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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


My friend the other day gave me a bottle of strawberry jam as she just came from Baguio City. I was thinking that she would stay until the New Year. She said she changed plans in staying longer because she can not stand the cold. Well, she hails from the place and she sure liked the cold weathers then but now that she is older she does not like the cold weather, anymore. She was amused at her nieces and nephews that they can bath in cold shower. Maybe, they do not have a Heating Maintenance since she says that their heater bogged down, already. Her parents need to have it in order to avoid hypothermia just in case the cold weather goes beyond the cold tolerance level of their body system.

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NovaS said...

sus ug dre sa amoa sis super important jud kaayo ang heating maintenance kay ang winter pastilan...