Sunday, January 9, 2011


Have you ever experienced back pains that has become chronic for months? Well, mine can not be considered chronic when I had it a few years ago. I was always in agony everytime I would stand up and everytime I walk. I figured that it could have been due to my lifting heavy groceriy items every weekend. I continued to suffer it for almost a month. My office mate told me that her hubby once had a similar pain in his back and they only went to a chiropractor. Of course, it is not good to see any unless adviced by a physician but I just went there to see if he could make me well. He was like a Chiropractor San Antonio, Texas offers. Glad that after a few days my back pain stopped. Whew, I thought that I would need a surgery as it was so painful, really. Now, I do not like to lift heavy objects, anymore. I just want to be sure that I would not need any operation in the future.

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