Friday, October 29, 2010


My living room has long been sporting this old furniture that we have. Lately, I saw a small tear on the edge of the sala set and so I told my daughter jokingly if she could buy for us a new living room furniture set. She is not sure yet if she can buy it this year because she is currently paying her insurance premiums and her motorcycle monthly amortizations. This longing to have new living room furniture will hopefully materialize next year. If my daughter cannot buy it, I will buy it myself. The kind of furniture that I like to buy is a wooden one. I will put mattresses on it and throw pillows. The old leather living room furniture set that I have now can still be refurbished so I will bring it to an upholstery furniture shop. When it is finally looking new, I already have in mind a good arrangement for it in the living room. For now, I shall have to contend with this old furniture set. For the coming Christmas holidays, the old living room furniture will continue to be the background for our family picture. I may buy new seat covers for them in order to somehow look new.

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