Sunday, October 31, 2010


I am glad that water has been restored in my place. However, early in the morning we had to hire a person to fetch water for us. I just hope that the water interruption was due to the rumored booster pump located in the town after my city installed to boost the flow of water to household connections.  It is really a big inconvenience to have no water to be used in all household chores. A neighbor who just came on vacation from San Francisco witnessed the absence of water running on their pipelines. They inquired from us whether it always happens like this. I understand their inconvenience because even if I and my family go on a vacation and we are housed in a hotel, the first thing that I inquire aside from the good hygiene of the place is ample water supply. Good if the accommodation is in York Hotel because one does not have to worry about water interruption and for sure water will not be an issue in here. The York Hotel provides amenities for the comfort and convenience of its transients. My neighbor must be happy now that water is back, again and this time I noticed that water pressure is high. It must be true then that the booster pump is already working.

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