Saturday, April 23, 2011


Yehey, holidays again! This week had only three working days for me because Thursday and Fridays were holidays. I love it this way, like most other government employees do. It has been a restful and enjoying days for me and my kids. In the morning of Thursday we drive over to the historic Mcarthur Park Beach Resort for a thirty minutes walk around the plaza. After the walk, we went to our favorite hang out near the park to eat our favorite fruit, coconut. I and my kids see to it that we drink the coconut water because it is proven as a diuretic, in fact many people who suffer from kidney malfunction drink coconut water, too. On Friday, we went to the Calvary Hill for the Stations of the Cross. In the afternoon, we went to a town 45 minutes drive from my place, to swim in the pool. I did not dip because of personal reasons but my kids, did. We enjoyed our getaway vacation.

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imriz said...

same here, we took the kids to a small swimming resort but i am not a water person...the sun's too hot also:)