Friday, February 18, 2011


A year after the repairs in the lower part of my house, I already saw some rehabilitation works to be done. For one, there is leaking in the old kitchen coming from the roof. I already asked a handy man to do the cleaning in the gutters and another gutter was made to divert the volume of water flowing through the one gutter before. The leaking was somehow eliminated but there is still a small leak somewhere because I see a wet trace in the wall when it rains. Another rehabilitation work to be done is the flooring. At least four granite tiles are coming out loose from the flooring. These repairs need to be done, soon. However, the home theater I bought got in the way for my budget so I have to do something to fix this problem.

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Ian Elbanbuena said...

well the best way is to contact roof technicians because they know more than just handyman's capability. Here in singapore, roof technicians are just a call a way so everytime I have a problem with my condo launch, I can ensure the quality of work.