Monday, April 25, 2011


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It was a depressing news to hear when I came to know that my digital camera got submerged in the water when it fell off while being used. I was supposed to use it last Good Friday but I deferred looking for it. I came to know that he digicam fell off from my sister. I wish I had a new digicam to replace the one that got wet. I wish, too that if the digicam can still be restored to its original utility then this would not be much of a problem to me.


Sometimes taking prescription medicines could be harmful to the human health especially when its side effects are not fully disclosed or maybe there was no thorough tests on the medicines that its side effects were just imminent later after its continued use. Human health is a serious thing to consider that human error is not acceptable. However, if there are adverse effects of prescription medicines it is best to consult a physician or better yet if you suspect that the side effect is due to the prescription medicine zoloft, consult a lawyer in order to help you lodge a zoloft lawsuit. If you wonder why you or your family member's behaviors were rather strange while taking this prescription medicines then you might have a reason to go after those responsible for this medical malpractice. See a lawyer, if you think you have a case.


Whew, what a very tiring day it was, today. I have been to two barangays in the afternoon for the assessment and evaluation of specific projects and programs being implemented by my office. It was good that I was able to eat a sumptuous lunch at a fiesta. It was the second fiesta I attended to for this year. The first was yesterday and it was followed, today. I fancy on tallying the fiesta invitations I will go to this year if I can not help avoid attending. I will tally and compare with the next years to come my attendance to fiestas. It is of no advantage to be tallying, though, just for fancy thoughts.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


A friend was here to suggest that we do the monthly putting up of money in order to have a Cookware set. It is a good suggestion because I want to own a complete set of cookware set. Ten members have to agree to the putting up of money in exchange of the complete set of cookwares. I will invite another friend of mine to complete the required number.


Sunny season is here again but there are rains in the night. I like it when it rains because it cools the environment. I only wish that it is always the case during summer. But, I know it will not be like that all the time. I only hope that the temperature this summer will not be like in the past year where it was so extremely hot. I had rushes in the past year due to the extreme hot condition. I hope it will not be like this year.


As fiestas are here, again wines will be selling like hotcakes, again. I wonder if the rose wine will be as saleable as the other wines. Rose wine? Hmm, I like the name, it is intriguing. From the name itself, it sounds like the wine is sweet and with a sweet aroma. I will try to look for this wine one time when I go to the wine store. I usually stack a bottle of wine in my cupboard. It is just there for easy reach. The one I have there has been sitting there for almost a year, now. But, I want to taste the rose wine and this one I am sure won't last for months in the cupboard.


Thanks that Mother is partially recovering. After a mild stroke where her speech and hand movement was affected she is getting better. My better means that she is not weak anymore and her blood pressure stabilized. Her speech defect may take longer to be back to her original but her hand numbness is not anymore that bad. She can now move her hand, somehow. I know she can fully recover, soon if she will be careful with her diet. I am watching over her diet, now, as she is at home.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Tomorrow afternoon, I will be going to my workstation to attend the kick-off ceremonies of the nightly activities for town fiesta on May 8. The ceremonies will be started with a parade and it will be participated in by people from the government and private sectors who are holding office within the municipality. T-shirts in different colors identify one office from another. I wish I was informed days before the parade that I need to have t-shirts to identify my office. I saw a site in the net where you can create your own t-shirt. I wish I had read about this before. Had I known, I should have ordered prior to this activity.


Yehey, holidays again! This week had only three working days for me because Thursday and Fridays were holidays. I love it this way, like most other government employees do. It has been a restful and enjoying days for me and my kids. In the morning of Thursday we drive over to the historic Mcarthur Park Beach Resort for a thirty minutes walk around the plaza. After the walk, we went to our favorite hang out near the park to eat our favorite fruit, coconut. I and my kids see to it that we drink the coconut water because it is proven as a diuretic, in fact many people who suffer from kidney malfunction drink coconut water, too. On Friday, we went to the Calvary Hill for the Stations of the Cross. In the afternoon, we went to a town 45 minutes drive from my place, to swim in the pool. I did not dip because of personal reasons but my kids, did. We enjoyed our getaway vacation.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The municipal building in my workplace is under construction. I am amazed at the fast pace of construction every day. The fast pacing maybe attributed to the close supervision of the local chief executive because the new building being constructed is right under his nose, beside his current office. In my office I was planning to have a Carpet replacement but it seems that I will not push through with it because soon we will be transferring into our new room when the new building is finished. Replacing the carpet will only be a waste of money. I have to contend with the old looks of it now until such time when we are finally relocated.


Oops, it has been sometime ago since I last posted in this site, but I am here now to stay. My schedule is a bit lighter now so I can blog now whenever I want to. I am still at home now and I will prepare later to go to the office. I am glad that I am finally reconnected in the blogosphere, again. I had just finished reading the paper for international news. Later, I will read the local news.

Friday, April 1, 2011


I do not understand my friend why she did not sue the medical people who conducted the caesarian operation on her when negligence on their part was obviously committed. Many gauze pads were left on the part where she was operated on and she discovered it when an ultrasound was conducted to her after complaining of bad odor and greenish excretions from her private part. In cases like this, Medical Negligence Lawyers can fight for her cause.

My friend was timid or maybe coward enough to fight for her cause. Her health was endangered when she had high fever due to the infection brought about by these gauze pads. I advised her to see a medical negligence lawyer but I guess she needs a lawyer who will explain to her that it is her right to be compensated for the anguish and the danger posed by the medical people's negligence. More than the compensation, she will be helped by medical negligence lawyers to stop this negligent medical practice to other patients by these medical people and that they will learn to be so extra careful in handling their patients in the future.


Today is the first day of April. This month is a light month for me because I won't spend for the monthly matriculation of my sons. It is their school break, already. However, we will plan for a travel in the holidays to come. Maybe, I will bring them to Ormoc City so they will enjoy the pool and the sea and the beautiful place in Ormoc.


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