Thursday, January 20, 2011


The recent heavy downpour of rains in my place brought about a cold temperature, everywhere. I liked it that way because I dislike hot temperatures. It is good that despite the heavy shower of rains, I have blinds and shutters that prevent the entry of rain towards the house. The blinds and shutters protect us from the rays of the sun, too especially during afternoons when the windows are exposed towards the heat of the sun. I am planning to buy additional blinds for the windows upstairs. My kids who love to open their windows at night would be delighted to let fresh air come through when their windows will be left open because the blinds will not obstruct the air from coming in. I have scouted for blinds and shutters in the net, already. They are of pastel colors to match with wall paint of my kid's room. When I will have the money, I can immediately buy them.

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