Friday, February 18, 2011


I got a good deal in an electronic store the other day. My cousin bought a 40 inches flat screen LCD TV at the mall. The promo is for every buy of a 32 inches flat TV, one can buy the home theater at 7thousand pesos only. Since my cousin bought the 40 inches TV, I asked that the home theater system can be purchased at 7thousand pesos, too. The store manager approved. Without much ado, I withdraw money in my ATM card right at the mall and I bought the home theater system. It was an expenditure that was not expected, it was unnecessary for me but because the prices was so inviting, I dared to buy it. The cash price for the home theater system is 29thousand pesos if one does not purchase the 32 inches flat tv. I got a good buy of the home theater system at a very cheap price at only 7thousand pesos. Now, I can watch movies at home in my home theater system like I am watching it in theaters at the mall.

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