Monday, March 28, 2011


This coming Easter will never be the same again for my children. Why? Because they have outgrown the easter egg hunt designed for the children in our subdivision by the homeowners association officers of my place. However, unlike before, this time they will not be the ones to be searching for the eggs but they will be the ones to lead the contest for the easter egg hunt for younger children. I do not know if they can design personalized easter baskets to put the eggs on. Well, if not maybe the homeowners officers can look in the net to look for personalized easter baskets. If they can find one, they can keep the baskets for next year's easter season, again. I wish to be around, too during this contest so I can provide support to them. This is a leadership experience I want them to excel with to prove their worth as leaders.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


It is almost midnight here but I am awake. I just woke up from a deep slumber and I need to be awake because I have to be packing my things now for a four-day stay in Ormoc City. Yes, I will be away from home, again for another speaking engagement. I will be staying in a hotel I and my children like in Ormoc. The hotel has a heated pool. I am not sure if I will swim, it will depend on my office mates if they will also dip in the pool. To be prepared though, I will pack a couple of swim suits just in case my office mates will like to swim in the pool.


It was a dream of mine to study nursing. This is the reason why I took up nursing right after high school. However, it was not my fate to be a nurse because I ended up graduating in another course. I was not able to wear any of the medical uniforms then. I thought it was my daughter who would continue my dream of becoming a nurse but she never wanted to take up nursing course, right away. When she was on her second year in college she wanted to shift to a nursing course. Maybe, she was influenced by a neighbor nursing student who was at that time wearing discount medical scrubs to school. I advised her not to shift course but to rather finish her first course then shift to nursing course later. When she graduated in college, she never mentioned about taking one more course.

Well, wearing a nursing scrub uniform is easy. One has just to buy it in AND discount nursing scrubs store. But, of course one has to be a nurse or a doctor or have a medical profession in order to be wearing scrubs. How about you? Do you have a nursing student who is looking for nursing scrub uniforms? The store is right here, just click on the link.


Got home from Cebu last Friday after four days of stay in Cebu. I and an office mate took a fast craft in going home, while my two other office mates took an airplane in going home. Our trip on the fast craft was smooth sailing as the weather was fine. Our sleep throughout our travel was uninterrupted. We barely noticed that we reach Ormoc after two hours of sea travel to Ormoc City. We ate our breakfast at Ormoc before taking a van in going home to our city. We were expecting that the van will take two hours only to reach our city but it took us two and a half hours travel. It was not much of a hassle for us though because we were sleeping on the duration of our travel back home. It is good to be back home, again.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


This cold season it is best to go out wearing jacket and long pants to keep the body warm. If not wearing pants, it is also good to wear skirt coupled with compression stockings edema stopper. Aside from keeping the feet warm, compression stockings compress the leg vessels, promoting circulation and decreasing pooling of fluid due to gravity. I remember my cousin then when she still lived in Japan, where she buys many stockings from here to shield her family from the cold weathers. She buys by the dozen: maybe she finds cheaper deals through it. She should know that there is now a site where she can find new deals and different kinds of stockings. They are stockings that can be matched with dresses on formal and casual occasions. I have never tried these stockings with different colors but I am excited to try on these ones after I have seen them on the net. But, I have to wait till the cold season comes around.


At last I made it to go home after a day of being stranded in Ormoc City. I was supposed to go home last Thursday night from Ormoc City but there were no public transport available due to the fact that the roads were rendered impassable due to the flooding in some parts of the road leading to my city. Me and one of my office mate stayed overnight in Ormoc but the following day, the news broke out that vans and buses can already pass through so we headed for home. Since I had a meeting at my workplace, I went directly to my office with my luggages with me.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


How I miss New York. It was autumn when I got there two years ago and I remember the just right temperature for me of the place. I was billeted in the hotel with my two friends from the Philippines. The room we were in had an Autumn AC that we set to a temperature that was comfortable to us. We had a good time in New York that after attending our official business, we waste no time to roam around the beautiful city. I made friends in New York that offered us free accommodation for the rest of our stay. It was too bad that the enjoyment in New York was limited due to the fact that I already had a ticket to San Francisco. I plan to go New York again in the next few months but it will be possible by the end of this year or next year during autumn season.


My throat is strained, now. I have been talking in a big crowd for days now and I can feel my throat is strained. I am lucky that the two groups were merged in one classroom that I was free of my talking engagement. But, later in the afternoon I will be talking straight from 1:00pm to 5:00 pm. I wish my throat can relax for the moment. In my spare time, I am blogging now as I have neglected this site for a long time. How are you guys, I hope to see you around, soon. Thanks for always visiting my sites. I will try to get back to you whenever I can.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The training venue where I am now has a big improvement in its physical structure. It has finally embraced the modern technology of providing wifi internet connection so that its clients can have free access to the internet. However, the signal in my room is very weak. I can only chat. I do not like it though that they disconnect the connection at midnight. I have noticed, too that this training venue is advertised in the web now. Maybe in its effort to be competitive, it wants people who get online to look for training venues to browse their venues,. It is effective because I see more clients now than before.


I am at Cebu right now and I will stay here until the 11th of March. I already have a plane ticket on my way home. I will be going back on March 13 so I can reach here by March 14. I hope to finish my speaking engagements here by March 15 because I have another speaking engagement in Ormoc City from March 14-17 but I can ask to be there on March 15. I thought that I would be staying here in Cebu until March 18 but my speaking schedules are always on the first days of the three batches of this 3-day training of local leaders of my office mates. I will be away in my workplace for a long time. When this is all over, at least I can concentrate again with my tasks in my workplace.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Are you into a real property business? If you are, then I guess you know the headaches when you are into home rental especially when you come across a client who is stubborn and who do not consider the house they are renting their own. Sometimes there are renters who do some destruction to the house knowingly or unknowingly. There are some who are arrogant and who complains for even petty things. There are others who bring hazards to you property as they care less for anyway it is not their own. To lessen your burden and lessen your stress, why don't you get a home renters insurance? This is a lot of relief on your part if you are the property owner from troublesome clients and also protection of the real property you have should anything happen to your real property. So, why don't you get a home renters insurance, now and be worry-free?

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I will be off again for a long time because I have an Office Order to be a resource person on a training. I will be going to Cebu City from March 7 to 19. Just to think that I will be away for a long time makes me feel tired, already. But, since I am a good soldier, I will obey the Order first. Anyway, this is already my help for a batch mate who is managing this training in his workplace.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


In my trainings, I am giving lectures to legislators on how to enact and approve local laws. Most legislators, especially the newly elected ones, do not know yet how to pass local laws that are needed in their respective localities. If the legislators themselves do not know yet how to enact laws, how much more for a private citizen? Most people know nothing about local laws, so that if there are problems that would arise, if say for example, a problem about bankruptcy, then it is best to find technical help and the one who can help, particularly about bankruptcy, is a lawyer similar to a San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer. So, if you are a businessman and if you think your business is on the brim of being bankrupt, do not delay contacting the best help. If you opt of declaring bankruptcy as the best option to get away with heavy financial burdens, it is best to consult a bankruptcy lawyer, first. With a competent and experienced bankruptcy lawyer, you can be assured of only the best financial and legal advice.


I am glad that the training in my workplace is finished. I started the training yesterday and I ended it, today. At last I am relieved with the stress and tiredness in managing a training. It was a big group because I decided to just have a plenary kind of training for the 150 participants. There are still many things still to settle tomorrow, like the payment for the catering services and payment of honoraria of the resource persons and secretariat support staff. I will have to prepare and submit a terminal report, tomorrow to my mother office. Now, I can blog, again.


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