Monday, June 20, 2011


Manny Pacquaio sued Mayweather for falsely accusing him of taking steroids before his boxing fights. The case has yet to be decided by the Courts of the United States. I am positive that Manny Pacquaio does not use steroids but I wonder if he does take sports supplements to make him strong. If he does well I guess Mayweather takes them, too as well as many other boxers. Well, the truth will come out, soon.


Have you ever swim with a real dolphins? Not for me, but my neighbor brags that she did. Wow, good for her. They went to a nature's resort and the attraction were the dolphins. One day I will let my children experience this adventure. I hope I can schedule this in our November trip. I am saving money for this trip, already.


If you are planning to have a fuel efficient car, there are many in the market right now and one of them is the MINI Cooper. It is guaranteed to be fuel efficient car and is good for city driving. In this times where the fuel prices are soaring high, one of the ways to save money is to cut costs on fuel. Give this a thought.


My enrollment in the doctoral program is not started yet as my transcript of records was not available, yet. The clearances procedure took three days until I gave it at the Registrar's Office to process my transcript of records. If the graduate school department won't admit me anymore this coming week, I am deciding to study in Cebu City for the Certificate of Special Education. Whichever course I take, this will be very helpful to me in the future.


The month of December is a month where childrens toys are selling like hotcakes. However, these toys can be bought as early as now. It is my strategy now and I just store the toys in a box. By the time December comes I will have lots of them to give away to my nieces, nephews and godchildren. If you like my strategy then go on, no one stops you. You can buy the toys every time there is sale in stores.


My left eye is sore whenever I try to focus on a thing. Could it be that the ruptured vein is not healed, yet? I have been resting my eyes since I came back from Makati City but it seems that it is not enough. Later, I shall have to be closing my eyes, again. I need to have my eyes checked again by an EENT.


Labels and stickers in cars are cheaper and more striking to look at. My friend who owns a printing shop specializes in sticker printing and I admire the various prints they can make out of their research in the web. They have many orders of stickers from car and store owners. Customized sticker prints can also be ordered. If I only have the knack in sticker printing I will make this as my extra income because I love this hobby and to see my sticker prints in cars and stores is a pride.


I love today, it is a non-working holiday. My rest is extended until, today. I need the body rest after a tiring travel to Makati city and after a fever for three days. I feel much better, now except for the stomach acidity I am feeling. I am now on antacid suspension. Later, I hope it rains as I want to be sleeping on a rainy day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This coming Monday I will have my chandelier installed completely. I do not have anymore to buy Electrical Supplies since I already bought all I needed for its installation. I am excited to see the chandelier finally lighted at night in my living room. After it is installed I will have the lampshade in the dining area installed, too. I do not know if I would be needing electrical supplies for this. If needed, it would just be so easy to buy right away.


It is fiesta day in my place. Traditionally, many would prepare food and many visitors would come to share the blessings. But, now it has changed. Many in my neighborhood do not celebrate the tradition, same with me. I do not have the budget for the food to be shared among many. I would rather spend money for my mother's medicines and for other needs. This is a tradition that many nowadays for practical reasons, abandon.


Have you ever ride in any of the Napton Narrowboats? I figure it is fun to ride in one. Seeing the narrow boats across the hotel in Makati City where me and my group are billeted makes me want to try riding in it. I have not tried riding a boat crossing a river. People take it as their transportation to another place. I will ask tomorrow where the boat leads to. Who knows we might ride on it to reach our destination. For fun, we could also try to ride on it. Hmm, let me see, tomorrow.


My desktop is off for the weekdays. That is the rule in the house unless my sons have a research to make. On weekdays they can use the computer but only up to Sunday noon. I also make a close watch on my kids sleeping habit in order that they won't rise up late in the morning. They can watch tv but only until 9pm. When I will be away, my daughter takes my place in supervising them. I hope my sons grow up to be matured persons, soon especially my elder son who has been giving me headaches for the last two years already.


A friend was asking if I still had some House Moving Boxes. Why? I threw my house moving boxes away for lack of space in the house. I had two house moving boxes two months ago because I received a package of assorted items from a relative. Had I known my friend would need them now, I should have preserved them. My relative told me I should have not thrown them away. It cost him money to buy those boxes, but too late now. Next time, I will preserve the boxes.


It has been awhile since I have been updating this site. This is my hobby that I truly miss. I also miss my friend's updates. I hope to visit them once I have much time. For now, I could only post and update since I lack the material time to visit. I will be off now for my school and tomorrow I won't be able to post again because I will leave for the city of Makati, again. I will not be bringing my lappy with me. If I only have a netbook, it will be much easier to carry around. Practicality-wise I don't buy one. I am planning of selling lappy so I could buy a lappy. Hmm, I will give it much thought, again.


I would like to try mountain climbing however, I do not know if I would still feel good even with montane clothing. I feel dizzy on a high elevation. I have not searched for an explanation of this but once when I had mountain climbing with other trainees in my job, I felt dizzy, dehydrated and I almost fainted. I admire the other trainees who walked and finished the hike up to the top. Me, I reached the top through the emergency car as I had to be on it after I felt fainting. I could have been so proud with a montane clothing to reach the top of the mountain we were supposed to hike. Well, anyway next time maybe different.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I have arranged a family trip for my family in November. It was an opportunity I grabbed since one of the airlines here had a zero fare promotion. I booked for seven persons for us here and it only costs me a little over 4thousand pesos. Wow, it was so cheap indeed. For now, I am trying to scout for cheaper hotel deals so I can save money for our November trip. I plan to give my kids pocket money so they will have freedom on what they want to buy while in Manila. I have many things in mind on where to go but final plan will be done after I have find which hotel to be billeted in.


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