Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Looking for somebody to take care of your baby or your elderly family member? Well, you have got to be sure that the person you are going to entrust the care and attention of your loved one is someone you can trust and rely upon. There are online services that offers babysitting but you have to be extra meticulous whom to hire. It is best to compare nanny websites first before contracting any babysitter. Ensure only the best for your loved one.


I had ballroom dancing in the first night of my training. I loved it because I was able to shed excessive sweat, which for a long time, I did not experience. My body needs regular exercise but I deprived it because of too much work in the office and failing health. Spending a few minutes of physical exercises each day shall be my New Year's Resolution. I will start it tomorrow, and this I promise.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I was with my son at the mall yesterday afternoon. Even if it was Christmas day, there were still a lot of people and they were everywhere in the mall. Supposedly, I and my son will watch a movie, however, we were discouraged because of the long queue of movie goers in the ticket counter. We instead promenaded around the mall. In the department store, I was able to buy toys and other gift items for people I forgot to buy gifts with. At the toy section, there was a toy airplane flying high up in the air. It is so beautiful and it attracts boys and girls who were with their parents to buy it. Even the adults are amused at the flying toy airplane. I recall that it is very similar to the Remote Control Jets UK online store is offering. In this site there are a lot of other toy items to choose from. There are remote controlled toys bikes, motorcycles, remote boat, cars, helicopters, and planes. It also sells its spare parts. Any of my grandchildren will surely be happy if I buy any of these items as my gift to either of them.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A few more days and it will be year 2011 already. I will be adding a number to my age, again. I still have plans in life this year that did not materialize. It is already impossible that I will be able to achieve my plans this year, with a little more days left. Anyway, I will try to make my other plans possible next year. I hope luck will be with me next year.


Do you know of a very versatile wear that is used by most working people, nowadays? Well, I am referring to the scrubs outfits that you have seen worn by medical doctors, nurses, midwives, other medical personnel, children and adults alike. A scrub, especially a cotton scrub is very comfortable and is roamy to wear that the wearer will not feel being restricted with his movements. It can be worn with regular clothes under it.

I was mistaken with my impression then that scrubs are worn by medical professionals only. In the site linked here, one who wants to buy scrubs can choose from a wide array of scrubs. One can also buy white lab coat for the laboratory. Right now, I am reminded that I have to buy a lab coat for my elders' son laboratory subject.


To me, christmas is not complete without gift giving. I truly appreciate the project gift giving of my favorite tv channel to cancer patients. I was touched by this very noble and charitable project as to me the very people who need gifts and attention, are the sick and the poorest. In my station, I proposed a gift giving to the poorest families before the celebration of Christmas party. Tomorrow, we will distribute our gifts hoping that with just a little amount of the gift, the poor families will be happy with the thought that they are remembered.


There are a lot of occasions to celebrate and to attend to each year. Most of the times, occasions are celebrated through a festive party with invited family members and friends. There is a birthday party, christening or baptismal party, wedding party and anniversaries, victory party, housewarming party and many other parties and each time, it is tiresome to prepare for whatever occasion. ThereIt is not easy to prepare for parties but there is an online party supply store that sells almost everything one needs for whatever party. With just a click of a mouse one can get what he needs. The variety of party supplies at this online store will save time and effort than if one buys any of these stuffs in malls and or boutiques. So, for your party needs, do not go anywhere else. Get them here at the link provided above.


Gee, I was surprised to know that this site has now a page rank 2. I never expected that I will be given such a Christmas surprise by google. Thank you, google. Hoping that my other sites will be given a higher page rank, too.

Friday, December 10, 2010


After long tiring days of work, it is advisable to relax and enjoy nature once in awhile and be away to forget the stresses of work.  There are many places to go to do the relaxation and be alone with nature. One can spend a few days or nights away in log cabins. I wonder how it is to be away from my bed and spend it in a log cabin. I have never experienced such kind of leisure place. If I were to schedule my family's next trip, I surely would want me and my kids to spend hours and days at a log cabin. I am so sure that my kids can't wait to be away on a vacation if I tell them about log cabins. They are as adventurous as me.  Well, if I get the slightest opportunity to go on vacation, log cabins will be our next accommodation. 


I met friends from my previous station yesterday at the mall. It felt good to be reunited with them after many years. We talked for a long time at a coffee shop. How I wish I had my camera with me so we could have picture taking. We decided to watch a movie but since most of us have already watched the movies in the theaters, we decided to just promenade around the mall and sit again for a long chat. We lingered for three hours in the mall. Many things have happened to their lives and so as with me. When we parted ways we exchange numbers so we can still hear from each other. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Gee, the icons in my blogger post box is back. I thought I would never see the icons again as it got lost for a long time but now it is already restored. When the icons got lost I really had a hard time composing tasks with links. I am happy that it is over and now my icons are back. I will now find it easy to post tasks with links. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It is rainy season once again. Occasionally, the sun comes out but there are more rainy days than sunny days. It has been the practice in most households that during rainy seasons the curtains needed to be changed from heavy and thick draperies to light material made of curtains. During summer time, the curtains needed to be light for the reason that the temperature is hot. At home, it is best to keep shade from the rays of the sun. One way to deflect the heat is to use Made to measure venetian blinds. Venetian blinds are easy to clean with than the curtains that entail more time to dry.    


One of the very important tasks in the office that I have to do for this month is already finished. This morning I conducted the election of the League of Barangay officers. There were some glitches before the registration on the part of some participants but these were nevertheless addressedand given consideration. The election ran smoothly and I am thankful that the losers conceded peaceably. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Every Christmas season is a holiday looked forward to by most people. There is something in Christmas that makes young and adults alike excited. For some, maybe it is the reunion with family members and get together with friends that are looked forward to.  There is also that hope for some that Christmas is a preparation for Christ's coming and that the birth of Jesus is a big reminder of God's love for mankind. Parties will abound everywhere and it will be so enticing to eat. It is not a cause of worry if one gains weight as there are measures to lose unwanted weight. In the net, there is this diet loss supplement with safe and effective ingredients.  It is safe to take and it is guaranteed to have fast action. So, after the holiday season that you gained more weight, be ready to always be diligent in losing weight.  


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...