Friday, April 1, 2011


I do not understand my friend why she did not sue the medical people who conducted the caesarian operation on her when negligence on their part was obviously committed. Many gauze pads were left on the part where she was operated on and she discovered it when an ultrasound was conducted to her after complaining of bad odor and greenish excretions from her private part. In cases like this, Medical Negligence Lawyers can fight for her cause.

My friend was timid or maybe coward enough to fight for her cause. Her health was endangered when she had high fever due to the infection brought about by these gauze pads. I advised her to see a medical negligence lawyer but I guess she needs a lawyer who will explain to her that it is her right to be compensated for the anguish and the danger posed by the medical people's negligence. More than the compensation, she will be helped by medical negligence lawyers to stop this negligent medical practice to other patients by these medical people and that they will learn to be so extra careful in handling their patients in the future.

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John said...

If you have ever sued anyone you would know why. Lawyers love to stall, and courts don't really want to decide anything.

Suing takes time which just adds to the pain. It sucks.


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