Sunday, February 27, 2011


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I am off to go to my speaking engagement in another town far from my place but the rain is pouring so hard right now. If this will not stp in a while I will trod the rain no matter what. to while the time I am here to post this. I hope that the rain would stop, soon.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


It is amazing that the big leak I was complaining before in my old kitchen was solved after my handy man did gutter cleaning and sealing the small bores in the roofing due to its nails.My problem was solved and consequently the kitchen cabinets in the house were saved from destruction. Glad that the problem was fixed, immediately. I have learned a lesson in household management that to save on costs, immediate solutions must be given to needed minor repairs in the house. It is only a matter of giving attention to the problem and finding a knowledgebale person who can immediately fix the problem.


Proper use of the restroom is one discipline that is not practiced by most people. To me I use the restroom with courtesy to other users that I clean it after using. The button is just there to push but I just do not know why many can not just push the button to flush out their excretions. There are also some who do not even bother to wipe the toilet seat for the next users comfort. Courtesy in the use of restroom is only a small thing to consider but has a big negative impact on the kind of person who do not exercise this. Well, this will boil down again on the upbringing of every individual. If during his childhood days he has been trained about proper discipline in almost all things, then maybe he will grow up to be a disciplined citizen. I can't blame them, individual differences, explains this again.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I am already sleepy and in awhile I must go up to my room to sleep. I hate to ask from the information desk again to request opening the door for me but I have no other recourse but to. The key card to my room does not open immediately and my room mates must be sleeping at this time, already. This hotel really sucks. I guess they know that the room keycard is already defective but they just neglect to fix it. I will never try this hotel in one of my trainings. The management would have better known that their facilities needed upgrading including their customer services. Later, I will see if they have a website and I will write constructive criticism, if any.


One of the places I have never been to is the United Kingdom. If I will be given the opportunity and if timing permits that I have the money I would like to spend time with my family to experience uk holidays. I figured that going on interesting places in a foreign land without my children is lonely and even in domestic places, for this matter. I have always wondered how it is to be traveling to the cold places of the UK and to experience the good ambience UK has to offer. I am crossing my fingers that one day, me and my kids can travel together and we will be the happiest family, ever.


It is already late at night but I am still here at the lobby of the hotel where I am billeted as resource speaker of a training. I am here for two things, to access wifi internet connection and to buy toothbrush. Yes, funny because I brought toothpaste with me but I forgot my toothbrush. The hotel did not provide toothbrush kit as against my expectation that it will. I can call the operator to deliver to my room the toothbrush kit but I decided to go down to access the internet. Anyway, I am glad to be downstairs, my room mates are talking and I can not concentrate on my internet thingy if people around me are talking. At least here, I am alone and no one distracts my attention.


My elderly neighbor has a son who is working in London. Her son has long been waiting for her to stay with him in London but her fear in traveling through airplane hinders her to go. If she could only overcome this fear then she would have long been off to an apartment london has to offer, and meet with her son and grandchildren since she does not like to stay together in the house with her daughter-in-law. It seems that she has an issue with her daughter-in-law. I pity my elderly neighbor because she seems to have no personal entertainment, at all. She stays in her house almost all the time with a helper. She seldom goes to downtwon and if she does she hires a driver to drive her car. I hope one day her son will settle the issue between his mother and his wife. When that happens, maybe she will be interested to fly to London after she overcomes her fear of flying.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Late lunch again, today. It has always been like this for the past few weeks as Monday is a Monday with many clients. The training that I am planning to have on February 28 to March 1 is coming the way of my regular tasks and the result is I am always late in eating my lunchin order to accommodate my clients. Anyway, I should give time to them because I will be leaving for Ormoc City on March 23 to 24. However, I am here now to post a task yet, lest it expires. So, off I go.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Have you ever experienced spending a holiday away from home at one of the cornwall cottages? Wow, this could be an exciting travel for me. If you have not experienced this one, just like me, why don't you try to book for a holiday trip on this? Me, I plan to travel to many places as I can after my retirement. Money will not be a problem anymore when that time comes. I can use my retirement money from one insurance plan I bought. If you wish to travel in the future, you may click on the link here and you will get to see many travel destinations to go to aside from the travel site with cornwall cottages.


I will be going to Ormoc City on February 23 for a speaking engagement. I will be there until February 24. My throat need to be ready for several hours of talking. From the plan furnished to me, I will be speaking in different classrooms because the participants are segregated into three classrooms. My group is the big group. Gosh, I wanted to decline, but to decline means lack of support for a batch mate who has been my errand in many things. He sure will be offended if I decline his invitation. Anyway, since the training is in Ormoc, I will just bring my swimsuit and swim away my tiredness during the night at the heated pool.


I will be replacing my curtains in the office. For a change, I plan to replace the curtains with blinds. Since, I will be installing several panels of blinds, I need to look for quality but cheap blinds in order not to spend a lot of money on it. The ones similar to the Cheap Roman Blinds are what I am looking for. After the blinds, I need to replace the old and worn out linoleum. The replacement of the old linoleum is quiet delayed already because I always forget to have the area measured. Going back to the blinds, I can choose from the variety of colors that are available. I have in mind the color white but I do not know if I will still change miind when my time to buy comes.

Friday, February 18, 2011


A year after the repairs in the lower part of my house, I already saw some rehabilitation works to be done. For one, there is leaking in the old kitchen coming from the roof. I already asked a handy man to do the cleaning in the gutters and another gutter was made to divert the volume of water flowing through the one gutter before. The leaking was somehow eliminated but there is still a small leak somewhere because I see a wet trace in the wall when it rains. Another rehabilitation work to be done is the flooring. At least four granite tiles are coming out loose from the flooring. These repairs need to be done, soon. However, the home theater I bought got in the way for my budget so I have to do something to fix this problem.


When I retire from work in the future, I plan to spend my days after retirement in traveling to places I have dreamed to go to. When I was a child, I have dreamed in going to Baguio City, New York, Hongkong, and Singapore. Glad enough that fate was good to me, I was able to go to Baguio City after a year of my employment in my office. It did not enter my mind that I would be able to go Singapore and New York with my years of employment but I was lucky to go Singapore, Malaysia and later to New York and other States in the US. Another opportunity came to me to travel to France but since I did not have the finances, yet I did not grab the opportunity. How I wish to spend a few Holidays in France. Anyway, it is not yet late. One day, I will be able to go the places I want to go and I will never forget to consider France in my list.


I will be downloading free movies in my free time tomorrow. I will buy a higher gb USB in order that I can store movies in a much bigger space. My Saturday and Sunday will be spent watching movies at home. But, first I need to have the speakers installed on the wall. I do not like the idea of having bores in my wall again but with my new home theater system, the borings have to be done in order to put the speakers in strategic places for better audio output.


In an office, storing data for a long period of time can cause any storage area to get full after a period of time. In my workstation, I teach the barangay secretaries to make proper disposal of their documents. There are files that are permanent and they shall not be ever be destroyed. They shall remain in the inactive files but never to be destroyed. There are documents however, that can be allowed for data destruction. These documents remain in the inactive files but after a given period of time, say five or ten years, they can already be destroyed. The destruction of documents are to be made under the supervision of a unit head or manager. For proper records management, data shall be handled and disposed of properly.


I got a good deal in an electronic store the other day. My cousin bought a 40 inches flat screen LCD TV at the mall. The promo is for every buy of a 32 inches flat TV, one can buy the home theater at 7thousand pesos only. Since my cousin bought the 40 inches TV, I asked that the home theater system can be purchased at 7thousand pesos, too. The store manager approved. Without much ado, I withdraw money in my ATM card right at the mall and I bought the home theater system. It was an expenditure that was not expected, it was unnecessary for me but because the prices was so inviting, I dared to buy it. The cash price for the home theater system is 29thousand pesos if one does not purchase the 32 inches flat tv. I got a good buy of the home theater system at a very cheap price at only 7thousand pesos. Now, I can watch movies at home in my home theater system like I am watching it in theaters at the mall.


Yikes, just when I thought that acne can be treated immediately by accutane when all other acne medicines fail, I came to know now that accutane is not for everyone. It may bring more damage than cure. If you have been using accutane and you have suffered from ulcerative colitis, chron's disease, inflammatory bowel disease, severe depression, suicidal thoughts, liver damage, and other health complications such as birth defects, well, have yourself diagnosed and see if you have any reason to file for an accutane lawsuit. If you have, then you can find a competent lawyer to defend your cause. Whew, I am alerted now that I should read reviews of products first before I try them. And better yet, I should seek medical advice before trying any product.

Monday, February 14, 2011


There was a pre-valentines party in the neighborhood. Each one brought food to share and when we converged there were a lot of food on the table. I brought lechon paksiw or roasted pork cooked in vinegar. The drizzle did not stop the neighbors from dancing in the decorated and fenced area while somebody sings. If it is not only working day, tomorrow I guess each one will not be in a hurry to go home at the strike of midnight.

Friday, February 11, 2011


The phase one of the slated trainings for the newly elected leaders in my workplace are to be held only on-site. This was the advisory of my mother office during the conference. I have no option then but to obey and to conduct the training anywhere but in my workplace. However, for the phase two of the training, I can have it conducted somewhere else within the country. I should be scouting then for room accommodations of the participants in a place similar to the Hoseasons luxury lodges. A place away from home must be comfortable and clean. It should also be a place to relax and focus on the lectures and discussions and at the same time a place to refresh the mind and body.


Why am I always racing with time, lately? Many things have changed for me, now. If before I can sit at home and communicate only with my staff about the tasks to be done, now I can not do it anymore. Something triggered me to do some of the office tasks myself. It is called command responsibility. The blunder of my staff is my blunder being the head. Now, to avoid this I am doing things myself in order to avoid answering mistakes I do no commit.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


After the cold season, the warm weather is coming too, soon. Oh, I do not like warm weathers. I only love the cold weathers because I do not encounter head aches when cold. However, since there is no stopping it that the warm weather will come, there are ways to cool the house. One is to open the windows so that air can freely come in. The use of venetian blinds in windows can also be used without affecting the flow of air coming in the room. It is also a good interior decorator because venetian blinds come in an array of beautiful designs. Venetian blinds last for many seasons all year round. I will see if I will need to use venetian blinds, soon.

Monday, February 7, 2011


It was a long day today for me. From morning until afternoon we had a conference at my mother station. It was glad to see my comrades after two months. After the conference, I and my batch mates went to a pizza parlor. I did not want to eat the pizza as I was still full from the afternoon snacks served in the conference but since it was a get together of the group, I forced to eat a slice of vegetable pizza and of a ham pizza. I managed to drink a cup of hot coffee after more than two months of not drinking one. We could not stay more longer as I had to go and pay my phone bill but the meeting was a good one.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Oops I almost forgot the birthday gift of my friend's smart young boy. His birthday was on January 30 and it went past my mind. Oh my, I must be registering the symptoms of being old. Well, it is really like that, I am not getting any younger anymore. But, wait before I forget again about the birthday gift, I looked up in the net and found the schleich model educational toys to be perfect birthday gifts. I know it is late but I have to give that little lad a gift. It is better late than never.


How I wish to be expert already in making invitations. It is what I am trying to learn, now. I want to make my own invitations and I can even make money out of it. I should learn how to do it in photoshop. In my idle time during weekends, I can do this as my hobby.


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...