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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My elderly neighbor has a son who is working in London. Her son has long been waiting for her to stay with him in London but her fear in traveling through airplane hinders her to go. If she could only overcome this fear then she would have long been off to an apartment london has to offer, and meet with her son and grandchildren since she does not like to stay together in the house with her daughter-in-law. It seems that she has an issue with her daughter-in-law. I pity my elderly neighbor because she seems to have no personal entertainment, at all. She stays in her house almost all the time with a helper. She seldom goes to downtwon and if she does she hires a driver to drive her car. I hope one day her son will settle the issue between his mother and his wife. When that happens, maybe she will be interested to fly to London after she overcomes her fear of flying.

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