Sunday, March 20, 2011


This cold season it is best to go out wearing jacket and long pants to keep the body warm. If not wearing pants, it is also good to wear skirt coupled with compression stockings edema stopper. Aside from keeping the feet warm, compression stockings compress the leg vessels, promoting circulation and decreasing pooling of fluid due to gravity. I remember my cousin then when she still lived in Japan, where she buys many stockings from here to shield her family from the cold weathers. She buys by the dozen: maybe she finds cheaper deals through it. She should know that there is now a site where she can find new deals and different kinds of stockings. They are stockings that can be matched with dresses on formal and casual occasions. I have never tried these stockings with different colors but I am excited to try on these ones after I have seen them on the net. But, I have to wait till the cold season comes around.

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