Sunday, March 27, 2011


It was a dream of mine to study nursing. This is the reason why I took up nursing right after high school. However, it was not my fate to be a nurse because I ended up graduating in another course. I was not able to wear any of the medical uniforms then. I thought it was my daughter who would continue my dream of becoming a nurse but she never wanted to take up nursing course, right away. When she was on her second year in college she wanted to shift to a nursing course. Maybe, she was influenced by a neighbor nursing student who was at that time wearing discount medical scrubs to school. I advised her not to shift course but to rather finish her first course then shift to nursing course later. When she graduated in college, she never mentioned about taking one more course.

Well, wearing a nursing scrub uniform is easy. One has just to buy it in AND discount nursing scrubs store. But, of course one has to be a nurse or a doctor or have a medical profession in order to be wearing scrubs. How about you? Do you have a nursing student who is looking for nursing scrub uniforms? The store is right here, just click on the link.

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