Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My friend in Las Vegas is planning to go home in April of next year. She phoned in last month to tell me about their family's plan to have a clan reunion by the time they arrive. She also wanted us to go to some interesting places in the country. I said I wanted to explore the Palawan area or the Bohol area because I have not been to these places. Well, it sounds a good idea to her. However, last week she called me up saying her hubby met a car accident and they needed a lot of money for the medicines and operation. Her hubby was badly hit in the car accident. Money is a big problem to her now. I told her if they have such services offered by Arizona Auto Lenders it could be a big help to her. She can have a short term loan for up to $100,000 if she has a car title and she gets to have the car. Of course, it is not the car wrecked in the car accident. My friend has a new car and she will inquire about it in her place.

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