Wednesday, January 19, 2011


At the start of this year, just like the previous years, I wanted to have a new look in terms of the physical structures in my office space. I wanted to start replacing the office curtains with a new one, but I decided to do it later as I wanted to replace the floor linoleum first. Once I have the color of the floor linoleum, I can choose the color of the curtains that will match with it. If I only have a big budget for the office, I would like to replace the flooring with not just a linoleum, but floor tiles made of granite or marble. Since I do not have a big budget in the office, I can request Flooring estimates for marbles and or granite and ask the local chief executive to include the installation and procurement of tiles in my office to be included in this year's expenditures for infrastructure repairs. If thischappens, I would really feel so happy.

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