Saturday, May 28, 2011


Another invitation for me to attend another christening party tomorrow arrived. It is my officemate's daughter baptism and I am one of the invited guests. Unfortunately, I will not go as I will make tomorrow a rest day. I planned to rise late from bed, tomorrow. I will just give my gift on Monday to my office mate.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am invited to a christening party this coming Saturday by my close friend in my work place. I have no plans to go since it is a Sunday. If I push through with my plan not to come I will just buy rose wine or any thing I could give as a gift. A rose wine can be served during the party to complement with whatever drinks my friend has prepared. It can be served to women visitors and to men as well.


Glad that the local chief executive in my workplace took heed of my suggestion to declare every 3-5 in the afternoon of Wednesdays and Fridays as physical fitness hours. I suggested this because of my desire to be fit and healthy. I lack the time to exercise during weekends because I have to go to work early. My other colleagues were happy to know about this and so starting tomorrow, I will bring my physical fitness outfit to office to be ready in the afternoon. I already have in mind warm-up exercises before anything games to play with, just in case nobody will lead.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I usually see in movies where the scene is held in Europe where many people love to go on boat holidays. Why not? If you get to a foreign place make the most out of it. Go to interesting places and never forget the the Canal Boat Holidays Yorkshire offers. If I retire from job I want to experience this boat holiday. I am amazed at how it helps the tourism industry in the European countries. So, when going Europe this place is really a must-be place to visit.


The weather today was gloomy. Storm signal was hoisted in the nearby island. Normally, storm signals in that island do not affect us but this time because of the wide circumference of the storm my place is somewhat the one to be hit by the storm. It rained heavily this afternoon but I am glad that it eventually stopped. I hope the storm will not make a landfall.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Are you fond of keeping memories alive? Well, it is possible if you are fond of keeping printed copies of photos of you, your family members and or your friends. They can be kept in photo albums, photo cards and in the plug and play interface between a computer and add-on devices such as audio players, joysticks, keyboards, telephones, scanners and or video players. Any time of the day you can refresh your memories by accessing these items. If they are kept in a safe place, these memories can be preserved through many generations.


Soon there will be school opening, again. I should be conducting the capability building activity for the youth leaders in my work place. I am set to do it on the last days of this month way before the classes start. The planning for this activity has been made since last April but I deferred the activity for official reasons. I hope this time I can finally hold the activity after surpassing any glitches.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


When shipping or packaging things for travel to a distant place it is advised that one has customized identification of one's belongings for easy and fast retrieval. Why do I say this? There are many ports now that do not ensure the matching of assigned badge numbers or claim stubs of belongings before departing. It would be much of a hassle if your belongings are inadvertently taken by another. To avoid this hassle, using a Printed Tape, for instance in boxes or traveling bags maybe used. Printed tapes can be customized at your own liking. For easy retrieval and fast identification, and for other convenient purposes for your belongings, why don't you try using customized printed tapes?


I am now using my laptop. So glad that I was able to use it back after its LCD crashed. It was replaced with a new LCD and new LCD cable. I never thought that I could use my lappy, again. In fact, I was with a mind set to buy a new netbook, already as I deemed economically advantageous to buy a new one rather than have this repaired at a high cost. Good that I was billed at a reasonable cost, otherwise I would have just abandoned the idea of having this repaired.


Many homecoming and grand alumni reunions are held in the month of May. I figure that one of the reasons for this is the opportune time while it is yet school break. Most homecoming alumni are already with children and so the probability of high attendance is possible in this month where there are no classes, yet. I do not wonder anymore why I see banners and streamers announcing the reunion or homecoming alumni activities in this month, then. In fact, on my way yesterday to a speaking engagement in another town, I saw many banners along the way in many places I passed through. These reunions add to the festive mood, also in this month of May.

Friday, May 20, 2011


My prayers to my colleague who had a mild stroke last Monday in time for our conference. He was not able to attend our conference because he was rushed to the hospital. His slated training this Saturday, since preparations had been laid down already except for his trainers, will push through. According to the powers-that-be, I shall go as a trainer to lecture on group dynamics and human relations and leadership. I will obey as a good soldier and in support of my colleague. My prayer is he will get better, soon.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Death is inevitable. All people are destined to get there, earlier or sooner. But even with this thought, some people find talking about death morbid. As for me death is something that everyone should prepare. I bought a life insurance for me and my mother. It is not so costly. Contrary to what many people think that a life insurance is costly, the site at will prove that a life insurance can be something that is affordable. My life insurance is very affordable and I will just upgrade it if I want to.


My other site is now on its way to being renewed with its domain and on being transfered to a new social networking platform. I like it to transfer the site to a new platform because of the sad experience I have with the platform it is with, now. In a few days I can have that site up and running. I am determined to be active in blogging, again soon. Even if I have no laptop I can work on my desktop. My desktop will be for my exclusive use as my kids will be going back to school in June.


Going away for a vacation? If you are going London arrange ahead for the accomodation you will have while in there. Aside from the accomodation, see to it that you are decided on what place to visit so you can plan your schedule of leisure travel. It would be advisable if you have your own transportation and one way to do it is to get a motorhome hire london offers. This way you will not be experiencing a rat race with time because you can move at your own pace. It will cost you less hassle than having no transportation of your disposal. Think of this, it is good for you.


Tomorrow I am off again for a speaking engagement. This time I will be speaking before the elected youth leaders. This will be until Saturday. I will just be going home daily since a bus is available, anyway from the training venue to my homeplace. I will only get home late but I would prefer to be home than be inconvenient in the training venue. Later, I will do my powerpoint presentation for my lectures.


I was at a computer repair center this afternoon to make a follow up on my lappy I had sent to my brother to admit for repair at my friend's computer repair shop. I am amazed at the computer hardware technician who handled my lappy problem. I have wanted long before to learn how to troubleshoot the computer using a fluke tester or any electronic tester and other electronic repair gadgets. This way I would not spend a lot on computer repairs. Reading the tutorials on how to troubleshoot computer problems is way differetn than learning to troubleshoot hands-on. If I already know how to troubleshoot, I can earn out of this, too.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My elder son turned 16, today. He is a big man, now. I prepared cake, pasta and friec chicken to share with the family. It was a simple celebration to remember his birthday. He was refusing the treat because he wanted to ask for cash. I gave him cash, too. I only wish that with another added year, he will have more wisdom and he will be matured enough to act like a man that he is now.


As a kid I never had the chance to play with a remote controlled car. It was my desire then to have one, especially when I see children playing remote contolled cars in the neighborhood. When I had my kids, I saw to it that I could buy them this thing because I saw that their eyes glowed with its sight. For parents whou would want to give happiness to their kids through toys, they can Buy cheap RC Cars at a site clickable here. I am giving a thought for the remote controlled cars sold here because I am enchanted at one item. Hmm, the kid in me is showing off.


I have all reason to fret now. It is because my life's companion for two years-my laptop crashed last Sunday. When before it would flicker, last Sunday it failed to display anything but blank screen. The problem? Its LCD is damaged, this is the diagnosis of the computer repair technician. Worst is the LCD costs a fortune, it is almost the cost of one netbook. I will call thecomputer repair technician if indeed the final problem is the LCD. Gosh, if this happens I will be staying downstairs again to use my desktop. I hope my lappy's function could still bes restored without so much expense.


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