Thursday, January 13, 2011


Everybody must be careful when applying beauty products on their faces. There was a demonstration in the office about applying beauty creams,whitening creams and age defying creams by a product agent. I will not mention the product name but when it was applied to my face, it felt so hot in my face and I went red faced after a minute of applying it. I immediately washed my face with water. The next day, I was given a sampler to have it applied on my face, again. I went red-faced, again. I decided not to apply any creams, anymore. Just a tip, if a beauty cream is hot on the face and it lingers like it for minutes, then it means that the cream has an adverse allergic reaction to the skin. It is best to stop using the product and wash off the face with water or dab a piece of towel on the face with ice in it.

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