Sunday, December 26, 2010


I was with my son at the mall yesterday afternoon. Even if it was Christmas day, there were still a lot of people and they were everywhere in the mall. Supposedly, I and my son will watch a movie, however, we were discouraged because of the long queue of movie goers in the ticket counter. We instead promenaded around the mall. In the department store, I was able to buy toys and other gift items for people I forgot to buy gifts with. At the toy section, there was a toy airplane flying high up in the air. It is so beautiful and it attracts boys and girls who were with their parents to buy it. Even the adults are amused at the flying toy airplane. I recall that it is very similar to the Remote Control Jets UK online store is offering. In this site there are a lot of other toy items to choose from. There are remote controlled toys bikes, motorcycles, remote boat, cars, helicopters, and planes. It also sells its spare parts. Any of my grandchildren will surely be happy if I buy any of these items as my gift to either of them.

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