Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Ever heard of a bike insurance company in your place? If you look near you, you might find one. However, there is one that can be found in the net, as well. However, if you try to get a bike insurance in the net be sure that you are doing business with a legitimate one. There are many unscrupulous and fly-by-night sites that you must detect at once and try to avoid. Remember, a bike insurance is your protection and security in the future, so you better be so keen than be sorry in the end.


My internet connection at home and the dial tone in my landline phone was at last restored. I was at home when the network crew came to check upon my complains. The cause of my loss of access to the internet was due to the wear and tear of the cable wire. I am glad that it was immediately fixed by the network company.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Have you ever experienced experienced talking to a person and finding him bad breath? What is your reaction? Well, for me my initial reaction is I hold my breath so as not to smell his bad breath anymore and I slowly move away avoiding him to notice that I smelled something bad of his breath. I sometimes want to react obviously irritated of his bad breath but I hold my manners in order not to embarrass him. What are the causes of bad breath? There are many factors that cause it but I am sure there is a cure to it. However, the person must know first or must be made aware that he has it. His close relatives or close friends may tell him before everybody else starts avoiding talking to him. If you have a friend with a bad breath, know the causes of it and possibly advise him on ways to cure it.


It has been a long time since I had my real physical exercises. This Friday in my workstation there is the scheduled Fridays physical exercises. I will sure actively participate in it to lose some excess weight. I am now finding it hard to lose weight because of so many invitations and parties I attend to. I try to eat less but it seems there is no stopping already of my gaining weight. I met a long time friend yesterday whom I did not meet for a long time and he teased me about my tummy. Of all body parts he really noticed my tummy, ouch. This is a beckon for me to work out on this bulging tummy. I will give this another month, if efforts prove futile some other options maybe resorted to.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Every morning my helper always listens to the radion. Her favorite station always plays all but music from pop to jazz, from rap to country songs and many other kinds of songs. Every dj has its own forte of song selections. I wonder if these dj's use a numark dj equipment in their radio station. I am not a privy about dj equipments but I guess dj's must try this kind of dj equipment. There is nothing to lose, anyway.


The dialogue roadshow I attended went productive today with the representative of our cabinet secretary attending in his behalf. Several local chief executives attended from different towns, provinces and cities. In attendance too were several representatives from the civil society organizations, national government agencies and uniformed personnel. Several media practitioners covered the said regional event. The activity was all about full disclosure policy requiring all local government units to post their budgets and finances, bids and public offerings in government websites, newspapers of general circulation and in conspicuous places within their localities. In the afternoon, the activity was confined to organic personnel of our Department. Pressing issues affecting the field officers in their official functions were raised to the Undersecretary. Hopefully the issues raised will pave the way for appropriate amendments and clarity of office policies.


One of my sites got a lower page rank just recently. It dwindled from page rank 3 to page rank 2. I have expected this to happen because my site was not on the top of the Search Engine Optimisation level. To have a high page rank is very important for a blogger like me or for any business web owner for that matter because it means most visitors coming to one's site and more profit to business owners. There are many ways to be on top of the search engine. Clicking on this link will explain how to do it.


A consultation dialogue roadshow will be held today with local chief executives in my province with my office Cabinet Secretary. I will be there, too as well as other field officers like me. This has been postponed twice before and if the Cabinet Secretary gets a no-show today it would be a big embarrassment on the part of my office. The local chief executives have allotted time to audience before him. He would have better not be shown forever if he doesn't appear today. For me it is not anymore sound time management if he keeps on cancelling his scheduled appearances.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


The world has evolved into a modern one with the upsurge of modern technologies and with it comes the world of social media. The social media needs to be contained and need to follow legal procedures that laws were enacted to regulate the use of social media. If your rights have been violated with the use of social media or vice versa why don't you see a social media law firm? The legal attorneys in this site are experts and trusted on this field. You can be assured of quality service once you hire their services.


Have you watched the movie transformers? Yes, I did watched it with my daughter and my niece at the mall. We watched it during the last full show and it was full house, jam packed with people. The movie was good but its not my turf I guess because I slept while at the movie house. The movie is not apt with my age, lol. But, my daughter and my niece loved it.


New technological devices are out from time to time. If you need to be updated search it at the iDevice Rumors site. Many of u, especially the getting older ones, are outdated when it comes to information devices. It does not take much of our time to know the new trends in the technological world. A few moments to pause and read is all it takes and who knows you might like new gadgets that you find relatively cheaper. so, why don't you try it?


The homeowners association officers in my subdivision seems inactive this time. I have not heard any activity engaged for the homeowners. Many complains have been heard from the homeowners whenever I meet them along the way to the waiting area outside our gate.One complain was the garbages from each household that remain to be uncollected for two weeks now. The city government general services sucks. I hope the homeowner officers will coordinate with the city government about this. A meeting is due already so we can plan out to remedy the inactive homeowners association and so each member can participate in advancing the welfare of the association.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Know about the latest devices in iDevice Rumors and you will know what to expect in the near future about the information technology market. I have wanted so much to have an iphone but because of practical reasons I delay or I set aside desire to own an iphone or an ipod. I don't know if the prices plunge low if I will bait the hook. For now, I will contend with my touch screen cell fone.


Younger son is into soccer football. He is so enthusiastic to make good on it as he he gets out on Saturdays and Sundays to practice. I was not told yet when they will compete with other schools. Since he joined, two running shoes wore off already. I guess I shall have to buy him football shoes to show support over his favorite hobby for now.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


If you have an iphone or ipod and you are in for excitement and fun with your applications, isn't it exciting too if you know how to jailbreak unlock your iphone or ipod? Well, you can do it by yourself but of course, you may need help art the start. It is not so difficult as you think it is. It may only require a few minutes of your time but if you get hooked to your new applications, then you need to be disciplined with proper time management. If you want to know more about what I am saying, simply click on the link here.


My friend was right to always bond with children while they are young because there will come a time when they grow up that they will go their own ways. It is what my children are now. They are big enough that they have their own circle of friends. Later, they will have their own life and their own families. I always pray that they will grow up to be the good persons that they are.


One of my desires is to have an ipad or an iphone. However, since my cellphone is only one year old, for practical reasons, I had to wait for two years before I can have one. If luck may come in the way and I am given an unlock iphone why not? I won't waste any moment of hesitation to accept it. But, who would want to give me an iphone at this time? Hmm, I have no idea. It would be a like a manna from heaven if I would be given one.


It seems that the rainy days are here to stay. Hmm, I worry for the leakings in my old kitchen, again. My cupboard will be damaged if I don't fix the leakings. I had the money already for it but I other expenditures came in the way like the continuous medication of my mother and my continuous doctoral education. I hope I will be able to find a way to fix the affected roofings, soon. I am positive that I can fix it this month.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It is such a headache when one is faced with legal battles. However, if legal proceedings are the only recourse to fight a cause, why not? There are many legal attorneys like that in the site at floridakeyslegal.com that can be sources of legal advices. I know how it is to be oppressed and feel like a second class citizen when my rights are violated. I understand then when clients come to me whose plight are that of being oppressed that I advice them to seek legal help to avenge their cause. If you have a legal battle and you think you can not solve it by yourself, seek medical help. Leave your anxieties to the legal attorneys.


Two low pressure areas were noted by the weather station in my place. This explains the gloomy weather in my place this afternoon. In the morning it was drizzling when I left so I decided to cancel the medical consultation of my mother. I hope tomorrow that the weather will be fine as I have rescheduled the medical check up of mother for tomorrow. And I hope the low pressure areas will not progress into a storm.

Friday, July 1, 2011


I know how to drive a motorcycle but I don't dare drive it. I am scared of motorcycle accidents and mishaps even if there is an available accident attorney like that of an Orlando motorcycle accident attorney who will represent my cause in case of any eventualities. I wonder though, that despite the number of road mishaps involving motorcycles there are still many who buy and drive motorcycles in going anywhere. Motorcycle accidents are many because it is very prone to accidents, with the the two-wheel balanced motorized vehicle. Well, for whatever the reasons are for many who still want to drive motorcycles, and that includes my daughter, if ever accidents are met along the road it is best to immediately see a motorcycle accident attorney. They know the intricacies of legal battles involving motorcycles.


It is Friday once, again. Later after going to office I will go with my niece, who is here on a short vacation, to the mall so we can watch movies. She invited me and my daughter for a movie treat in the mall. I welcome the idea but I am not sure if I can still catch up with them to the movie room because it will depend on how much time I will be spending at my mother office. If I can not catch up with them I will meet them at the cafe house. I like to just sit at the cafe house and talk. It is very refreshing and very comfortable place in the mall cafe house.


Lots and lots of people are going into the medical technology in enhancing body parts and modifying body parts in order to look good and build back the lost confidence. Why not? Money is nothing if you lack the confidence. I admire people who get Miami rhinoplasty and other sorts of medical surgeries because it only means that they are making ways on how improve their personality problems and life dilemmas. I have friends who got medical surgeries and I like what I see in them. If I am not only saving for something I will also follow suit in getting medical surgery. Beauty needs to be enhanced because ageing diminishes the outer beauty of a person. With cosmetic surgery, the signs of aging is slowed down.


I have two wordpress sites that I do not know how to put the cbox now. I lack the time to learn how to do it at this point but if there is somebody out here who can teach me how to do it please notify me and it will be so much appreciated. I want to be active again in the blogosphere especially now that I am not so busy anymore in the office. Visiting from site to site is easier in the shout box so I prefer to really have a shout box.


Yesterday, I brought my sisters and brother in law to the iconic San Juanico Bridge. It is a very long bridge that connects the islands of Samar and Leyte with a S and L shape. We did not have to go into car leasing as I drive them over in going there. In going home, I had to drive at a very slow speed of 40kph since I was scared to hit children playing along the sides of the road, especially at the place where I treat them for a snack in a beautiful farm restaurant. We saved time and money in going to our destinations. However, for people who do not have their own car, it is best to lease a car in order to save time and be convenient in going to and fro planned destinations.


The national government is bent on implementing the anti-smoking law. I welcome this idea so people who smoke will be disciplined on the proper place to go when they feel like smoking. I have nothing against people who smoke as it is their own life, anyway, but I like them to smoke at the designated smoking area.
Guide to Healthcare Schools is a resource of knowledge, revealing the high price we all pay when people smoke. I encounter hard headed people who smoke in public conveyances and in parks and in most occasions I can not help but get their attention to smoke at the designated area. In conveyances, I am glad though that they take heed otherwise their destination will be to the police station.


Whew, I will be a student again. I enrolled in the doctorate program and this time around I vow to finish it in two years. I hope my target will be hit on time. My classes are every Saturdays and Sundays. This is my coping mechanism to the boredom I feel after weekends of watching movies at home and going to malls. Schooling will benefit me career wise and personality wise. I have plans in the future that this schooling will prepare me for it.


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...