Friday, January 28, 2011


Have you ever experienced going home one day to find that the computer and or any of your other major home appliances was not functioning? Well, if it happens at a time when you have no money to immediately replace or make necessary repairs for the damaged equipment, it could really be a major reason for you to scratch your head. You would have no reason to scratch your head if you happen to have a Total Protect Home Warranty for the repair and replacement of your major home appliances. If this is something new to you, well, it is for me, too. I need to read more on what is this all about because this sounds interesting. So, off I go to read in the net thoroughly about this.


Gosh, the price of oil is increasing almost every month. The price of basic commodities and other petroleum products are corrolarily increasing, too. It is not anymore good to be traveling in long distance because the price of gasoline is increasing. However, since it is very convenient to be traveling by car than in a public transport, there is no choice left but to buy gasoline no matter its price. I hope that the government will once and for all intervene to regulate the oil price.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Running a business means a lot of preparations for the company. Aside from the many preparations such as hiring employees, meeting with suppliers, and many others, the company must have to have a business logo. The business logo must be one that is catchy to the eyes and must be reflective of the business services and products. There are a lot of logos designs to choose from in the net. One does not have to look from somewhere else. If interested, a click on the link here will lead to a site of a variety of logos to choose from or to be customized.


The internet connection is very poor, today. I have called my network provider about the matter, they refreshed something at their end and voila, it worked fine again. It is a lot of hassle when their is no internet connection. I am used to staying in the net almost all the time of my life, nowadays. It is a very boring life without the internet. Now that I have a connection again, I am on to be surfing the net over and over again.


The country has this law on electronic procurement. It mandates that all government offices shall post the materials they would like to buy for bidding. An entity or an individual who wishes to bid for the materials being posted for bidding may post hid bid if he is interested. The office upon receipt of the bidding may check on the background of the bidding entity or individual by searching it on the net. If you are a company who wishes to sell or market your product or services worldwide, then you are heading for more profit. However, you need your company or your profile to be marketed on the net and one way to do this is to be in a search marketing company. It has been proven that if you are on top of the search engine, more visitors visit your online company, more customers come along your way and more profit comes in your account.


I really must have arthritis, Every morning when I wake up I feel some slight pain in my extremities and the pains are gone once I keep moving. Gosh, this might be the effect of always eating chicken and pork meat. I admit my diet lately have been more of meat and less of vegetables and fruits. To avoid the symptoms, I resolved now to always eat fish and veggies. I will start with my food for lunch, which I bring from home, and it is made of rice and fish. I will buy vegetables later in my workplace. I must also buy fruits, always. I will do this to help myself and to impose self-discipline.

Monday, January 24, 2011


I have back pains, unbearable back pains. It started to be unbearable in the morning. After the flag raising ceremonies, I had to let my staff buy a medicine but I did not take the medicine until after I have eaten my lunch. The pain is felt whenever I stand up and walk. When I took medicine, the pain went less severe in the afternoon. Now that it is night, I took another medicine hoping that by tomorrow morning when I wake up, the pain will be gone.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


It is a very boring life to be working all days of the week. The four corners of the office you move about, the tedious works in the office and the usual people you meet all day in and day out can make a monotonous and stressful life. Mostly, a stressful life can make one eventually sick. But if he copes with stress properly, the fear of being sick is remote. Their are many ways to cope with stress. Among them is to be entertained in cinemas, sports events and other entertaining activities, like joining caravans, biking and hiking. Just be sure that when you indulge in this activities you are physically fit before you go to the caravan sites before you set to bike or to hike, for example.So, if you are bored to death with your life, why don't you indulge in these fun and relaxing activities?


I was at a mall today for my regular weekly grocery shopping. On my way out of the mall, I remembered that I had to buy a new remote control for the television in my room. It was such a hassle to switch off the tv every time I watch it at bedtime. Since the remote control that I had to buy can not be tested if it will work on the brand of my tv, I decided not to risk buying it. when I went to another mall, I was able to buy and test the remote control at a lower price than at the first mall I went to. Now that I have a remote, I won't be lazy to switch on the tv every night. Just a click of the remote control even when I am lying down in bed, I can switch channel, adjust volume and turn off the tv.

Friday, January 21, 2011


The competition nowadays in the business world is cut throat. The good thing nowadays that will benefit the business owners is that the marketing arena has expanded globally. How? Of course, with the use of the internet. A business owner needs to have a computer with fast internet connection. He must also build a website for his business with a domain name that reflects the nature of his business. Of course, if he is not able to do this, there is a help out here. He only needs to click on the link and voila, help will be on the way ans his business will be competitive in the global world.


Wow, I have stayed until this late. Actually, I have slept before my computer already. I was doing my assignments before it. The tv program on stay up late woke me up. I must sleep now before I snore before my computer, again, lol. In awhile I will be waking up to prepare for office.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


There are promotional offers in the airline companies that I always check each day. I am subscribed to their promo fares alert that is why I am always sent emails whenever they have promotional offers. I hope to get the lowest promotional offers in the months of April and May, in time for the summer school break for my sons. If it happens, we can go for UK Short Breaks at a lower expense. Who does not want to enjoy traveling and sightseeing in other places at a very minimal cost? I am only being practical because as a single parent I need to save for my children's needs without sacrificing quality time with them. Caravan holidays is something to look forward to. For a change from our usual trips, it is a vacation that will not only be super exciting for my children but super memorable for them, too.


I have been a usual sight at the mall near my place. Why? Because, it has been three successive days now that I have been there to buy stuffs for the house and for the office. Not that I have much money to attempt to buy all the items in the mall, but it just happen that I need to go there to buy somethings I need for the following day. Every Saturday, I go to this mall to buy the weekly groceries for the house. I like it there because there are a variety of choices for customers to select. This coming Saturday, if I finish my online tasks I will watch a movie with my son. Hmm, malling is becoming a hobby, now.


I miss it at Las Vegas. It was where I spent my 40st birthday. My friends and I were billeted in a posh hotel. After billeting, we roam around Las Vegas until we got tired and we rested back in our hotel where we enjoyed the night attraction of the dancing fountain. It was there where I saw a couple rushing out of the hotel in their wedding attires to witness the dancing fountain, too. I bet they were also billeted in the same hotel we were billeted in and maybe they availed of the vegas wedding hotel packages available that time. At that instant, I toyed with the idea of being married in Las Vegas, too. I will not just bet in casinos if ever I go there again, because I lose a big amount the last time I got there.


My plan to lose weight fails to be realized. This month I am always invited to induction parties, birthday parties, wedding and death anniversaries and seminars and trainings. Sumptuous food are served and they are delectable to the taste that I find it hard to refuse eating. Gosh, my waistline has considerably increased. Tomorrow, I am again invited to an induction party and as expected, it will be eating time, again. I have made a resolve just now to regularly exercise when these rainy days go off. This way I can live a healthy life.


I abhor people who have the nerve to hurt fellow human beings. I abhor it more when children and women fall prey to ruthless criminals. I was watching a television segment one night and I was amused at how cases were easily solved. If this cases were easily solved, it is either the victims or respondents have great lawyers who can really prosecute and or defend their clients and bring out the naked truth. For domestic violence cases, there is no room to lose hope. There are great lawyers out there waiting to offer their expert services. For a San Diego Domestic Violence Case, for instance, one can contact the San Diego's top criminal defense law firm to defend and or prosecute his or her case. I am sure if respondents of domestic violence cases are prosecuted and meted with the penalty of imprisonment, no doubt that people who are prone to doing this will have second thoughts of committing domestic violence acts, again.


I presided over a meeting of barangay leaders in my place, today to disseminate about the declaration of state of calamity in my workplace. The declaration by the local sanggunian was due to the recent flooding in most number of barangays. I taught on how to prepare a barangay disaster risk reduction management plan, a document that will guide them on how to utilize the local disaster risk reduction management fund. Hopefully, they can come up with a realistic plan when the barangay leaders have formulated their respective plans at their level.


The recent heavy downpour of rains in my place brought about a cold temperature, everywhere. I liked it that way because I dislike hot temperatures. It is good that despite the heavy shower of rains, I have blinds and shutters that prevent the entry of rain towards the house. The blinds and shutters protect us from the rays of the sun, too especially during afternoons when the windows are exposed towards the heat of the sun. I am planning to buy additional blinds for the windows upstairs. My kids who love to open their windows at night would be delighted to let fresh air come through when their windows will be left open because the blinds will not obstruct the air from coming in. I have scouted for blinds and shutters in the net, already. They are of pastel colors to match with wall paint of my kid's room. When I will have the money, I can immediately buy them.


The slated training of barangay officials in my workplace is momentarily hold in abeyance by the higher management in my office. I dislike the slow action of my higher office when it comes to conceptualizing of capability building skills for newly elective and appointive officials. For me the barangay officials should be capacitated immediately after assumption into office. If they will be conducted trainings on the mid part of this year, it is already too late. Now, most of them are groping on how to properly discharge their functions, already. I will air this sentiment once I attend the provincial conference.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


At the start of this year, just like the previous years, I wanted to have a new look in terms of the physical structures in my office space. I wanted to start replacing the office curtains with a new one, but I decided to do it later as I wanted to replace the floor linoleum first. Once I have the color of the floor linoleum, I can choose the color of the curtains that will match with it. If I only have a big budget for the office, I would like to replace the flooring with not just a linoleum, but floor tiles made of granite or marble. Since I do not have a big budget in the office, I can request Flooring estimates for marbles and or granite and ask the local chief executive to include the installation and procurement of tiles in my office to be included in this year's expenditures for infrastructure repairs. If thischappens, I would really feel so happy.

Friday, January 14, 2011


This Friday turned out to be a festive day at my workplace. After the mass, the food was served per office. Aside from the food served, a barangay leader brought food consisting of native chicken cooked in coconut milk and a kilo of roasted pork. It was a sumptuous lunch for me. A native wine beverage was served after. The native wine tasted good but since I had a meeting an hour after, I decided to take just a glass of it. This Friday, aside from being festive, was a fair day for me. There was no rain and the weather was only slightly cold.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


The weather is too cold now for doing outdoor activities especially that it is raining so hard. However, if the weather shifts to a hot season, it is best to be on the go, on to explore the nature and other places of interest. In spring and in summer, going on narrow boat holidays can be fun and exciting. I have not been to such kind of holiday experience that is why I am planning for me and my family this kind of adventure in the summer. It has been a long time since they ride in a boat and I don't think they could even remember that experience because they were still little boys, then. This time around I am sure they would remember the experience.


I pity the farmers at this time. Their farm produce were damaged by the flood before they were harvested. Some of their capital were loaned in order that they could plant rice and other farm products. With the flood damaging their products, they could not pay their loans, they will not be able to save money for the tuition fees of their children and they would no money to buy their food. God save them.


There is a big percentage of people who drink alcoholic drinks rather than those who do not. This is a fact that can be verified by merely observing. A lot of people, from the males to the females, are indulged in the art of drinking. What is dangerous is this can be addicting. When I was single I never drank any alcoholic drinks, however, when I got married, I was taught how to drink alcoholic drinks by a neighbor. I do not drink excessively because I am afraid to undergo any of the Alcohol Recovery Programs should I become alcohol dependent. It would be a shame if I become alcoholic when not one in the family is. I do drink though but at moderate levels and I call it socialization if I do drink.


I had a long day, today in the office. In the morning at 9am I had a meeting for the ratification of the constitution and by laws and the articles of cooperation of the cooperative I am facilitating to be established. In the election of its officers, I was voted by majority to be one of the board of directors. The voting was through secret balloting. I did not decline the offer as I will stand as supervisor anyway of the organization, I will still have the same functions, anyway. In the afternoon, I continued the seminar on Anti-Red Tape at 3-5pm. It was interactive, today than yesterday. My seminar will probably be finished next week, yet. By that time, all offices could have discussed the services they offered and the step by step procedures a client, transacting at an office, must do.


I was watching a boxing bout in the news one day involving Americans and I was scared to see how violent the fight was. The defeated boxer was really hurt to the max and his face was in total wreck. His nose got dislocated. He stood pat in all the boxing rounds and in the end he was declared loser. Maybe, he can fix his face back to normal through plastic surgery. A plastic surgeon expert in doing these reconstructive surgery must be contacted for the purpose. A trusted plastic surgeon can be found at If I were him, I will use whatever money I gained from the fight to restore his old face or to even better facial features.


A new car display center has been built near my place. It is a display center for Ford cars. I like the small white car displayed in there now. I guess it is fuel efficient. It makes me want to buy the car if I have the money. Wow, I will really be envious if I see that car trodding in the roads one day.


When I retire from office or when I will have the capital to finance a business, my dream is to put up a salon near my place. This is my ambition in life that has not yet been realized. My reason for putting up a salon is basically for me to always look good and beautiful as the manager of the salon. I also like other women to always look their best, too and this can be achieved if they go to salons. If i have the capital, I will see to it that I get the right trainings as a salon proprietor and manager. I will order customized salon business cards in order for my clients to pass on the news about my business. Time is still afar away before I can realize this, but I will never stop dreaming of it till I become successful in my business venture.


Everybody got happy when the rain stopped this morning. The water somehow subsided a little bit. However, the rain started pouring, again without let up this afternoon and even until now that it is already 8pm. This was the prediction of the weather bureau last night in the news. I wish that the rain stops in order for those stucked in evacuation centers could go home already to their respective homes.


Everybody must be careful when applying beauty products on their faces. There was a demonstration in the office about applying beauty creams,whitening creams and age defying creams by a product agent. I will not mention the product name but when it was applied to my face, it felt so hot in my face and I went red faced after a minute of applying it. I immediately washed my face with water. The next day, I was given a sampler to have it applied on my face, again. I went red-faced, again. I decided not to apply any creams, anymore. Just a tip, if a beauty cream is hot on the face and it lingers like it for minutes, then it means that the cream has an adverse allergic reaction to the skin. It is best to stop using the product and wash off the face with water or dab a piece of towel on the face with ice in it.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Death is inevitable. It is so painful on the part of the family members who lose their loved ones but fate have to be accepted no matter what. There are some who avoid the topic about death. It is scary and morbid I know. I dread this topic, too when I speak with my loved ones about this. However, since death is inevitable no matter how morbid the topic is, I am a firm believer that it should be prepared. There are ways to prepare for it. There are some who express their wishes to invite people to say messages for the necrological service, there are some who would like to be in the paper for the obituary, just like in the Memphis Obituary and some other wishes expressed while they still live. This sounds morbid, but despite it, I can see the practicality of the aforecited preparations.


I conducted an Anti-Red Tape seminar this afternoon to all officials and employees of my workplace. The time of the seminar is held at 3-5pm in order not to have a big disruption in office operations. The seminar will run until Friday at the same time and maybe more days will be spent to present and critique the final output of the seminar, which is the Citizen's Charter, a public document that set the service standards, step by step procedures and requirements of each office office providing frontline services.


It is difficult to avail of a home mortgage, nowadays. The monthly amortization is most of the times not affordable to the masses. At signing up for a home mortgage, the home equity to be paid by the loan applicant is already high that most applicants retract from pursuing their loan applications because of this. I am privy to this because when I applied for a home mortgage, I paid a substantial amount of money first. I am in disbelief when I saw an online site where the Federal Housing Administration through the Federal government offered a subsidized fha on 2nd home refinancing mortgage program. This is good news to most Americans who are homeless. I will tell my friend about this program.


Right before my nose, I did not realize that the municipal employees I piloted for the organization of concerted weekly savings was almost disbanding. This afternoon, they aired out their sentiments to me towards the treasurer of the this organization, who happened to be one of my staffs. Gosh, I was taken aback as I was too busy to smell the brewing hostility among the members towards the treasurer. I was able to patched up the financial issue. On Friday, an accounting of the money will be made and the planned lending venture will also be discussed. The treasurer will present the financial report, first and foremost.


In trainings I am a resource speaker in Records Management. This is a topic that is most important to clerks, records officers and secretaries. The aim of Records Management is to have systematic records filing, sorting and management, ease of retrieval whenever one needs the documents and secure and safe keeping of records.What will happen then if the storage is not anymore safe or there is no more room to store important documents? Well, either one would resort to disposal of unnecessary records but it will still take time to sort the records and documents that need to be disposed. Another would be to seek a safe and secure data storage within which to store the records. There is a company that offers a variety of records management services and solutions. It has been in the services for years. If one wants to try its services, it is just a click away.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Its a sad news for the office I am working with that my immediate supervisor died. At first I did not know what caused his death. However, today at my workplace, my friend whose wife was a doctor, told me that my immediate supervisor was her patient and the cause of his death was leptospirosis, an infectious disease caused by a type of bacteria called a spirochete. Leptospirosis can be transmitted by many animals such as rats . He must have acquired this disease lately during the flooding at their place. My immediate supervisor was a good friend to everybody in the department. May his soul rest in peace.


My daughter will be blogging, soon. She has two sites now. The other one has its own domain already while the other one is still sharing a space in social networking service platform. I am glad that she finally decided to blog as her time will be put to worthwhile activities rather than having drinking and other sprees with her friends. If she decides to get a webhost for her other site, I will let her review the fatcow website, a webhosting service provider for small business and individuals. If this turns out to be a good webhosting service provider I will follow suit in getting this webhosting service for my new site I am anticipating to make.


The training I am supposed to conduct is set to be in Makati city in Luzon. The accommodations was solicited to be free at this place. It is slated on February 9-12, 2011. This means a lot of work again in the next few days.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I was the local news one day when I heard about a talent in the entertainment industry talking against her talent manager. The local talent manager is known to be a no-holds barred manager whenever she is angered or irritated. I have heard many of her talents complain against her and whenever she is talked about this way, she goes out of her way to destroy the career of the talent. She is also noted for cheating her talents of talent fees. Well, I don't know if the talent has proofs to pin her because if there are proofs, she can be sued with the help of an entertainment litigation lawyer. Hollywood actors and actresses when they experience the same as the local talents here, get litigation lawyers like the Austin entertainment litigation officers. Why not? If there is oppression and cheat, any person much more a talent manager has noo right to enrich herself at the expense of her talents.


The weather is still cold. It has something to do with the cold front but this is a technical term I better not want to explore what it actually means. I only like it that it is cold and this will be like this until February. I hope all months of the year will have the same weather, sans the rains and the storms, of course. I don't like destructions caused by storms because the places nearby are prone to flooding. I pity the affected, especially the children.


Have you ever experienced back pains that has become chronic for months? Well, mine can not be considered chronic when I had it a few years ago. I was always in agony everytime I would stand up and everytime I walk. I figured that it could have been due to my lifting heavy groceriy items every weekend. I continued to suffer it for almost a month. My office mate told me that her hubby once had a similar pain in his back and they only went to a chiropractor. Of course, it is not good to see any unless adviced by a physician but I just went there to see if he could make me well. He was like a Chiropractor San Antonio, Texas offers. Glad that after a few days my back pain stopped. Whew, I thought that I would need a surgery as it was so painful, really. Now, I do not like to lift heavy objects, anymore. I just want to be sure that I would not need any operation in the future.


Am still awake until now. I will soon take an exam to become a special agent of a customer services company. It is a US based company. Whew, I have finished 4 manuals out of 7. I am still in manual number 5 and I had to pause for awhile to breath. It has taken a big toll on my weekend already. I wish to finish this tomorrow.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


The cooperative that I am facilitating to be established in my workplace has just convened last week to formulate the constitution and by-laws and the articles of cooperation. With the help of a knowledgeable employee from a government office who is tasked to assist organizations become cooperatives, a draft of the aforemntioned documents have been made. Next week, we will convene again for the ratification of these documents by all its members. I am eager to facilitate the organizatiopn to transform into a cooperative as I want them to venture into an entrepreneurial activity. They will be needing a great and impressive Business Logo Design to establish the idenity of the cooperative. Wow, if this happens, I will surely be happy to be a great part in the making of a first multi-purpose cooperative to be established in the town. I am happy, too because I can buy the maximum shares of stocks allowed per member.   


I need to buy a vacuum cleaner. The new living room set that we have in the needs to be vacuum cleaned from time to time. I was sneezing early in the morning when I sat on it. I figured that my sneezing was an allergy from the dust in the sala set, or it may be that I will be having colds, soon. I have not tried to sit again in the sala and I stopped sneezing. Tomorrow, I will sit on it, again. If I will still sneeze then that will be it. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


My friend the other day gave me a bottle of strawberry jam as she just came from Baguio City. I was thinking that she would stay until the New Year. She said she changed plans in staying longer because she can not stand the cold. Well, she hails from the place and she sure liked the cold weathers then but now that she is older she does not like the cold weather, anymore. She was amused at her nieces and nephews that they can bath in cold shower. Maybe, they do not have a Heating Maintenance since she says that their heater bogged down, already. Her parents need to have it in order to avoid hypothermia just in case the cold weather goes beyond the cold tolerance level of their body system.


I have transferred to my room upstairs, now. My trauma of falling from the stairs is over. It feels good to be back once again in my room and with a new bed. My children were together in my room to watch tv. We all fit now in my bed since the new one is bigger from my old bed. I am sure that we will be hibernating in bed during weekdays. I just hope that the cold season will still be longer so I can open my windows and get fresh cold air rather than cold air from the air conditioner.


It is a wonder that the roads in the downtown get a traffic jam during school days. Many years ago it was not the same scenario as today. Cars were owned by only the rich people, who can afford to own cars that time. Now, there are many cars trodding in roads in the downtown and in the rural areas. However, since there are already many cars around, there are accidents too, involving cars but its rate is low compared to buses and motorcycles. Most of them have insurance but others do not have. When a car has no insurance, the problem comes in as the owner shall have to pay from his own pocket the damages to other properties, third parties and own car. So, it is best to get a car insurance. One can get car insurance quotes in order to choose the affordable premiums that he likes. When a car has an insurance, there is confidence on the part of the owner wherever he travels and whenever the car meets a road mishap.


I have always maintained an insurance for me. I am uncertain of the future and my status of being a single mom is detrimental to my children if ever an unfortunate thing happen to me. It is good to be prepared for any eventuality. It is not that I am pre-empting my future, as what other understand about getting an insurance. I am concerned about the future of my children and I do not like that they will be loaded with financial and other problems should an unpredictable thing comes. That is why, I always recommend to friends and family members to secure the future. There are many insurances one can get, in fact there is even an online insurance that caters to those who are so busy with their respective lives. It is only a matter of priority. To not suffer the loss, it is best to be prepared.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Happy new year to one and all! How did you welcome the new year? Well, ours was a rainy one, but somehow when the clock strike 12, the weather was still fine and we enjoyed seeing the fireworks from our rooftop. After an hour and the fireworks display went off, the rain poured hard. It had no let up until the next day and night. In some parts of the region, landslides and flooding were reported. It seems that we are in for a wet year 2011. I am just lucky that my place does not have flooding, yet.


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...