Sunday, January 9, 2011


I was the local news one day when I heard about a talent in the entertainment industry talking against her talent manager. The local talent manager is known to be a no-holds barred manager whenever she is angered or irritated. I have heard many of her talents complain against her and whenever she is talked about this way, she goes out of her way to destroy the career of the talent. She is also noted for cheating her talents of talent fees. Well, I don't know if the talent has proofs to pin her because if there are proofs, she can be sued with the help of an entertainment litigation lawyer. Hollywood actors and actresses when they experience the same as the local talents here, get litigation lawyers like the Austin entertainment litigation officers. Why not? If there is oppression and cheat, any person much more a talent manager has noo right to enrich herself at the expense of her talents.

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