them in order to somehow look new.


Children today have less physical exercises than the children of the past generations. They stay at home doing nothing but play favorite computer games, and or watch tv and so they sweat less. My sons are like it, too whenever they are at home, instead of playing basketball or other outdoor games with friends, their turf are playing computer games and chatting with online friends. When I am fully recovered I will start brisk walking exercises every morning with them. This way, they can exercise together with me.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Do you complain of back pains every after sitting even for a short time? It may be due to the way you sit,it may be due to your seat or it may be due to an illness. To avoid this inconvenience, especially if you are in the office or at home where you sit for a long period of time, it is better to seek a remedy to this problem. Seek a medical professional and find a seat that will not aggravate your back pains. If you want to know where to find a seat that will help solve your back pains, you may visit at Not only does it offer chairs for back pain but it also offers a wide range of office chairs like computer chairs, conference chairs, ergonomic chairs, mesh office chairs, leather office chairs, executive office chairs, big and tall office chairs, small/petite office chairs and many other chairs. Buying any of these stuffs is just so easy. Just buy any of them online. If you choose to buy the chairs for your back pain, you will be amazed at how it will work wonders for your back. You will have no more complains of back pains.


Our immediate neighbor is obviously watching horror movies because occasionally we could hear shrills from them. My family is also watching movies and we shrill out, too. When I went outside, we both laughed when we both revealed that we were both watching movies. We promised to exchange DVDs after we are through with each movie.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Do you want to run a business? Well, if you feel you are lucky enough this year to run a business, you can incorporate in your business a coffee shop. Why not? Most people enjoy, in any time of the day, coffee in their diet. I have even seen in hotel aisles, in meat shops, in department stores, in laundry shops and in almost any commercial establishments that they have coffee makers. I am sure a best espresso coffee maker or any other coffee makers will be a best buy for any business that will be opened. If you do not know where to look for the coffee makers, there is an online e-commerce shop that provides coffee, beans, machines, tea and many others. There is a coffee shop in the mall where I and my friends enjoy lingering. We stay there for a chat and we bring our laptops so we can enjoy surfing the net when we want to. Chatting over a cup of coffee makes us talk about many things. We even get to meet new friends in the coffee shop. Coffees are also for people on the go. So, if you have coffee machines, it could be an added benefit to your business.


I always get to receive emails that I am sure are spam. The mail senders appear to be known contacts and some are even close friends and families. However, I feel suspicious already when I am advices to click on a link. I immediately delete the email without opening the link. It is very iomportant to be cautious in opening emails because there are unscrupulous people who are brilliant enough to detect passwords and usernames. So, guys out there be careful, too. Don't fall prey to spam emails to avoid identity theft.


My friend in Las Vegas is planning to go home in April of next year. She phoned in last month to tell me about their family's plan to have a clan reunion by the time they arrive. She also wanted us to go to some interesting places in the country. I said I wanted to explore the Palawan area or the Bohol area because I have not been to these places. Well, it sounds a good idea to her. However, last week she called me up saying her hubby met a car accident and they needed a lot of money for the medicines and operation. Her hubby was badly hit in the car accident. Money is a big problem to her now. I told her if they have such services offered by Arizona Auto Lenders it could be a big help to her. She can have a short term loan for up to $100,000 if she has a car title and she gets to have the car. Of course, it is not the car wrecked in the car accident. My friend has a new car and she will inquire about it in her place.


Thanks heavens I am feeling better, now. I will be resuming work soon. I am glad that there are two non-working holidays in November because at least I can rest for two more days. It has always been a good deal to be resting at home but there are times when I can't help but be bored. Lying in bed is such a boring thing to do. Blogging is no-no thing for me to avoid a relapse. Soon, when I am fully recovered I will start to be active again in blogging. Meet you guys, soon.


This coming last two days of the month, which falls on a Saturday and Sunday and in November 1 and 2, which happen to be non-working holidays, people have ample days to spend time promenading and or shopping in malls. The malls are always ready for these days in anticipation for many shop goers and onlookers. For stalls in boutiques and in department stores it is best then to have a good presentation of their products. Good presentation attracts customers and this can be seen as a big opportunity for its sales representatives to market its products. A good presentation requires attractive arrangements of products in a retail display case. A good retail display case enables customers to immediately see what they are shopping for. For store owners, it is very important to have showcases of its products. There are a lot of showcases to choose from for its products. There are glass showcases, jewelry showcases, wrap counters, trophy displays and many others. It is even best to own a showcase, which has a showcase light that will enhance the products in any glass display. Lighted showcase displays illuminates and enhances the beauty arrangement of displays. For store and boutique owners, are you ready for these coming holidays?


After the barangay and SK elections, it is time to prepare for the November 1 and 2 All Saints and All Souls Day. As early as now, people go to cemeteries to prepare these days by by cleaning and painting the perimeters of the tombs. Some have shrines that look like big houses for their tombs. Others have to drive away families of informal settlers that occupy the shrines they have build for the tomb. For me, I have to buy white paint so my brother can paint the tomb that houses my late father and grandmother. It is a tradition for the family to go there every November 1 and 2. We bring flowers and candles and offer prayers for them.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today is the last day of filing of candidacy for candidates in the synchronized barangay and SK elections. My office has limited participation in the elections; however, after the officials shall have been proclaimed and after they have assumed their respective positions, my office will be involved considerably in giving capability and capacity building activities to the newly elected officials. I will be looking then for a very appropriate venue for the training of barangay officials. If Oriental Brighton were only near, it is an ideal place to conduct live-in trainings. It has a bed and breakfast accommodation, it has a parking lot nearby, it is near the cosmopolitan area, and it has a beach within 40 yards. I wish I could find a place similar to this. The place is not only good for training venues, but it is as well a good place to spend weekend breaks and midweek holidays. For my trainings, I will be looking for similar accommodations so that the participants will enjoy their stay away from the comfort of their respective homes. Time flies that before I know it, the officials will be installed in their respective offices. By then, I could have resumed work after my leave of absence.


It has been awhile since I last updated this blog. I miss my friends in the blogosphere already. One day, I will be physically fit to visit and update all my sites. For now, I can only post and close my computer right after posting. Socialization with friends is limited. Thanks to the loyal friends who come by despite me not returning their visits. May you always be in good health and thank you so much.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I sometimes wonder why there are people who really love to move from one place to another. There are people who love to stick in one place from birth until their death. Moving is not an easy task, for sure, this maybe the reason why those people who love to stick in one place settle to live permanently in one place. However, for some, they enjoy moving because of climate acclimatization; some opt to retire and settle in one place for economic reasons; some move because of job transfer and some move because of reasons only privy to them. Well, for whatever reasons they may have for moving, anybody can move from one place to another now because the hassles of moving can now be cushioned. There are moving companies like the seabrook tx that can be a lot of help when moving things like furnitures, books, home appliances, home decorations and artifacts without worrying that things may not be of good condition when they get to the place of destination. For sure many have already availed of their services since their operation.They offer 100% satisfaction for their services. Hmm, this is worth a try. What do you think?


I had a visitor today at home. My previous staff in the office came by with his wife and 6-month old little boy. How time flies. They just got married last December and I was one of the wedding sponsors and now their baby is 6 months old already. His wife was pregnant at the time of their wedding. I was amused with their child because he saw food at our table and he was mumbling words like ma-mam meaning eat. I fed him with the squash, I mashed the squash and he really enjoyed eating. They left after an hour because they had to go to church, yet. I wish next time they can stay longer.


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