Thursday, January 20, 2011


I abhor people who have the nerve to hurt fellow human beings. I abhor it more when children and women fall prey to ruthless criminals. I was watching a television segment one night and I was amused at how cases were easily solved. If this cases were easily solved, it is either the victims or respondents have great lawyers who can really prosecute and or defend their clients and bring out the naked truth. For domestic violence cases, there is no room to lose hope. There are great lawyers out there waiting to offer their expert services. For a San Diego Domestic Violence Case, for instance, one can contact the San Diego's top criminal defense law firm to defend and or prosecute his or her case. I am sure if respondents of domestic violence cases are prosecuted and meted with the penalty of imprisonment, no doubt that people who are prone to doing this will have second thoughts of committing domestic violence acts, again.

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