Saturday, December 24, 2011


 I was looking at my pictures from way back when I joined the office I am employed now. The first official travel I had gave me the chance to go on horseback riding right after the official activity I attended. It was my first time to ride in a horse. It was a handsome horse, I should say, with its sturdy western saddles on. The photographer took me a picture revealing the fear or tension I have in horse riding for the first time. If I only have money I sure would like to have a horse. It is a for me a fearsome hobby to go on horse riding but I will just try.  


It is Christmas eve today. So many people are doing their last minute Christmas shopping. I was at the mall in the morning to have some pictures for printing and I bought a photo album for it. There was no hassle in paying as there were not many customers in the photo studio and in the children's store where I bought the photo album. I was supposed to buy cake for tonight but I will do it later at the nearest bakeshop instead. Later, I will be cooking, hmmm, yes cooking. I could remember I last cooked last Christmas 2010. I am hoping I can make them delicious. My motherhood is at stake with this, joke. There is the internet anyway, to help me.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Traveling in a large group is fun than traveling alone. However, traveling in a large group requires transportation.  Coordination with the members of the traveling group is made easier when the group is traveling in one transportation only. When in Maryland, this is not a problem because there is the motor coach Maryland offers.  Traveling in a motor coach is luxurious, comfortable and luxurious. The fun in traveling continues inside the motor coach. Going to the scheduled destinations will never be a boring one.


Gosh, helper has sore eyes. Good she told me that she has. I did not like her to infect us with this virus so I have to let her go home. This means that we have to do the chores while she is experiencing this viral infection in her eyes. My leave from office will be spent doing the chores at home I guess. Well, the kids are here and they have no more classes, already. They can help me do the chores.


What's in a sign for you when you have a store or a business? It means clients and more profit. If you are a store or a business owner and you have no idea yet on what to name your store, why don't you get help from one who is proven and tested in making intriguing and striking storefront signs? If you like a store sign that will make people take a second look at your store, and or will have an easy recall of your store then click on the link here. It is truly amazing how storesigns can help invite customers to visit and invest their money in.


Before the year ends, I will have my leave from office. Yes. I will be enjoying my five days forced leave from December 23 to the end of the year. However, I am still to attend a seminar on Disaster Planning as I will facilitate the planning activities on December 23. One day lost but I find it worthwhile though to be part in planning for about a couple of million pesos to be spent for disaster preparedness. This is an endeavor which, will have a great impact in saving the lives and properties of many people should disasters come.


Most employees from the private and public sectors receive their Christmas bonuses around this this time of the year. Home furnishing and repairs are most of the investments of these employees. No wonder why Tau Corten tiles and other tiles are selling like hotcakes in hard wares and tile industries. Why not? A beautiful home with stunning tile flooring gives the family members comfort and luxury. Floor tiles in the sala and in any parts of the house gives a cool effect inside the house. So, if you are planning for home repairs, why don't you consider the tau corten tiles, too?


Disaster damage is unpredictable. In what happened to Mindanao, it was obvious that my fellow Filipinos were taken aback by the onslaught of the typhoon that wrought lives and properties. Thousands are already confirmed dead and the number is growing. Damage to properties could cost to billions of pesos. It is very important then to prepare for calamities, plan for mitigation and preparedness  for the ill impacts of disasters. May this be a lesson to all local government officials and the people to stop wanton destruction to nature. Maybe they should all go back to civil engineering schools for a refresher proper emergency preparation and management.Wanton cutting of trees, burning and throwing plastic garbages in drainage canals are a crime to nature. And, since local government units have funds to finance projects that could lessen the impacts of this disasters, to use these funds efficiently and judiciously.


Christmas parties abound and there are always door prizes given away. It is one of the exciting parts in the Christmas parties I attend to, the others are dancing and singing. I hope in the coming Christmas parties to win a  Panasonic industrial microwave or a similar kitchen ware. How lucky would I be if this happens. I can use this immediately this Christmas holidays. Two more days to go and it is already Christmas. My cooking abilities will be tested once again. If Santa Claus is listening I hope he grants me this wish.


Just when I thought I will be attending only a couple of parties, I was wrong. I had attended three Christmas parties already and I have three more to go. The two parties are in my workplaces and one more tomorrow with business mates. The good news is I have not been gaining weight. In fact, the old jeans I hide before now fits back, again. It feels good to be slim, again. With the two parties I will attend, I hope not to gain a considerable weight gain. I plan to use back again the clothes I couldn't wear before after the weight gain.

Monday, December 12, 2011


One of my elder son's hobbies every weekends is to watch video online. I appreciate this hobby more than anything else because it lets him stay at home. I prefer him to stay at home rather than go anywhere else with his close friends. The worries of a mother is always there every time an adolescent sons just like what I have is off the house with his friends. I am glad that by watching video online, I and my other siblings benefit it as we watch the videos with him, too. It is a sort of a bonding moment with my kids, too.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Sleepy Head

I am awake now but still feeling sleepy. It's cold because it's raining outside maybe my body still can't adjust the   weather. Was told by my mother to post something here, and I don't have any interesting topic to say, that's why maybe a personal one will do. I hope I will not be scolded by this post.


A floor carpet can bring comfort and luxurious comfort. However, it can bring sickness, too when it is not properly cleaned. It harbors insects that can be detrimental to your health and the sickness will keep coming back if your carpets are not properly treated. The best thing to do is to clean and treat your floor carpets. However, if you got no time for it, you can hire somebody to do it for you. If your in the Memphis area, you can rely on the  carpet cleaning memphis tn company around you. There are other carpet cleaning services around, too but you may try this one.


My elder son, Arjan, is prodding me to buy a big aquarium. He had been buying fishes from near his school. This has been his hobby this past few days. The aquarium we have here is small so puts the fishes in the basin. Poor child. I am going to buy a bigger aquarium for him. He is patient, though, and he says he can wait until I have the money.


Managing an office for your business is a daunting task. Aside from the technical and operation aspects of your business, there is the administrative dimension you shall have to contend with. The conduciveness and cleanliness of your and other units' offices are of primordial need. However, if you wish to be assured of greatness in cleaning you may hire cleaning services like that of the commercial cleaning services milwaukee is offering. This will be a reduced burden on your part since all the cleaning aspects will have to be taken cared of. Your attention will now be more focused on the technical and operational management of your office. Take it easy as every step of the way can be daunting, but I tell you, everything will be alright as time goes by.


It is too early to say if my laptop is a goner. I brought it yesterday to a computer technician. He says the flex cable should be replaced, the reason why it flickers especially when a force strikes before or behind it, like wind or wiggling surface. I went to a computer store to buy a new flex cable, but I found no store that sells it here. The store technician says they can order the item in Manila from their supplier but the flex cable has to be ordered with an lcd screen. Gosh, the cost of it is almost the same with a new laptop. I will get back my laptop today with the old flex cable returned back to it. I will contend with its flickering, if it will still work after it has been installed back. And, I will already start looking for a new laptop, for future reference when I already have my money to buy.


In my previous posts, I have been talking about home improvement and furnishings. I would like to stress that if you are going for it, make the wise decisions and take it from me. I had my flooring installation two years back without considering the expertise of the people who would do the flooring installation. It cost me more money because I had to make them redo their job for flaws I saw in their installation. I learned my lesson. If you are planning to make home improvements for your flooring, for instance, get only the people with proven expertise. Try to click the link here, to know what I mean.


Thinking of shopping for gifts this Christmas? Here are some of the tips to save time and money. Start with a list of people you would like to share your generosity with. Segregate the kids and the adults. Next, examine your budget. How much can you spare for each one? Across each name in your list, write the down the gift item you would like to give. Write at least three choices for each one. Then, summarize the gifts items you need to buy by grouping and summing up the similar items. Since Christmas is still days to go, you still have time to scout for the store that offers lower prices. Do not sacrifice the quality of the items for the low prices. Christmas is a day of giving and sharing. Give wholeheartedly.


Are you building a new house or remodeling the existing one to make a change of its looks and glamour? Why not? If you are considering these things, think now of the interior designs you may want to have for your house. For the flooring, for instance, you may choose the ceramic tile in montoursville pa that is affordable and fit for your lifestyle's needs. Of course, always think of the safe side. While choose the flooring that are elegant and luxurious, choose the ones that are not slippery. This is for your and your family's protection.


Rainy days are here again. Umbrella, raincoats, hats and jackets should be ready at hand before going. To build the immune system, it is also best to drink a food supplement. Choose the food supplement that is organic not the synthetic one. Go organic and you will never go wrong. And, drink lots of fluid everyday. If you love your loved ones, love yourself first. Avoid getting sick. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


A house needs a regular maintenance. It is needed to avoid a more costly damage. It is also a good thing to regularly maintain the beauty  and cleanliness of the house to make it a safe and comfortable place to live in. If you need to replace old and worn-out home furnishings and equipment like vinyl shutters and many others, do it as early as possible. You can buy the replacements for all of the things you need online. There is no need for you to shop and hop in other stores to compare prices and quality as there is the internet, anyway. Access your computer and shop in the net. For your shutters, try to clink on the link here.


I am saving money so I can buy a new laptop or a netbook. I am tired of carrying my old lappy that is quiet big.  It has taken toll on my health, too. Right now, my earnings here does not suffice yet, since I have been withdrawing my earnings lately. Maybe two months more and I can have my new laptop. I am crossing my fingers that I can get as many opportunities as I can so I can shorten the two months target of buying my laptop.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Remodeling your house to make it look brand new? Why not? Facelifting the interior and exterior part of the house is a great idea if you have the money to spend for it. Of course, it does not mean you will spend a lot but you may start refurbishment that are affordable to you. For your flooring, you may choose vinyl flooring for a change or laminated flooring. Be sure that you are making the most value for your money. Get the experts in this stuffs so as not be feel sorry in the end. Also, seek professional help with refurbishing other areas of the house. Facelifting your house shall also mean lifting your spirits after all is done, so don't take chances.


Oops, no classes for this morning. I am happy that I can rest this Saturday morning off. Maybe this afternoon I will have my classes but how I wish there is none. I am going to text message my professor, later, to confirm. I have lots of things to do which, I can not do during weekdays and even on weekends because of lack of time.Good that my doctoral classes are sometimes on alternate weekend schedules. I will have quality time with my kids, later too.    

Friday, December 2, 2011


I was visited by local leaders in my place of assignment. It was kind of them to pay a visit. Although, I needed to rest in order to fully recover from the angst of pain in my abdomen, they lighten my feeling with their efforts to make me laugh. One of my staffs was with them. They stayed for about three hours, talked about many things amid snacks of sandwiches and soft drinks.


Are you a traveler? If you are then you should take a look at a st michael pendant. It is a pendant that is good for travelers like you and me. This is the first time for me to read about this and it draw my interest at once. In fairness, I like the workmanship of this pendant. It is good for everyone, in fact as everyone is a traveler. This can be a good gift, too this Christmas. I will recommend this to my other friends, too. There is no harm anyway, in believing on what patron saints pendants and medals give to one.


Glad to be home and feeling better. Bored lying down so I opened my computer. I was lucky to get opportunities. Gee, I wonder why I am not getting the opportunities with a higher payouts even if I qualify in terms of page rank. Anyway, even if I don't get the high pay outs I just get contented to working on the lower payouts. It is good than nothing at all. I am glad that my page rank is still relatively high.


This month, December, has something to be excited about. There are a lot of parties to attend to. Parties, here and everywhere. I am excited because I have this Christmas custom-tailored dress I fancied to be sewed by one client. She told me to buy craft feathers as it will be made as an ornament for the dress. I know where to buy this stuff. It can even be bought online. If you ask me whee to buy it, just click in the link here. I am sure once the dress is finished that I will wear the dress in not just one occasion. I can wear it on different parties I will go to as long as I am sure that I will be meeting not the same kind of people. How about you? Why don't you try feather stuffs on your dress, too? I tell you it adds elegance to the dress.


Stayed home today. Know why? My health did not permit me to go to office. I woke up with severe pain in my abdomen. I had an ulcer attack I guess. I had a burning and gnawing feeling in my abdomen.I also had loose bowel movement. I almost collapsed while I was at the restroom. I took medicines already and I am glad to be relieved. Thanks God I am fine, again. I remember I cringe in pain this morning. It was so excruciating. I swear to always eat regularly from now on.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today is a pampering day for my nails. It is office day but I managed to squeeze time for my nail care. I did it during lunchtime, of course. I give due importance and care for my nails. Why? Nail polishing keeps my nails healthy and strong. My nails become brittle, no more. Regular nail polishing makes the nails look beautiful and stylish, too. I opt to color my nails,too. My favorite color? Tan or touch of tan.


My eye is strained from reading. It has been causing my headaches, lately. I got a prescription eyeglasses, now. However, I am having a hard time adjusting to my new eyeglasses. Its really difficult to wear eyeglasses. If I can only return the hands of time, I will take care of my eyes. Now, I have to contend with wearing eyeglasses adjusting to the prescription grade of the glasses. When I have my money I will have the lasik surgery.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Does anyone here enjoy playing bingo in an online bingo site? Well, I have not tried an online bingo game. I guess it would be fun to play it online. Before, I only use to watch my co-office mates play the bingo game during Christmas Parties. I was only watching as I did not know the mechanics of the game. On many occasions I was observing that the participants of the game were enjoying the game amid howls and shouts and feelings of excitement. One time I was enjoined to substitute the player who went to the restroom. I was told of on what to do before she left. It was the start of my liking the game. I joined after that, and to my luck I won. I went home bagging many grocery items as prizes. It was a beginner's luck I guess.

With modern technology, playing bingo can be made online. One does not have to leave the comfort of his home to play bingo. It is better to do it at home and online than doing it in person at the bingo rooms. You save on gasoline, you never have to change outfit or get up for the bingo socials, you save your nostrils and skin from allergies you get when mingled with many other people. Moreover, with online bingo, you never have to smear your hands and fingers with ink marks and or hassle yourself with putting corn grains or pebbles as markings on cards. Why, modern technology really has a lot to offer to human beings. Everything is almost online including bingo socials. So, if you are looking for bingo, why don’t you click here? You will realize, you will enjoy doing it most often. This is a good recreation to rest the body and mind from a tiring day’s work.     

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Losing weight is a daunting task. It is daunting because with the plenty of food in the table and with many invitations it is hard to resist eating. I have lost weight for a few pounds already but I am gaining weight, again. I have not been exercising lately. I have observed this morning that my pants were becoming tight, again. I should do something to lose weight. It is a daunting task but I should do it for the sake of wellness.


When I went to New York two years ago,I watched the baseball game in one of the newest sports arena in the city. The ticket was costly but it was worth it. I admired the baseball players in their handsome uniforms. They were also before the actual game warming up using genuine and original sports materials. I wonder where the sports equipment they are using are brought from. If I would only be given a souvenir item of the baseball with the signature of the leading player of the winning team, I would have been a lucky spectator in the night. Next time, when I go back there again, I will watch again the show and next time I hope to buy my own sports equipment for the leading players signature.


This post is about our family trip to Manila. It was the first trip to Luzon for the whole family. The flight was supposed to be 1:55 pm. However, before the scheduled departure it was announced that the flight was delayed to 2:40pm. True enough, the plane took off at 2:40pm. Inside the plane, there was a game, a SHOW ME game. I won the game when I was the first to raise the item that was requested to be shown, a red ballpen. I was awarded a small yellow pouch bag. I love it. I use the pouch bag as a make up container.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My friend, a previous classmate in school, once texted me if I could spare time to attend a real estate seminar. I was excited to hear it that I immediately said yes to the invitation. Real estate is one business venture that really sparks my interest. If I will be trained to be a Wilmington NC real estate agent I would be so glad to sacrifice my time for any training or seminar. Going back to my class mate's invitation, I went there and listened to the person who was tasked to give the seminar. To my dismay, the person who was supposed to talk about the  real estate stuff talked about other products instead of real estate. I went out of the seminar disillusioned.  


We are back from the family trip in Manila. It was a very tiring trip but it was worth it. My kids enjoyed the trip. It was the first time for my sons to fly in an airplane and first time for them to go to Manila. In fact, it was their first to go Luzon. The beautiful places we went to will be memorable to them. In my next post, I will post the experiences we encounter from departure to arrival. The trip was triggered by the promotional fare in one of the airline companies in my country. I bought the ticket last June at a promotional rate. Had it not been for this promotional fare, I could have not brought my kids at this time of the year.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Christmas is fast approaching. It is almost mid of November today and before we know it, it is already Christmas time. The most anticipated month brings a lot of excitement to children and adults alike.
Even business owners are excited, too for their Christmas gift products. For sports enthusiasts, like the National Football League members, nfl merchandise can be seen over one of the sites in the net. On my part I will go to the malls to avail of Christmas promotional fares, together with my children. There are a lot of discounted christmas merchandise everywhere, but it always pays to be watchful and keen and not be hasty in choosing for the sake of Christmas rush.

6 to 6

Tomorrow, a Sunday there is an announced power black out in the area coverage of the electric company servicing my area. It will be from 6am to 6pm. It is expected that people will be up in bed early and most will be out of the house as soon as heat is felt. Many people will linger in malls to keep cool and to let time pass. The news of the power black out is unwelcomed to me. I need to finish some online tasks and it can not be possible with power black out. I will try to finish this tasks, tonight.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


When my kids were younger, I used to buy them educational books. They love reading them. Now that they are older and with the upsurge of the internet, my kids rarely read them. I still love the times when we had no computer at home. Educational books are a good introductory hobby for the kids. The habit of reading is instilled and they get lots and lots information from them. Now, kids love computer games rather than educational books. However, it is up to parents to regulate the kids use of computers. But for my kids, the read only when needed in school.  


It is raining once again. Traditionally, people would flock in to the cemetery every November 2. Like us, we would reunite with members of the family and our relatives at the cemetery to offer flowers and prayers. We would light candles and offer our prayers to our departed loved ones. Relatives would sometimes drop by, too. Yesterday, we were there with my kids. I met my younger sister and her family also in there. My other siblings weren't there yet until we went home. Today, it would not be possible for us to go as it is raining. This has been the weather since this morning. If the rain will only stop, we could be at least be together in my father's and grandma's tomb.


Ever heard of a website that offers bids for supplies and gadgets that you may need? Well, you have to try to know. It is amazing. I tried it and got excited to bid right away for the netbook that I like only to be told that I have to sign up first.Suit me, right isn't it? I have not heard a news about scam if there was any, at all. I will try to see if this works. Test the waters, as they call it. Who knows I might be able to bid for a new ipad at a very low cost.


It is a non-working holiday in here. I have been staying home with my kids for days now. It is school break for my kids. And for me, the 1st semester is over. I shall have to enroll again for the 2nd semester. time flies so fast. Before I know it, it is already Christmas time. In fact, the air of christmas is everywhere I go, already. Yesterday, we went to the cemetery to offer flowers and prayers to our dead loved ones. After today, Christmas songs will be aired over the radios and in television. I also leafed out one calendar page yesterday in my room. there are two more calendar pages left, that is for November and December. See how time really flies. I welcome the holidays in this month, there are three: November 1 and 2 and November 7. Its a lot of time to stay home, just enjoying boredom.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


My office, with about 300 employees, had a get together of all the regional employees last week. I had time to meet my batch mates who are assigned in other provinces. I had a good time with them. I just did not like the way the management handled the activity. It was so boring and there was a big lull in the activities. There were many unproductive moments. Had it not been for my superior who stayed since morning till night, I would have gone home ahead while the programme was still in progress. Anyway, here is a picture taken during that day.


Geez, school time is over for the first semester. The school papers I have to submit are almost done and the last day of submission is tomorrow. My group mate will take charge of the submission. I have made the final report for submission, one of my group mates will print it out and he will have to submit it tomorrow. My other two group mates were only group mates in the real sense of the word. At least, one of the two was thankful enough for us who made the report. However, the other one did not even bother to text to include her and did not even bother to thank us. This is the problem with group works because one gets to have credit over the job even if she did not lift any hand to help. When I meet her in school, I will really tell her what I feel towards her.


Yesterday as I was about to print my school papers, actually I still have to print some more tomorrow, I ran out of the colored cartridge. I could not print out the colored print outs as the toner cartridges that I have are all black. I went to computer cafes nearby my school and had the needed pages printed. I should buy the colored printer cartridge soon so I can not be hassled anymore in my next use.It is more cheaper to print my own papers than have them printed in the commercial printing shops. As I was in a hurry, I had no choice but to pay the cost of printing which, almost leveled the cost of a new colored cartridge.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


My mother has been bedridden for almost a semester now. She had two strokes that damaged the part of the brain that is responsible for walking. She can not walk but we are hoping that in due time she still can. We have tried many things and we will do more. Maybe, we will try acupuncture That Works on others already. Maybe this will do good to her, too. Acupuncture is a eastern practice in healing ailments. If she can walk in due time which, we know is her dire need to, we will be so much happy for her.


The storm signal no. 2 was lowered to storm signal no. 1. The storm path detoured to Cebu and is expected to leave the country tomorrow morning. My kids did not report to school this morning as it is a standard operating procedure that when the typhoon signal is hoisted at signal no. 2, classes are suspended in the elementary and high schools. Now, since the signal is lifted I just let them stay home so they can somehow enjoy the day off. I will be going to office in awhile, too. I have many tasks to do in the office.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Are you fond of playing bingo? If you are, why don't you play a play free bingo? No need to be registered with a fee. Many consider bingo as a hobby but to me playing bingo is not my turf. I have no interest in this game. I remember one time when we had our Christmas Party in the office where we played bingo. It was my first to play it. Lucky I was because I won the grand prize award, but I never got to learn how I played it and how it happened that I was the grand prize winner. Anyway, don't delay, if you want to play bingo do it on the link here.


23yeras ago I was inside the house crying in silence because of the pain in giving birth. Yes, I was only in the house, not in the hospital where I should be to deliver my first baby. A midwife was assisting me instead of a doctor. I was that brave or shall I say coward, because I did not want that my classmates in nursing would see my private parts upon my delivery. Silly, very much silly I was. Now, reminiscing about it I could only shrug because I have endangered my and my baby's life that time. It was immaturity and innocence as a young mother then, since I was 18 years old when I gave birth to my eldest daughter. Today is her birthday and I could say thank you Ayra Mae for being a good daughter and for growing up beautiful inside and out.


Ever walked into a building with a seemingly engineered flooring?  Well, I have gone into such a building like in plosh hotels who have engineered flooring. All I can do is admire and wish that my room, at least only my room in the house, could have such a flooring. But, who knows in the future if I plan to rehabilitate my house I will go for this kind of flooring. To me it is slip free and ensures my protection from slip disc should I accidentally have a fall. It is advisable for elderly citizens and to toddlers.


Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me, again. I have two scheduled meetings, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I plan not go on Friday as I want to concentrate on my school tasks. Despite my so hectic schedule it is amazing that I do not forget to open my sites. I love blogging. Thanks to my friend, Lotlot, who introduced me to this. Proof that I love blogging? I stay late at night, I sacrifice my studies sometimes because I can't resist the call of advertisers. I thank the advertisers, and the social marketing sites, too otherwise blogging would never been so fun without you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The recent typhoon that hit my place caused the life of the relative of one of my staffs. When the man met his death at sea, I do not know if he had left a life insurance to somehow ease the sufferings of his loved ones. Maybe, had he known about this fatal fate of him he could have prepared by browsing any instant term life quotes to compare and choose from.The man died while his fishing vessel was out at the sea trodding the typhoon. In these times, anybody would think how important a life insurance is and how important it is to be prepared physically and spiritually. 


After so much hullabaloo this morning in the meeting over the budget in the training proposals I presented, the trainings will push through this month and next. At least, I already have my proposals finalized so I can move on to the training preparations. Busy days are up ahead, in the day an din the night. Why night? Because of my school requirements, which I can only do during night time.  I hope to be always strong and healthy so I can make all my tasks. No room for laxity for now.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


The market for business, nowadays has been expanded globally because of media networks. Anyone who has access to the internet can be a prospective market. Since almost majority have access to the internet the toll now is for the business owner to get his business on top of the search engine. How to do it? Well, the Posicionamiento SEO can be of help. It will help boost your business site on the top pages of the search engine making it visible to the world. You may be amazed to see that people are placing orders from nowhere you have imagined. Don't delay the coming of great opportunities at your fingertips. Do it now!

Friday, September 30, 2011


In a few minutes, it will be October already. This month is memorable. This is the birthday month of my eldest child. She will be 23 in October 6. How time flies. It seems like yesterday when I gave birth to her. Her 23 years of existence in this world is a huge blessing from the Almighty. I wish her b-day gift would be to pass the neuro exam she took last week in line with her policewoman application. If she passes this, this would be the greatest gift to her as she expects to pass. I wish she pass, too,. I have high trust on her capability.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


It has been awhile since I last posted a pic here. Let me try this new dashboard format by posting a pic taken during our school field trip. I just feel like posting it to break the monotony of posting paragraphs and sentences, only.

Whew, I thought I do not know anymore how to upload an image here. Anyway, it is me here posing alone because my classmates are all aboard the bus, except the one taking my pic here. This educational tour was fun all the way for all of us in the group, unmindful of the inconveniences that went along with it. My only regret though, was that my camera's battery got drained even before the first lap of the educational trip was over. The last pic taken from my camera was this pic under. It was taken at the waiting lounge of the City Mayor of Ormoc.


Can a person avoid incurring loans? Yes, why not? This may sound impossible but one can avoid it like avoiding getting burned in a flaming fire. What if one is already in the pit of debts? Then, there is no use fretting over it. The debt problem has to be confronted squarely and any delay in settling it is tantamount to pressing oneself deeper into more financial disasters. Do what is best and here is what is best. Settle the debt, figure out a payment plan.Once you get through this debt, discipline yourself by not spending over the budget. Save any little amount you can. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Save now and reap your reward later.     


It has been awhile since I last updated this site. I have been so busy lately with office, school and domestic tasks that I prefer to hit the bed right away after getting ready for it. Poor sites of mine, they are compromised with my super duper hectic schedules. I have many times decided to be up and about again in ranting here but many intervening factors hinders me. Anyway, I am here now and it is what matters. After a long journey, I will always go back to where my home is, to my sites in the blogosphere.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Last Thursday I was invited by a friend to attend a seminar on a real estate program. I was interested about real estate so I went there after office hours. I was expecting to know about reverse mortgage calculator and many things about how I could be a licensed real estate agent but I was discouraged because seemingly the real estate program was only being used as a front to sell a company's products like coffee, energy booster food supplements and bleaching soaps. I was disillusioned I wanted to exit out the door at the middle of the discussion but I hold it because the friend invited me was there. I was made to believe, and maybe the many others who attended were, too, that it was all about a real estate seminar. If it was a genuine real estate seminar then I could have learned a lot about reverse mortgage calculator and many other real estate stuffs.  


I can never be used to the modern gadgets nowadays, but it is good to have friends that are electronic savvies. Why am I saying this? Because the touch screen I was ranting about that it was not charging anymore is now back in its best condition, again. My electronics engineer friend told me that there are chargers that doesn't charge when the battery is super drained. It was aggravated with the fact that I charged it after five days of the battery being drained. So, he got the battery partially charged in a desktop charger before testing it back to the camera charger. The camera charger worked, again. Yes, I was able to make it work, again. Yesterday, the camera's battery put off again. However, when I tried charging it, I was surprised that the battery charger is working. So, I had the conclusion that after a camera's battery is drained I should right away charge it.Otherwise, if I wait for a number of days to charge it, I will experience the same dilemma again. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


With the start of September, television and radio stations aired Christmas songs in their early morning programs. When I heard it, I said to myself Christmas is just around the corner. Very soon, I would be thinking already of the Christmas gifts to give to children and adults alike. One choice of gifts I had in mind is the candle holder? Well, why not? A candle holder last longer, especially when taken extra cared of, it is useful during candle light dinners and during power break outs and it is relatively cheaper than other gifts. Where to buy quality candle holders? Easy, the link here will lead to it once clicked. 


Disgusted since yesterday. The new touch screen digital camera I have won't charge. I brought it to the electronics store to have it checked and I was told that its battery is not charging. Gosh, it is barely one month old. I could not believe it will out do the battery's life in a span of three weeks. I have charged it once yet since I had it in my possession. I hope I could find the solution to make this work, again. Otherwise, I will be wasting my time fretting for cameras. The previous camera I have got damaged when it was mishandled when borrowed my by sister. This new one made me happy so happy that I have a new camera but then it is registering at this early a bad omen. Hmm, I better take extra care of this new touch screen camera because I don't intend to own another one if it would only last for a short time with me.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Yes, I was able to post successfully the post prior to this using the updated dashboard of blogger. I thought at first that I would find it difficult but I found it extremely easy and user-friendly. It motivated me to surf online and you know what I found? I found a site named that will benefit those who likes to bid for products in order to win. One needs to register an account, buy bid credits, find an auction and place bids. The lucky bidder can have the products he won without payment of shipping fees. What is good with this bidding sorties is it is open to anybody around the globe. Wow, do you not find this tempting? Join the bid and who knows you might win the apple of your eye product.


Wow, I have updated to the new blogger dashboard however, I am apprehensive if I can successfully publish this post. Anyway, though I try to resist change, as is natural to anybody, I have to try this change to keep pace with the new technology. This should be the attitude of everyone. It may sound frustrating to try the changes at first because it is understandably difficult to get over with what has been used to but adaptation one must do in order to keep pace with the new technology. Continued resistance to change is like resisting opportunity to learn. Learning is a continues process, once the learner stops, he is left in the ruins of the past, left behind the dusty road towards change.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


My dear friend passed away in her last visit to her and my home country. She died of lung cancer, at a terminal stage. No one could tell, not even her could say, if it was attributed to asbestos exposure that leads to mesothelioma, a cancer that affects the lining of the lungs or abdomen and in some cases the lining of the heart. Her work though in the United States did not expose her to asbestos but I just do not know if she was in her younger years. I hope she did find this out when she was still alive. Anyway, folks if you know people who are going through this sickness, educate the patient and get help through this site.


Thanks this site did not lose its page rank in the recent updates. It maintained its pr2 rank while my other site dwindled from pr 3 to 2. I only have to blame me for this because of my so hectic schedule. I should do something about this. Losing a page rank is like a losing a precious jewelry. I should pick up the pieces and start sprucing up. Time is not late, yet.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


If you are planning to open a small or big business, just like what I always wanted all these days as I like to be my own boss, it is very important to consider the leap of technology from the traditional to the modern market. Where before you only have to compete with businesses in your neighborhood, now you have to compete against businesses in the whole wide world. With the onset of the internet and other information technology gadgets, you have to think in advance on how to thrive in this cut throat business competition. If you want to know more about what I am saying you can visit the big fish in a small bowl site in the net. You will be given tips and ideas on how to thrive in the new business world. After all, if you want to succeed there are no mountains high and low.


I am still awake late at this night because I am doing my school paperwork. While doing it, I am multi-tasking, catching fishes that rarely gets to me these past few months. I am blessed today because I was able to chance upon the sowing of graces. At least, I can work for it and go back to my school tasks. Not bad to stay up to this late.


If you know about what is in the world news now, I am sure you also know or know a little about the iDevice News. These iDevice news are what interests people who are always updated about the latest gadgets in the information technology market. Internet savvy people like my daughter are amazingly updated about the latest apple products, the Ipads and the recent gadget applications. It pays to read about these news though because somehow you go with the world in its fast paced modern technology development, especially so when you come to acquire these new gadgets. Acquiring new devices is such a great feeling. What, if I get a new Ipad, wow, it would be a merry christmas already to me.


In my busy moments I never fail to check my emails. The good thing of doing it is I am able to get updated of deadlines, news and bills, ouch. Bills hurt my pockets most often. The deadline I almost beat was the domain name registration of this site. Two days before it expired I was able to call my friend, Job to renew it for me. Thanks Job. I never met you personally but you are such a great help to me. I hope your tribe will increase.


Anyone out there who is fond of watching Online TV? Well, if you are a couch potato, like me, you are in for a feast. Yes, your eyes will feast on a wide array of entertainment over tv using the Spreety TV Online guide. If you think it costs you something well you are wrong, it is absolutely free, a free television guide for the Internet. You can navigate using this guide from the highest quality, legal entertainment choices, including popular online TV shows, classic TV shows, music videos, news, online sports, and free movies online. You will find this very helpful in you recreation time. Why don't you try it?


It's like I have been lost in the blogosphere for long. Why, I am pursuing my studies and this time it is doctorate of management. I wish to last in this new endeavor I am in. It always seem like I am racing with time. I always need to balance my time between an employee, a mother and a student. Well, things are doing just fine for me. My blog is sacrificed in the meantime, especially my friends who frequently comes but who does not receive reciprocity. Guys, I all thank you. One day, I will come knocking on your door. Please come, again.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Ever heard of a bike insurance company in your place? If you look near you, you might find one. However, there is one that can be found in the net, as well. However, if you try to get a bike insurance in the net be sure that you are doing business with a legitimate one. There are many unscrupulous and fly-by-night sites that you must detect at once and try to avoid. Remember, a bike insurance is your protection and security in the future, so you better be so keen than be sorry in the end.


My internet connection at home and the dial tone in my landline phone was at last restored. I was at home when the network crew came to check upon my complains. The cause of my loss of access to the internet was due to the wear and tear of the cable wire. I am glad that it was immediately fixed by the network company.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Have you ever experienced experienced talking to a person and finding him bad breath? What is your reaction? Well, for me my initial reaction is I hold my breath so as not to smell his bad breath anymore and I slowly move away avoiding him to notice that I smelled something bad of his breath. I sometimes want to react obviously irritated of his bad breath but I hold my manners in order not to embarrass him. What are the causes of bad breath? There are many factors that cause it but I am sure there is a cure to it. However, the person must know first or must be made aware that he has it. His close relatives or close friends may tell him before everybody else starts avoiding talking to him. If you have a friend with a bad breath, know the causes of it and possibly advise him on ways to cure it.


It has been a long time since I had my real physical exercises. This Friday in my workstation there is the scheduled Fridays physical exercises. I will sure actively participate in it to lose some excess weight. I am now finding it hard to lose weight because of so many invitations and parties I attend to. I try to eat less but it seems there is no stopping already of my gaining weight. I met a long time friend yesterday whom I did not meet for a long time and he teased me about my tummy. Of all body parts he really noticed my tummy, ouch. This is a beckon for me to work out on this bulging tummy. I will give this another month, if efforts prove futile some other options maybe resorted to.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Every morning my helper always listens to the radion. Her favorite station always plays all but music from pop to jazz, from rap to country songs and many other kinds of songs. Every dj has its own forte of song selections. I wonder if these dj's use a numark dj equipment in their radio station. I am not a privy about dj equipments but I guess dj's must try this kind of dj equipment. There is nothing to lose, anyway.


The dialogue roadshow I attended went productive today with the representative of our cabinet secretary attending in his behalf. Several local chief executives attended from different towns, provinces and cities. In attendance too were several representatives from the civil society organizations, national government agencies and uniformed personnel. Several media practitioners covered the said regional event. The activity was all about full disclosure policy requiring all local government units to post their budgets and finances, bids and public offerings in government websites, newspapers of general circulation and in conspicuous places within their localities. In the afternoon, the activity was confined to organic personnel of our Department. Pressing issues affecting the field officers in their official functions were raised to the Undersecretary. Hopefully the issues raised will pave the way for appropriate amendments and clarity of office policies.


One of my sites got a lower page rank just recently. It dwindled from page rank 3 to page rank 2. I have expected this to happen because my site was not on the top of the Search Engine Optimisation level. To have a high page rank is very important for a blogger like me or for any business web owner for that matter because it means most visitors coming to one's site and more profit to business owners. There are many ways to be on top of the search engine. Clicking on this link will explain how to do it.


A consultation dialogue roadshow will be held today with local chief executives in my province with my office Cabinet Secretary. I will be there, too as well as other field officers like me. This has been postponed twice before and if the Cabinet Secretary gets a no-show today it would be a big embarrassment on the part of my office. The local chief executives have allotted time to audience before him. He would have better not be shown forever if he doesn't appear today. For me it is not anymore sound time management if he keeps on cancelling his scheduled appearances.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


The world has evolved into a modern one with the upsurge of modern technologies and with it comes the world of social media. The social media needs to be contained and need to follow legal procedures that laws were enacted to regulate the use of social media. If your rights have been violated with the use of social media or vice versa why don't you see a social media law firm? The legal attorneys in this site are experts and trusted on this field. You can be assured of quality service once you hire their services.


Have you watched the movie transformers? Yes, I did watched it with my daughter and my niece at the mall. We watched it during the last full show and it was full house, jam packed with people. The movie was good but its not my turf I guess because I slept while at the movie house. The movie is not apt with my age, lol. But, my daughter and my niece loved it.


New technological devices are out from time to time. If you need to be updated search it at the iDevice Rumors site. Many of u, especially the getting older ones, are outdated when it comes to information devices. It does not take much of our time to know the new trends in the technological world. A few moments to pause and read is all it takes and who knows you might like new gadgets that you find relatively cheaper. so, why don't you try it?


The homeowners association officers in my subdivision seems inactive this time. I have not heard any activity engaged for the homeowners. Many complains have been heard from the homeowners whenever I meet them along the way to the waiting area outside our gate.One complain was the garbages from each household that remain to be uncollected for two weeks now. The city government general services sucks. I hope the homeowner officers will coordinate with the city government about this. A meeting is due already so we can plan out to remedy the inactive homeowners association and so each member can participate in advancing the welfare of the association.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Know about the latest devices in iDevice Rumors and you will know what to expect in the near future about the information technology market. I have wanted so much to have an iphone but because of practical reasons I delay or I set aside desire to own an iphone or an ipod. I don't know if the prices plunge low if I will bait the hook. For now, I will contend with my touch screen cell fone.


Younger son is into soccer football. He is so enthusiastic to make good on it as he he gets out on Saturdays and Sundays to practice. I was not told yet when they will compete with other schools. Since he joined, two running shoes wore off already. I guess I shall have to buy him football shoes to show support over his favorite hobby for now.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


If you have an iphone or ipod and you are in for excitement and fun with your applications, isn't it exciting too if you know how to jailbreak unlock your iphone or ipod? Well, you can do it by yourself but of course, you may need help art the start. It is not so difficult as you think it is. It may only require a few minutes of your time but if you get hooked to your new applications, then you need to be disciplined with proper time management. If you want to know more about what I am saying, simply click on the link here.


My friend was right to always bond with children while they are young because there will come a time when they grow up that they will go their own ways. It is what my children are now. They are big enough that they have their own circle of friends. Later, they will have their own life and their own families. I always pray that they will grow up to be the good persons that they are.


One of my desires is to have an ipad or an iphone. However, since my cellphone is only one year old, for practical reasons, I had to wait for two years before I can have one. If luck may come in the way and I am given an unlock iphone why not? I won't waste any moment of hesitation to accept it. But, who would want to give me an iphone at this time? Hmm, I have no idea. It would be a like a manna from heaven if I would be given one.


It seems that the rainy days are here to stay. Hmm, I worry for the leakings in my old kitchen, again. My cupboard will be damaged if I don't fix the leakings. I had the money already for it but I other expenditures came in the way like the continuous medication of my mother and my continuous doctoral education. I hope I will be able to find a way to fix the affected roofings, soon. I am positive that I can fix it this month.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It is such a headache when one is faced with legal battles. However, if legal proceedings are the only recourse to fight a cause, why not? There are many legal attorneys like that in the site at that can be sources of legal advices. I know how it is to be oppressed and feel like a second class citizen when my rights are violated. I understand then when clients come to me whose plight are that of being oppressed that I advice them to seek legal help to avenge their cause. If you have a legal battle and you think you can not solve it by yourself, seek medical help. Leave your anxieties to the legal attorneys.


Two low pressure areas were noted by the weather station in my place. This explains the gloomy weather in my place this afternoon. In the morning it was drizzling when I left so I decided to cancel the medical consultation of my mother. I hope tomorrow that the weather will be fine as I have rescheduled the medical check up of mother for tomorrow. And I hope the low pressure areas will not progress into a storm.

Friday, July 1, 2011


I know how to drive a motorcycle but I don't dare drive it. I am scared of motorcycle accidents and mishaps even if there is an available accident attorney like that of an Orlando motorcycle accident attorney who will represent my cause in case of any eventualities. I wonder though, that despite the number of road mishaps involving motorcycles there are still many who buy and drive motorcycles in going anywhere. Motorcycle accidents are many because it is very prone to accidents, with the the two-wheel balanced motorized vehicle. Well, for whatever the reasons are for many who still want to drive motorcycles, and that includes my daughter, if ever accidents are met along the road it is best to immediately see a motorcycle accident attorney. They know the intricacies of legal battles involving motorcycles.


It is Friday once, again. Later after going to office I will go with my niece, who is here on a short vacation, to the mall so we can watch movies. She invited me and my daughter for a movie treat in the mall. I welcome the idea but I am not sure if I can still catch up with them to the movie room because it will depend on how much time I will be spending at my mother office. If I can not catch up with them I will meet them at the cafe house. I like to just sit at the cafe house and talk. It is very refreshing and very comfortable place in the mall cafe house.


Lots and lots of people are going into the medical technology in enhancing body parts and modifying body parts in order to look good and build back the lost confidence. Why not? Money is nothing if you lack the confidence. I admire people who get Miami rhinoplasty and other sorts of medical surgeries because it only means that they are making ways on how improve their personality problems and life dilemmas. I have friends who got medical surgeries and I like what I see in them. If I am not only saving for something I will also follow suit in getting medical surgery. Beauty needs to be enhanced because ageing diminishes the outer beauty of a person. With cosmetic surgery, the signs of aging is slowed down.


I have two wordpress sites that I do not know how to put the cbox now. I lack the time to learn how to do it at this point but if there is somebody out here who can teach me how to do it please notify me and it will be so much appreciated. I want to be active again in the blogosphere especially now that I am not so busy anymore in the office. Visiting from site to site is easier in the shout box so I prefer to really have a shout box.


Yesterday, I brought my sisters and brother in law to the iconic San Juanico Bridge. It is a very long bridge that connects the islands of Samar and Leyte with a S and L shape. We did not have to go into car leasing as I drive them over in going there. In going home, I had to drive at a very slow speed of 40kph since I was scared to hit children playing along the sides of the road, especially at the place where I treat them for a snack in a beautiful farm restaurant. We saved time and money in going to our destinations. However, for people who do not have their own car, it is best to lease a car in order to save time and be convenient in going to and fro planned destinations.


The national government is bent on implementing the anti-smoking law. I welcome this idea so people who smoke will be disciplined on the proper place to go when they feel like smoking. I have nothing against people who smoke as it is their own life, anyway, but I like them to smoke at the designated smoking area.
Guide to Healthcare Schools is a resource of knowledge, revealing the high price we all pay when people smoke. I encounter hard headed people who smoke in public conveyances and in parks and in most occasions I can not help but get their attention to smoke at the designated area. In conveyances, I am glad though that they take heed otherwise their destination will be to the police station.


Whew, I will be a student again. I enrolled in the doctorate program and this time around I vow to finish it in two years. I hope my target will be hit on time. My classes are every Saturdays and Sundays. This is my coping mechanism to the boredom I feel after weekends of watching movies at home and going to malls. Schooling will benefit me career wise and personality wise. I have plans in the future that this schooling will prepare me for it.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Manny Pacquaio sued Mayweather for falsely accusing him of taking steroids before his boxing fights. The case has yet to be decided by the Courts of the United States. I am positive that Manny Pacquaio does not use steroids but I wonder if he does take sports supplements to make him strong. If he does well I guess Mayweather takes them, too as well as many other boxers. Well, the truth will come out, soon.


Have you ever swim with a real dolphins? Not for me, but my neighbor brags that she did. Wow, good for her. They went to a nature's resort and the attraction were the dolphins. One day I will let my children experience this adventure. I hope I can schedule this in our November trip. I am saving money for this trip, already.


If you are planning to have a fuel efficient car, there are many in the market right now and one of them is the MINI Cooper. It is guaranteed to be fuel efficient car and is good for city driving. In this times where the fuel prices are soaring high, one of the ways to save money is to cut costs on fuel. Give this a thought.


My enrollment in the doctoral program is not started yet as my transcript of records was not available, yet. The clearances procedure took three days until I gave it at the Registrar's Office to process my transcript of records. If the graduate school department won't admit me anymore this coming week, I am deciding to study in Cebu City for the Certificate of Special Education. Whichever course I take, this will be very helpful to me in the future.


The month of December is a month where childrens toys are selling like hotcakes. However, these toys can be bought as early as now. It is my strategy now and I just store the toys in a box. By the time December comes I will have lots of them to give away to my nieces, nephews and godchildren. If you like my strategy then go on, no one stops you. You can buy the toys every time there is sale in stores.


My left eye is sore whenever I try to focus on a thing. Could it be that the ruptured vein is not healed, yet? I have been resting my eyes since I came back from Makati City but it seems that it is not enough. Later, I shall have to be closing my eyes, again. I need to have my eyes checked again by an EENT.


Labels and stickers in cars are cheaper and more striking to look at. My friend who owns a printing shop specializes in sticker printing and I admire the various prints they can make out of their research in the web. They have many orders of stickers from car and store owners. Customized sticker prints can also be ordered. If I only have the knack in sticker printing I will make this as my extra income because I love this hobby and to see my sticker prints in cars and stores is a pride.


I love today, it is a non-working holiday. My rest is extended until, today. I need the body rest after a tiring travel to Makati city and after a fever for three days. I feel much better, now except for the stomach acidity I am feeling. I am now on antacid suspension. Later, I hope it rains as I want to be sleeping on a rainy day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This coming Monday I will have my chandelier installed completely. I do not have anymore to buy Electrical Supplies since I already bought all I needed for its installation. I am excited to see the chandelier finally lighted at night in my living room. After it is installed I will have the lampshade in the dining area installed, too. I do not know if I would be needing electrical supplies for this. If needed, it would just be so easy to buy right away.


It is fiesta day in my place. Traditionally, many would prepare food and many visitors would come to share the blessings. But, now it has changed. Many in my neighborhood do not celebrate the tradition, same with me. I do not have the budget for the food to be shared among many. I would rather spend money for my mother's medicines and for other needs. This is a tradition that many nowadays for practical reasons, abandon.


Have you ever ride in any of the Napton Narrowboats? I figure it is fun to ride in one. Seeing the narrow boats across the hotel in Makati City where me and my group are billeted makes me want to try riding in it. I have not tried riding a boat crossing a river. People take it as their transportation to another place. I will ask tomorrow where the boat leads to. Who knows we might ride on it to reach our destination. For fun, we could also try to ride on it. Hmm, let me see, tomorrow.


My desktop is off for the weekdays. That is the rule in the house unless my sons have a research to make. On weekdays they can use the computer but only up to Sunday noon. I also make a close watch on my kids sleeping habit in order that they won't rise up late in the morning. They can watch tv but only until 9pm. When I will be away, my daughter takes my place in supervising them. I hope my sons grow up to be matured persons, soon especially my elder son who has been giving me headaches for the last two years already.


A friend was asking if I still had some House Moving Boxes. Why? I threw my house moving boxes away for lack of space in the house. I had two house moving boxes two months ago because I received a package of assorted items from a relative. Had I known my friend would need them now, I should have preserved them. My relative told me I should have not thrown them away. It cost him money to buy those boxes, but too late now. Next time, I will preserve the boxes.


It has been awhile since I have been updating this site. This is my hobby that I truly miss. I also miss my friend's updates. I hope to visit them once I have much time. For now, I could only post and update since I lack the material time to visit. I will be off now for my school and tomorrow I won't be able to post again because I will leave for the city of Makati, again. I will not be bringing my lappy with me. If I only have a netbook, it will be much easier to carry around. Practicality-wise I don't buy one. I am planning of selling lappy so I could buy a lappy. Hmm, I will give it much thought, again.


I would like to try mountain climbing however, I do not know if I would still feel good even with montane clothing. I feel dizzy on a high elevation. I have not searched for an explanation of this but once when I had mountain climbing with other trainees in my job, I felt dizzy, dehydrated and I almost fainted. I admire the other trainees who walked and finished the hike up to the top. Me, I reached the top through the emergency car as I had to be on it after I felt fainting. I could have been so proud with a montane clothing to reach the top of the mountain we were supposed to hike. Well, anyway next time maybe different.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I have arranged a family trip for my family in November. It was an opportunity I grabbed since one of the airlines here had a zero fare promotion. I booked for seven persons for us here and it only costs me a little over 4thousand pesos. Wow, it was so cheap indeed. For now, I am trying to scout for cheaper hotel deals so I can save money for our November trip. I plan to give my kids pocket money so they will have freedom on what they want to buy while in Manila. I have many things in mind on where to go but final plan will be done after I have find which hotel to be billeted in.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Another invitation for me to attend another christening party tomorrow arrived. It is my officemate's daughter baptism and I am one of the invited guests. Unfortunately, I will not go as I will make tomorrow a rest day. I planned to rise late from bed, tomorrow. I will just give my gift on Monday to my office mate.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am invited to a christening party this coming Saturday by my close friend in my work place. I have no plans to go since it is a Sunday. If I push through with my plan not to come I will just buy rose wine or any thing I could give as a gift. A rose wine can be served during the party to complement with whatever drinks my friend has prepared. It can be served to women visitors and to men as well.


Glad that the local chief executive in my workplace took heed of my suggestion to declare every 3-5 in the afternoon of Wednesdays and Fridays as physical fitness hours. I suggested this because of my desire to be fit and healthy. I lack the time to exercise during weekends because I have to go to work early. My other colleagues were happy to know about this and so starting tomorrow, I will bring my physical fitness outfit to office to be ready in the afternoon. I already have in mind warm-up exercises before anything games to play with, just in case nobody will lead.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I usually see in movies where the scene is held in Europe where many people love to go on boat holidays. Why not? If you get to a foreign place make the most out of it. Go to interesting places and never forget the the Canal Boat Holidays Yorkshire offers. If I retire from job I want to experience this boat holiday. I am amazed at how it helps the tourism industry in the European countries. So, when going Europe this place is really a must-be place to visit.


The weather today was gloomy. Storm signal was hoisted in the nearby island. Normally, storm signals in that island do not affect us but this time because of the wide circumference of the storm my place is somewhat the one to be hit by the storm. It rained heavily this afternoon but I am glad that it eventually stopped. I hope the storm will not make a landfall.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Are you fond of keeping memories alive? Well, it is possible if you are fond of keeping printed copies of photos of you, your family members and or your friends. They can be kept in photo albums, photo cards and in the plug and play interface between a computer and add-on devices such as audio players, joysticks, keyboards, telephones, scanners and or video players. Any time of the day you can refresh your memories by accessing these items. If they are kept in a safe place, these memories can be preserved through many generations.


Soon there will be school opening, again. I should be conducting the capability building activity for the youth leaders in my work place. I am set to do it on the last days of this month way before the classes start. The planning for this activity has been made since last April but I deferred the activity for official reasons. I hope this time I can finally hold the activity after surpassing any glitches.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


When shipping or packaging things for travel to a distant place it is advised that one has customized identification of one's belongings for easy and fast retrieval. Why do I say this? There are many ports now that do not ensure the matching of assigned badge numbers or claim stubs of belongings before departing. It would be much of a hassle if your belongings are inadvertently taken by another. To avoid this hassle, using a Printed Tape, for instance in boxes or traveling bags maybe used. Printed tapes can be customized at your own liking. For easy retrieval and fast identification, and for other convenient purposes for your belongings, why don't you try using customized printed tapes?


I am now using my laptop. So glad that I was able to use it back after its LCD crashed. It was replaced with a new LCD and new LCD cable. I never thought that I could use my lappy, again. In fact, I was with a mind set to buy a new netbook, already as I deemed economically advantageous to buy a new one rather than have this repaired at a high cost. Good that I was billed at a reasonable cost, otherwise I would have just abandoned the idea of having this repaired.


Many homecoming and grand alumni reunions are held in the month of May. I figure that one of the reasons for this is the opportune time while it is yet school break. Most homecoming alumni are already with children and so the probability of high attendance is possible in this month where there are no classes, yet. I do not wonder anymore why I see banners and streamers announcing the reunion or homecoming alumni activities in this month, then. In fact, on my way yesterday to a speaking engagement in another town, I saw many banners along the way in many places I passed through. These reunions add to the festive mood, also in this month of May.

Friday, May 20, 2011


My prayers to my colleague who had a mild stroke last Monday in time for our conference. He was not able to attend our conference because he was rushed to the hospital. His slated training this Saturday, since preparations had been laid down already except for his trainers, will push through. According to the powers-that-be, I shall go as a trainer to lecture on group dynamics and human relations and leadership. I will obey as a good soldier and in support of my colleague. My prayer is he will get better, soon.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Death is inevitable. All people are destined to get there, earlier or sooner. But even with this thought, some people find talking about death morbid. As for me death is something that everyone should prepare. I bought a life insurance for me and my mother. It is not so costly. Contrary to what many people think that a life insurance is costly, the site at will prove that a life insurance can be something that is affordable. My life insurance is very affordable and I will just upgrade it if I want to.


My other site is now on its way to being renewed with its domain and on being transfered to a new social networking platform. I like it to transfer the site to a new platform because of the sad experience I have with the platform it is with, now. In a few days I can have that site up and running. I am determined to be active in blogging, again soon. Even if I have no laptop I can work on my desktop. My desktop will be for my exclusive use as my kids will be going back to school in June.


Going away for a vacation? If you are going London arrange ahead for the accomodation you will have while in there. Aside from the accomodation, see to it that you are decided on what place to visit so you can plan your schedule of leisure travel. It would be advisable if you have your own transportation and one way to do it is to get a motorhome hire london offers. This way you will not be experiencing a rat race with time because you can move at your own pace. It will cost you less hassle than having no transportation of your disposal. Think of this, it is good for you.


Tomorrow I am off again for a speaking engagement. This time I will be speaking before the elected youth leaders. This will be until Saturday. I will just be going home daily since a bus is available, anyway from the training venue to my homeplace. I will only get home late but I would prefer to be home than be inconvenient in the training venue. Later, I will do my powerpoint presentation for my lectures.


I was at a computer repair center this afternoon to make a follow up on my lappy I had sent to my brother to admit for repair at my friend's computer repair shop. I am amazed at the computer hardware technician who handled my lappy problem. I have wanted long before to learn how to troubleshoot the computer using a fluke tester or any electronic tester and other electronic repair gadgets. This way I would not spend a lot on computer repairs. Reading the tutorials on how to troubleshoot computer problems is way differetn than learning to troubleshoot hands-on. If I already know how to troubleshoot, I can earn out of this, too.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My elder son turned 16, today. He is a big man, now. I prepared cake, pasta and friec chicken to share with the family. It was a simple celebration to remember his birthday. He was refusing the treat because he wanted to ask for cash. I gave him cash, too. I only wish that with another added year, he will have more wisdom and he will be matured enough to act like a man that he is now.


As a kid I never had the chance to play with a remote controlled car. It was my desire then to have one, especially when I see children playing remote contolled cars in the neighborhood. When I had my kids, I saw to it that I could buy them this thing because I saw that their eyes glowed with its sight. For parents whou would want to give happiness to their kids through toys, they can Buy cheap RC Cars at a site clickable here. I am giving a thought for the remote controlled cars sold here because I am enchanted at one item. Hmm, the kid in me is showing off.


I have all reason to fret now. It is because my life's companion for two years-my laptop crashed last Sunday. When before it would flicker, last Sunday it failed to display anything but blank screen. The problem? Its LCD is damaged, this is the diagnosis of the computer repair technician. Worst is the LCD costs a fortune, it is almost the cost of one netbook. I will call thecomputer repair technician if indeed the final problem is the LCD. Gosh, if this happens I will be staying downstairs again to use my desktop. I hope my lappy's function could still bes restored without so much expense.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Anybody out there looking for a pet sitter? Well, that is if you have a pet. If you have pets and you are too busy to attend to them, maybe the first thing that will come into your mind is to bring your pets to a friend to stay on while you are away. Well, fret not anymore because you can find a pet sitter at affordable price. Click the link here in order to know more.


It was a depressing news to hear when I came to know that my digital camera got submerged in the water when it fell off while being used. I was supposed to use it last Good Friday but I deferred looking for it. I came to know that he digicam fell off from my sister. I wish I had a new digicam to replace the one that got wet. I wish, too that if the digicam can still be restored to its original utility then this would not be much of a problem to me.


Sometimes taking prescription medicines could be harmful to the human health especially when its side effects are not fully disclosed or maybe there was no thorough tests on the medicines that its side effects were just imminent later after its continued use. Human health is a serious thing to consider that human error is not acceptable. However, if there are adverse effects of prescription medicines it is best to consult a physician or better yet if you suspect that the side effect is due to the prescription medicine zoloft, consult a lawyer in order to help you lodge a zoloft lawsuit. If you wonder why you or your family member's behaviors were rather strange while taking this prescription medicines then you might have a reason to go after those responsible for this medical malpractice. See a lawyer, if you think you have a case.


Whew, what a very tiring day it was, today. I have been to two barangays in the afternoon for the assessment and evaluation of specific projects and programs being implemented by my office. It was good that I was able to eat a sumptuous lunch at a fiesta. It was the second fiesta I attended to for this year. The first was yesterday and it was followed, today. I fancy on tallying the fiesta invitations I will go to this year if I can not help avoid attending. I will tally and compare with the next years to come my attendance to fiestas. It is of no advantage to be tallying, though, just for fancy thoughts.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


A friend was here to suggest that we do the monthly putting up of money in order to have a Cookware set. It is a good suggestion because I want to own a complete set of cookware set. Ten members have to agree to the putting up of money in exchange of the complete set of cookwares. I will invite another friend of mine to complete the required number.


Sunny season is here again but there are rains in the night. I like it when it rains because it cools the environment. I only wish that it is always the case during summer. But, I know it will not be like that all the time. I only hope that the temperature this summer will not be like in the past year where it was so extremely hot. I had rushes in the past year due to the extreme hot condition. I hope it will not be like this year.


As fiestas are here, again wines will be selling like hotcakes, again. I wonder if the rose wine will be as saleable as the other wines. Rose wine? Hmm, I like the name, it is intriguing. From the name itself, it sounds like the wine is sweet and with a sweet aroma. I will try to look for this wine one time when I go to the wine store. I usually stack a bottle of wine in my cupboard. It is just there for easy reach. The one I have there has been sitting there for almost a year, now. But, I want to taste the rose wine and this one I am sure won't last for months in the cupboard.


Thanks that Mother is partially recovering. After a mild stroke where her speech and hand movement was affected she is getting better. My better means that she is not weak anymore and her blood pressure stabilized. Her speech defect may take longer to be back to her original but her hand numbness is not anymore that bad. She can now move her hand, somehow. I know she can fully recover, soon if she will be careful with her diet. I am watching over her diet, now, as she is at home.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Tomorrow afternoon, I will be going to my workstation to attend the kick-off ceremonies of the nightly activities for town fiesta on May 8. The ceremonies will be started with a parade and it will be participated in by people from the government and private sectors who are holding office within the municipality. T-shirts in different colors identify one office from another. I wish I was informed days before the parade that I need to have t-shirts to identify my office. I saw a site in the net where you can create your own t-shirt. I wish I had read about this before. Had I known, I should have ordered prior to this activity.


Yehey, holidays again! This week had only three working days for me because Thursday and Fridays were holidays. I love it this way, like most other government employees do. It has been a restful and enjoying days for me and my kids. In the morning of Thursday we drive over to the historic Mcarthur Park Beach Resort for a thirty minutes walk around the plaza. After the walk, we went to our favorite hang out near the park to eat our favorite fruit, coconut. I and my kids see to it that we drink the coconut water because it is proven as a diuretic, in fact many people who suffer from kidney malfunction drink coconut water, too. On Friday, we went to the Calvary Hill for the Stations of the Cross. In the afternoon, we went to a town 45 minutes drive from my place, to swim in the pool. I did not dip because of personal reasons but my kids, did. We enjoyed our getaway vacation.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The municipal building in my workplace is under construction. I am amazed at the fast pace of construction every day. The fast pacing maybe attributed to the close supervision of the local chief executive because the new building being constructed is right under his nose, beside his current office. In my office I was planning to have a Carpet replacement but it seems that I will not push through with it because soon we will be transferring into our new room when the new building is finished. Replacing the carpet will only be a waste of money. I have to contend with the old looks of it now until such time when we are finally relocated.


Oops, it has been sometime ago since I last posted in this site, but I am here now to stay. My schedule is a bit lighter now so I can blog now whenever I want to. I am still at home now and I will prepare later to go to the office. I am glad that I am finally reconnected in the blogosphere, again. I had just finished reading the paper for international news. Later, I will read the local news.

Friday, April 1, 2011


I do not understand my friend why she did not sue the medical people who conducted the caesarian operation on her when negligence on their part was obviously committed. Many gauze pads were left on the part where she was operated on and she discovered it when an ultrasound was conducted to her after complaining of bad odor and greenish excretions from her private part. In cases like this, Medical Negligence Lawyers can fight for her cause.

My friend was timid or maybe coward enough to fight for her cause. Her health was endangered when she had high fever due to the infection brought about by these gauze pads. I advised her to see a medical negligence lawyer but I guess she needs a lawyer who will explain to her that it is her right to be compensated for the anguish and the danger posed by the medical people's negligence. More than the compensation, she will be helped by medical negligence lawyers to stop this negligent medical practice to other patients by these medical people and that they will learn to be so extra careful in handling their patients in the future.


Today is the first day of April. This month is a light month for me because I won't spend for the monthly matriculation of my sons. It is their school break, already. However, we will plan for a travel in the holidays to come. Maybe, I will bring them to Ormoc City so they will enjoy the pool and the sea and the beautiful place in Ormoc.

Monday, March 28, 2011


This coming Easter will never be the same again for my children. Why? Because they have outgrown the easter egg hunt designed for the children in our subdivision by the homeowners association officers of my place. However, unlike before, this time they will not be the ones to be searching for the eggs but they will be the ones to lead the contest for the easter egg hunt for younger children. I do not know if they can design personalized easter baskets to put the eggs on. Well, if not maybe the homeowners officers can look in the net to look for personalized easter baskets. If they can find one, they can keep the baskets for next year's easter season, again. I wish to be around, too during this contest so I can provide support to them. This is a leadership experience I want them to excel with to prove their worth as leaders.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


It is almost midnight here but I am awake. I just woke up from a deep slumber and I need to be awake because I have to be packing my things now for a four-day stay in Ormoc City. Yes, I will be away from home, again for another speaking engagement. I will be staying in a hotel I and my children like in Ormoc. The hotel has a heated pool. I am not sure if I will swim, it will depend on my office mates if they will also dip in the pool. To be prepared though, I will pack a couple of swim suits just in case my office mates will like to swim in the pool.


It was a dream of mine to study nursing. This is the reason why I took up nursing right after high school. However, it was not my fate to be a nurse because I ended up graduating in another course. I was not able to wear any of the medical uniforms then. I thought it was my daughter who would continue my dream of becoming a nurse but she never wanted to take up nursing course, right away. When she was on her second year in college she wanted to shift to a nursing course. Maybe, she was influenced by a neighbor nursing student who was at that time wearing discount medical scrubs to school. I advised her not to shift course but to rather finish her first course then shift to nursing course later. When she graduated in college, she never mentioned about taking one more course.

Well, wearing a nursing scrub uniform is easy. One has just to buy it in AND discount nursing scrubs store. But, of course one has to be a nurse or a doctor or have a medical profession in order to be wearing scrubs. How about you? Do you have a nursing student who is looking for nursing scrub uniforms? The store is right here, just click on the link.


Got home from Cebu last Friday after four days of stay in Cebu. I and an office mate took a fast craft in going home, while my two other office mates took an airplane in going home. Our trip on the fast craft was smooth sailing as the weather was fine. Our sleep throughout our travel was uninterrupted. We barely noticed that we reach Ormoc after two hours of sea travel to Ormoc City. We ate our breakfast at Ormoc before taking a van in going home to our city. We were expecting that the van will take two hours only to reach our city but it took us two and a half hours travel. It was not much of a hassle for us though because we were sleeping on the duration of our travel back home. It is good to be back home, again.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


This cold season it is best to go out wearing jacket and long pants to keep the body warm. If not wearing pants, it is also good to wear skirt coupled with compression stockings edema stopper. Aside from keeping the feet warm, compression stockings compress the leg vessels, promoting circulation and decreasing pooling of fluid due to gravity. I remember my cousin then when she still lived in Japan, where she buys many stockings from here to shield her family from the cold weathers. She buys by the dozen: maybe she finds cheaper deals through it. She should know that there is now a site where she can find new deals and different kinds of stockings. They are stockings that can be matched with dresses on formal and casual occasions. I have never tried these stockings with different colors but I am excited to try on these ones after I have seen them on the net. But, I have to wait till the cold season comes around.


At last I made it to go home after a day of being stranded in Ormoc City. I was supposed to go home last Thursday night from Ormoc City but there were no public transport available due to the fact that the roads were rendered impassable due to the flooding in some parts of the road leading to my city. Me and one of my office mate stayed overnight in Ormoc but the following day, the news broke out that vans and buses can already pass through so we headed for home. Since I had a meeting at my workplace, I went directly to my office with my luggages with me.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


How I miss New York. It was autumn when I got there two years ago and I remember the just right temperature for me of the place. I was billeted in the hotel with my two friends from the Philippines. The room we were in had an Autumn AC that we set to a temperature that was comfortable to us. We had a good time in New York that after attending our official business, we waste no time to roam around the beautiful city. I made friends in New York that offered us free accommodation for the rest of our stay. It was too bad that the enjoyment in New York was limited due to the fact that I already had a ticket to San Francisco. I plan to go New York again in the next few months but it will be possible by the end of this year or next year during autumn season.


My throat is strained, now. I have been talking in a big crowd for days now and I can feel my throat is strained. I am lucky that the two groups were merged in one classroom that I was free of my talking engagement. But, later in the afternoon I will be talking straight from 1:00pm to 5:00 pm. I wish my throat can relax for the moment. In my spare time, I am blogging now as I have neglected this site for a long time. How are you guys, I hope to see you around, soon. Thanks for always visiting my sites. I will try to get back to you whenever I can.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The training venue where I am now has a big improvement in its physical structure. It has finally embraced the modern technology of providing wifi internet connection so that its clients can have free access to the internet. However, the signal in my room is very weak. I can only chat. I do not like it though that they disconnect the connection at midnight. I have noticed, too that this training venue is advertised in the web now. Maybe in its effort to be competitive, it wants people who get online to look for training venues to browse their venues,. It is effective because I see more clients now than before.


I am at Cebu right now and I will stay here until the 11th of March. I already have a plane ticket on my way home. I will be going back on March 13 so I can reach here by March 14. I hope to finish my speaking engagements here by March 15 because I have another speaking engagement in Ormoc City from March 14-17 but I can ask to be there on March 15. I thought that I would be staying here in Cebu until March 18 but my speaking schedules are always on the first days of the three batches of this 3-day training of local leaders of my office mates. I will be away in my workplace for a long time. When this is all over, at least I can concentrate again with my tasks in my workplace.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Are you into a real property business? If you are, then I guess you know the headaches when you are into home rental especially when you come across a client who is stubborn and who do not consider the house they are renting their own. Sometimes there are renters who do some destruction to the house knowingly or unknowingly. There are some who are arrogant and who complains for even petty things. There are others who bring hazards to you property as they care less for anyway it is not their own. To lessen your burden and lessen your stress, why don't you get a home renters insurance? This is a lot of relief on your part if you are the property owner from troublesome clients and also protection of the real property you have should anything happen to your real property. So, why don't you get a home renters insurance, now and be worry-free?


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...