Friday, September 30, 2011


In a few minutes, it will be October already. This month is memorable. This is the birthday month of my eldest child. She will be 23 in October 6. How time flies. It seems like yesterday when I gave birth to her. Her 23 years of existence in this world is a huge blessing from the Almighty. I wish her b-day gift would be to pass the neuro exam she took last week in line with her policewoman application. If she passes this, this would be the greatest gift to her as she expects to pass. I wish she pass, too,. I have high trust on her capability.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


It has been awhile since I last posted a pic here. Let me try this new dashboard format by posting a pic taken during our school field trip. I just feel like posting it to break the monotony of posting paragraphs and sentences, only.

Whew, I thought I do not know anymore how to upload an image here. Anyway, it is me here posing alone because my classmates are all aboard the bus, except the one taking my pic here. This educational tour was fun all the way for all of us in the group, unmindful of the inconveniences that went along with it. My only regret though, was that my camera's battery got drained even before the first lap of the educational trip was over. The last pic taken from my camera was this pic under. It was taken at the waiting lounge of the City Mayor of Ormoc.


Can a person avoid incurring loans? Yes, why not? This may sound impossible but one can avoid it like avoiding getting burned in a flaming fire. What if one is already in the pit of debts? Then, there is no use fretting over it. The debt problem has to be confronted squarely and any delay in settling it is tantamount to pressing oneself deeper into more financial disasters. Do what is best and here is what is best. Settle the debt, figure out a payment plan.Once you get through this debt, discipline yourself by not spending over the budget. Save any little amount you can. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Save now and reap your reward later.     


It has been awhile since I last updated this site. I have been so busy lately with office, school and domestic tasks that I prefer to hit the bed right away after getting ready for it. Poor sites of mine, they are compromised with my super duper hectic schedules. I have many times decided to be up and about again in ranting here but many intervening factors hinders me. Anyway, I am here now and it is what matters. After a long journey, I will always go back to where my home is, to my sites in the blogosphere.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Last Thursday I was invited by a friend to attend a seminar on a real estate program. I was interested about real estate so I went there after office hours. I was expecting to know about reverse mortgage calculator and many things about how I could be a licensed real estate agent but I was discouraged because seemingly the real estate program was only being used as a front to sell a company's products like coffee, energy booster food supplements and bleaching soaps. I was disillusioned I wanted to exit out the door at the middle of the discussion but I hold it because the friend invited me was there. I was made to believe, and maybe the many others who attended were, too, that it was all about a real estate seminar. If it was a genuine real estate seminar then I could have learned a lot about reverse mortgage calculator and many other real estate stuffs.  


I can never be used to the modern gadgets nowadays, but it is good to have friends that are electronic savvies. Why am I saying this? Because the touch screen I was ranting about that it was not charging anymore is now back in its best condition, again. My electronics engineer friend told me that there are chargers that doesn't charge when the battery is super drained. It was aggravated with the fact that I charged it after five days of the battery being drained. So, he got the battery partially charged in a desktop charger before testing it back to the camera charger. The camera charger worked, again. Yes, I was able to make it work, again. Yesterday, the camera's battery put off again. However, when I tried charging it, I was surprised that the battery charger is working. So, I had the conclusion that after a camera's battery is drained I should right away charge it.Otherwise, if I wait for a number of days to charge it, I will experience the same dilemma again. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


With the start of September, television and radio stations aired Christmas songs in their early morning programs. When I heard it, I said to myself Christmas is just around the corner. Very soon, I would be thinking already of the Christmas gifts to give to children and adults alike. One choice of gifts I had in mind is the candle holder? Well, why not? A candle holder last longer, especially when taken extra cared of, it is useful during candle light dinners and during power break outs and it is relatively cheaper than other gifts. Where to buy quality candle holders? Easy, the link here will lead to it once clicked. 


Disgusted since yesterday. The new touch screen digital camera I have won't charge. I brought it to the electronics store to have it checked and I was told that its battery is not charging. Gosh, it is barely one month old. I could not believe it will out do the battery's life in a span of three weeks. I have charged it once yet since I had it in my possession. I hope I could find the solution to make this work, again. Otherwise, I will be wasting my time fretting for cameras. The previous camera I have got damaged when it was mishandled when borrowed my by sister. This new one made me happy so happy that I have a new camera but then it is registering at this early a bad omen. Hmm, I better take extra care of this new touch screen camera because I don't intend to own another one if it would only last for a short time with me.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Yes, I was able to post successfully the post prior to this using the updated dashboard of blogger. I thought at first that I would find it difficult but I found it extremely easy and user-friendly. It motivated me to surf online and you know what I found? I found a site named that will benefit those who likes to bid for products in order to win. One needs to register an account, buy bid credits, find an auction and place bids. The lucky bidder can have the products he won without payment of shipping fees. What is good with this bidding sorties is it is open to anybody around the globe. Wow, do you not find this tempting? Join the bid and who knows you might win the apple of your eye product.


Wow, I have updated to the new blogger dashboard however, I am apprehensive if I can successfully publish this post. Anyway, though I try to resist change, as is natural to anybody, I have to try this change to keep pace with the new technology. This should be the attitude of everyone. It may sound frustrating to try the changes at first because it is understandably difficult to get over with what has been used to but adaptation one must do in order to keep pace with the new technology. Continued resistance to change is like resisting opportunity to learn. Learning is a continues process, once the learner stops, he is left in the ruins of the past, left behind the dusty road towards change.


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...