Friday, February 18, 2011


When I retire from work in the future, I plan to spend my days after retirement in traveling to places I have dreamed to go to. When I was a child, I have dreamed in going to Baguio City, New York, Hongkong, and Singapore. Glad enough that fate was good to me, I was able to go to Baguio City after a year of my employment in my office. It did not enter my mind that I would be able to go Singapore and New York with my years of employment but I was lucky to go Singapore, Malaysia and later to New York and other States in the US. Another opportunity came to me to travel to France but since I did not have the finances, yet I did not grab the opportunity. How I wish to spend a few Holidays in France. Anyway, it is not yet late. One day, I will be able to go the places I want to go and I will never forget to consider France in my list.

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